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Inglot VIP Beauty Blogger Event!

A week ago I was invited to a VIP Beauty Blogger event at Inglot located at Downtown Toronto Yonge & Dundas and I had the most amazing time! If you are familiar with my blog then you would know that almost two years ago I blogged about my 20 Pan Palette that my sister created (with their Freedom System) while on vacation in the US (I have 3 Freedom System Eye shadow palettes in total).

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I consider the Inglot location at Yonge & Dundas a sweet gem for all beauty lovers – you’ll probably walk out with either several products in hand (due to the AMAZING customer service, or you will make a mental note of things to purchase on your next visit!). A little background information for those new to the Inglot brand, it is a Polish brand created by a Polish chemist named Wojciech Inglot. The motto of the company is to provide quality products with the best available ingredients on the market at a reasonable price. And my wallet thanks you!

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The Inglot brand is ALL about COLOUR – their colour range is unmatched in my opinion! And when you first walk into the store your eyes gaze in awe at the vibrancy of the Freedom System table! These are eye shadows available in a variety of finishes, lipsticks available in pan form and a large range of powders, eye brow and sculpting products. The BEST feature of the FREEDOM SYSTEM is that you can choose from a variety of palettes to CUSTOM create your OWN perfect palette, from eye shadows to blushes to powders you name it! (this shall my next makeup adventure!). So you don’t need to buy pre-made eye shadow palettes only to really love one or two eye shadows, you can make your OWN palette – love every single shadow & it will match your eye colour and skin tone perfectly! Sounds like a dream?! Well it’s a reality when you walk into an Inglot Store!!!

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Before the event started I took my time to walk around the store and while playing with some of their products I was greeted by one of Inglot’s Presidents Marcin Bielen. How many President’s of companies actually take the time to meet and talk to beauty bloggers??! I was so nervous but his friendly and kind nature quieted my nerves. He mentioned the unique formula of their O2 Nail polish that is made from a polymer that is typically used to create contact lens which allows for water vapour to permeate onto the nail bed thus leaving your nails oxygenated!! That’s right ladies, this polish the best of both worlds – colour and health!! This is the first of its kind on the market so you have to credit Inglot for being innovative and pushing the trends/boundaries!

coloresdecarol2jordanliberty 338

(Me with Inglot President’s Marcin Bielen and Silver Laus)

Marcin stated that the O2 nail enamel is one of their top sellers and I can see why! He mentioned its popularity amongst Muslim women as they are able to wear their O2 nail polish due to the permeability of water crossing the nail bed which allows their nails to be cleansed during wudu (Islamic ritual of cleansing the body before prayer). Read the following article to know more information regarding this topic HERE!

coloresdecarol2jordanliberty 320

(Check out that shade range!!)

As well, all of Inglot’s products are PARABEN FREE and FRAGRANCE FREE.  I was truly taken back when Marcin noted that the reason why Inglot can deliver high quality products for a reasonable price is that the company does NOT deal with a “middle man”, meaning when they order a product it is DIRECTLY to and from their OWN factory – in fact he stated the turn over time is around 2 weeks from the date in which it is ordered! (that is seriously impressive, no other cosmetic company on the market can make such a claim!) I kept all this in mind as I strolled past their gel eyeliners and foundations.

coloresdecarol2jordanliberty 315coloresdecarol2jordanliberty 336

Before the demo of their NEW HD Perfect Cover Up  was one of the kindest gestures while attending a beauty event (one that I will never forget)-  both Marcin and Silver presented myself and all the bloggers with a special NOT FOR SALE lip cube duo that is only given to the wives of Presidents!! (The inner beauty junkie was swooning and jumped for joy while receiving it). This shall be going into the Makeup Vault! Thank you SO MUCH Marcin & Silver for the generous gift! :) 

coloresdecarol2jordanliberty 346coloresdecarol2jordanliberty 347

We all excitedly watched Makeup Artist and Public Relations Manager Asha Houghton demonstrate their:

NEW HD Perfect Cover Up!!

  1. She applied the foundation using their Pro Blending Sponge.(The application was smooth and even – I was impressed!)
  2. Then, using the same Pro Blending Sponge she applied a darker shade of the HD Perfect Cover Up and contoured the cheek bones, forehead and nose of the model.(Using a cream/foundation like texture to contour she noted made the overall look more natural and I have to say, I agree! I was impressed how easily and quickly she was able to get the desired contoured effect!).
  3. She used a cream blush on the cheeks for a flush of colour.(I was so in love with the natural finish of this product, I purchased one of these for myself after the demo!).
  4. A light-natural looking liquid highlighter was applied at the very top of the cheek bones for a dewy appearance and to enhance the overall cheek bone creating dimension to the face (You’ll see in my haul which colour I purchased within the this range! PS:, it’s amazing!).
  5. Asha, finished over the look with a dash of powder with a kabuki brush to seal the cream products and a natural lip gloss on the lips.coloresdecarol2jordanliberty 331

I was very impressed with the natural finish of the foundation and they were kind enough to give us a sample within our shade range (the little beauty junkie in me was so excited!). After the demo, Inglot’s President Silver Laus presented us with the official press release of their NEW HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation, which is as follows:

HD Perfect Cover-up Foundation

We would like to thank you for attending this VIP evening made specifically for you, our favourite beauty bloggers. We’re proud to present to you Inglot’s brand new HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation. Inglot Toronto is currently the only store in North America which carries this new and spectacular product and we wanted to tell you all about it before anyone else. Along with this exclusive sneak peek we are also sending you home with facts which are usually only supplies to our Inglot artists.

HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation was created to provide long lasting superior coverage. HD pigments glide over the skin to conceal and blur imperfections on. While it is categorized as a full coverage foundation with a natural finish, all levels of coverage and different ranges of texture can be achieved depending on the method of application. Once HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation is applied it instantly begins shade adjusting to the exact skin tone of the wearer.

Not only is this foundation created to make your skin look flawless, it’s made to take care of the skin it’s being put onto as well. White truffle extract provides moisture balance of the skin to keep skin moisturized and promote longer wear with the skin looking and feeling healthy. This moisture balance also sustains the skin enough to prevent the skin from becoming excessively shiny. This product is also categorized as hypoallergenic which makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Hmmm White Truffle?? Yes please! Look out for a review of this product on my Youtube Channel before the New Year! J I walked around the store playing with as many products as possible (because the Inglot store is my makeup dream come true) so I was in awe of every product! And the best part was being able to share this experience with my friend Mary from Swatch and Learn. You may have already heard me gush about her on Twitter or in my recent My Tribute to Nail Polish Bloggers video, but what you don’t know is how alike Mary and I are!! We click!!! And that is rare for me – it’s amazing that I got to experience this wonderful opportunity but it made it that much more sweeter by sharing it with Mary! If you haven’t checked out her blog Swatch and Learn, you need to! She is simply amazing! And a quick shout out goes out to Maggie at JustEnufEyes on Youtube!! It’s always fun to meet fellow beauty junkies :)

                Thank you so much to the Inglot Presidents, Marcin and Silver for the generous gift and for taking the time in walking through their products with me – they generously handed me their cards with phone number and email address on them! (It was extremely apparent how much they appreciated their customers and audience, how many Presidents of cosmetic companies reach out so humbly?) To say I am beyond impressed is an understatement, I have been a true fan of the Inglot brand but this experience has solidified my thoughts of the products and the company itself. I BELIEVE in the Inglot product and brand which means you will be seeing A LOT more of their cosmetic line on my Blog and Youtube channel – believe me you shall thank me because they are WORTH IT!

                I want to say a huge thank you as well to Asha for being so funny, kind and witty – she enjoys make up and is a very talented makeup artist! She makes makeup application look so easy! But none of this would have been possible if it were not for the mention by makeup artist Julia! She is beyond sweet, talented and EXTREMELY helpful! Which is very rare in my opinion.

                Lastly, what sets INGLOT apart from the rest are the following,

  1. They place their customers FIRST!
  2. You will ALWAYS receive impeccable and unmatched customer service. They truly WANT you to love every product so each makeup artist spends the time with you to find the product you are looking for. This is important because not everyone who walks into a cosmetic store is a makeup artist; one can simply have the desire to purchase a makeup item but can easily get overwhelmed. You can be rest assured when you walk into INGLOT you will be in makeup heaven BUT you have amazing service to help guide you along the way! You’re never going to be lost!
  3. Their products are of HIGH quality – so they’ve got the products to back it up!
  4. Their Freedom System will SAVE you money! Meaning you get to customize your OWN palettes!! And if they don’t have a shade in store for you, THEY.WILL.MAKE.IT.FOR.YOU! (give me a moment while I breath….hmm you know I’ll be going back in store VERY soon to make my very own custom shade of something!)
  5. They are so supportive of the beauty online community – this is the ONLY event by a cosmetic company that I have attended where I felt truly appreciated and supported. I can’t quite capture my gratitude for how amazing that felt so THANK YOU TO THE ENTIRE INGLOT TEAM located downtown Toronto Yonge & Dundas!!!

 I shall be uploading my INGLOT Haul + video clips of the event so look out for that on my Youtube Channel!

If you do go in store, please be sure to tell them I sent you! Hope you all are having a wonderful day, I love you guys and till next time!! Happy Holidays!!

Bite Beauty ‘Best Bite Remix’ High Pigmented Pencils

Hi everyone, how are you? Hope you all have been well and enjoying life where ever you reside. Today I have a Holiday Set to share with you all – I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner! It’s my favourite time of year because I love all the decorations, cooking all the delicious meals and people generally seem to be in a better mood. As many of my beauty junkies out there know, it’s also the Sephora VIB Sale Season and yes I have a haul coming up on my Youtube channel! But for now, here is a holiday set and product that I have grown fond of and it is definitely worth picking up during their 20% of sale!

 Bite Beauty describes their brand,

“Bite is beauty for lips that’s good enough to eat. With highly pigmented, trend-forward color palettes, Bite’s hydrating formulas are infused with food-grade ingredients—so your lips feel as gorgeous as they look”.

bite beauty high pigmented pencils

lorac bite beauty fave reds 1153

Bite Beauty Beauty Remix – contains 4 x 0.05 oz  High Pigmented Pencils

I believe two are permanent shades and two are limited/new shades!

bite beauty high pigmented pencils

Sable – is a warm nude high pigmented pencil. 

All skin tones can wear this one, it’s not too nude to make your lips look “dead”and it gives a good pigmented coverage on the lips. I think it would look gorgeous with any smokey eye and I believe this is one of the new/limited edition shades.

bite beauty high pigmented pencils

Rhubarb – is a mauve toned neutral high pigmented pencil. 

It is very pigmented and saturated in colour, this is definitely an ‘everyday’, office wear type of shade. I can see this shade complimenting a variety of skin tones and it is a permanent shade so if you like it you can purchase it in the full size.

bite beauty high pigmented pencils

Pomegranate – is a rich vibrant red high pigmented pencil.

This is the one I wanted to try the most – being a sucker for red lipsticks, I have been eyeing this in the full size and it does not disappoint! It’s perfect to wear for those holiday parties and this is by far my favourite in the set. It deposits a very rich red colour, so this is not for the faint of heart however you can sheer it out on the lips. I adore this one!

bite beauty high pigmented pencils

Winterberry – is a berry red high pigmented pencil.

By looking at it in the tube you would think it’s deep in colour however it’s not as vibrant when worn on the lips. It’s the perfect fall/winter cranberry colour for Thanksgiving or Christmas. This is the other new/limited edition shade so it’s not available in a larger size but that’s the beauty of Bite (you can create your own custom shade in their standing stores).

bite beauty high pigmented pencils

I definitely think it’s worth the price; I have been curious about the brand for quite some time (and I have purchased two other high pigmented full size pencils – look out for a haul!) so this was a great way to try different colours. I love that while they are highly pigmented, they have slightly different finishes; for example Winterberry is more of a glossy stain while Sable is more of a matte.

In additon, two main reasons I love this product aside from being a natural brand is:

1) I LOVE the scent of these pencils; it has a faint scent of fruit & I adore it!

2) I LOVE that it’s a twists up!

I have avoided purchasing lip pencils because I have always believed you waste half the product by sharping it; so I LOVE that I can twist up the product so none goes to waste! I would highly recommend getting this set; particularly during Sephora’s VIB 20% off if you can! It has something for everyone; you can purchase one set and divide it among friends or mothers & daughters.

Application: 9/10
Pigmentation: 9/10
Cost: $29 Canadian
Recommend: Yes
Grade: A+ (9/10)

Do you own Bite Beauty High Pigmented Pencils? What are your thoughts on this product?

What is my ‘Ethnicity’?

If you are a familiar reader to my blog then you would know that last year summer I decided to branch out from the regular beauty blog posts into more insightful, reflective blog pieces. I felt it was a way for you all to get to know me a little better as well as for this platform to be a therapeutic vehicle. I came about this topic via courtesy of my Youtube channel. As some of you may know, I have posted a few “Accent Tags” on my channel – which has illicit its own unique comments; on one particular video I noticed several comments regarding my “ethnicity”. This has sparked a debate amongst a few viewers and I found some of their comments to be thought-provoking, “She’s definitely White, her skin is as White as mine”, “no, she’s obviously Indian”.

                My initial response was to reply to these comments quenching their curiosity; however it dawned on me how irrelevant my skin colour was…why was this a debate? And further, what if I am neither one nor the other but a combination of each? Most importantly, when has skin colour ever come into play in being Trinidadian? As some of you may already know (should not be a surprise since my accent is Trinidadian) that I was born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago – I had a modest upbringing filled with sacrifice procured from many generations which is why I am always humbled and blessed with everything in my life. Coupled with my loyalty and fierce protection of my parents and family; it bothered me despite this trivial debate – that the colour of one`s skin still matters in another person`s eyes?

This discussion prompted several memories when I moved to Canada in my early teens. I can distinctly recall how unhappy I was during those initials years at school; while I was happy to meet other Caribbean school mates, they did not reciprocate that emotion. I was `too white` according to many of them and my ‘accent’ had to be ‘fake’ which was echoed by many as I walked quietly down class room hall ways. I never really had many friends despite my friendly disposition however it never bothered me much, my goal was to gain the education my parents fought so valiantly for me to achieve and to return to Trinidad to live a happy, comfortable life. Returning to the land of paradise is what kept me happy all throughout those years; although high school proved to be the worst of them all.

I was the outlier, an anomaly, I did not go to school dances, or class trips to Montreal, nor did I segregate myself into a ‘clique’ as many do in order to find their identity. I simply kept the company of those who approached me with questions and kindness but I never really reached out to others in hopes of gaining social acceptance. Perhaps unconsciously I knew it was a wasted battle.

In addition, to my lack of being able to be categorized during my High School and University years (based on the colour of my skin), by my fellow country men and woman, I was confronted that I did not do the traditional “Trinidadian” things (in their eyes) which provided further proof to my lack of authenticity. Allow me to elaborate; I did not attend “drinking” parties, nor did I sit on the many laps that were propositioned to me as I walked by; nor did I accept invitations to house parties, or dates. I did not smoke, or drink, or had any interest in it. I liked reading (still do), so you often found me in the library with my head in a book; I liked makeup and fashion so that combination also did not fit the box in which my own countrymen were trying to place me in. I spent my formidable school years learning that I was ‘different’, it was always said to me or whispered as I walked by. It stuns me that all these years later, that somehow I evoke a similar debate……why as humans do we feel the need to constantly box another person in or categorize them? Due to my experience I have always said to those around me; love me or hate me but I’ll always be me. Authentically.


lorac bite beauty fave reds 1112


Hi everyone, how are you? Today I have a very exciting blog post for any of you that are into makeup. I don’t think I have actually mentioned on my blog before but I LOVE LORAC Eyeshadows, so when I saw they released a LIMITED EDITION Holiday Mega Pro Palette, I was honestly super sad; knowing that LORAC does NOT ship to Canada, I thought this sweet palette was beyond my reach. I know makeup doesn’t bring happiness but these eye shadows are in the Top 5 on the market in my opinion. A very sweet Instagram follower mentioned to me that do receive stock  from time to time & that they DO ship to Canada! Needless to say, I checked Amazons website’ a millions times per day and when it became available I grabbed one!! Beware though, the packaging is horrible, it was sent in a thin bubble wrap so I was lucky & fortunate my eye shadows didn’t break but others have not been as lucky.

Don’t be discouraged in purchasing this palette, I have seen be stocked numerous times in the past couple of days, so keep checking back if you want to purchase it. LORAC no longer sells it on their website; it’s SOLD OUT. So is your best bet!

lorac bite beauty fave reds 1104

lorac mega pro palette

The first two rows are ALL MATTE eye shadows and the bottom two rows are ALL SHIMMER eye shadows. It has the same consistency as the LORAC PRO 1 & 2 in formula – needless to say, it’s GORGEOUS!!!

lorac mega pro palettelorac bite beauty fave reds 1112

One of the most unique shadows in the palette is INDIGO – can you see that shimmer? lorac mega pro palettelorac mega pro palette

Lets get to swatching these beauties!!!

ROW #1 (across) MATTES

lorac mega pro palette

I did not use much product to swatch each shadow on purpose – I wanted you all to see how pigmented they were without digging into the eye shadows. This row is definitely WARM in tone and fun neutrals; that MULBERRY shade is calling my name! I can’t wait to use it! No fall out on any of the shadows and ESPRESSO was the most pigmented of the bunch, a VERY little goes a long way.

ROW #2 (across) MATTES

lorac mega pro palette

As with the previous row, these are ALL matte shadows; however these are more in the COOLER range; each eye shadow was easy to apply, again I used VERY little pigment to achieve a swatch. I think if you love neutrals, both rows has you covered for an easy every day eye look.

ROW #3 (across) SHIMMERS

lorac mega pro palette

Am I in makeup heaven? Because after swatching this row, I had about a million Get Ready With Me Video ideas to film!! The deep berry shade;  MERLOT is simply divine and while INDIGO looks very shimmery, almost glittery in the pan, it doesn’t swatch with a lot of glitter onto the hand. However, if you use MAC Fix Plus and a regular eye shade brush, you can achieve that glittery effect on your eye lid. Perhaps the biggest surprise is my love for the shade OPAL, I did not expect that to be a shimmery white gold eye shadow, I absolutely ADORE it!

ROW #4 (across) SHIMMERS

lorac mega pro palette

Once again, the neutrals were super easy to apply, my favourites are definitely GRANITE, MAROON & DEEP TEAL. I wish Caviar was an inky blue or deep purple shade instead of a dark cool tone grey because when it’s swatched next to the BLACK shade, there is NOT much difference between them. Overall, it’s seriously the BEST Holiday Palette released in a very long time.

I do believe if you already own the LORAC Pro 1 & 2 this would be a really wonderful addition to your collection or make up kit. The only 4 eye shadows that are repeats are Cream, White, Espresso & Black – which are staples so I don’t mind having more than one of those shades.

It sincerely hope LORAC releases this as a permanent palette, they would be crazy not to! It’s truly a wonderful gift to give to someone as well as a treat to oneself. As I mentioned previously, is your best bet in getting this palette; hopefully LORAC will listen to their customers and release it in the permanent line up.

Application: 10/10
Pigmentation: 10/10
Cost: $90 Canadian
(From Amazon + Shipping, Duties & Taxes)
Recommend: Yes
Grade: A+ (10/10)

Do you own LORAC Mega Pro Palette? 

What are your thoughts on this product?

Superchic Lacquer ‘Into the Woods’ Fall 2014 Collection

Hi everyone! How have you been? Happy Fall Season for all of you living in the Northern Hemisphere :) Today I have such a special Fall collection to share with all of you! This the first time ever on my blog I shall be highlighting an entire Indie nail polish collection (it’s THAT good!). First, I would like to thank Jennifer from Superchic Lacquer for providing these polishes for my honest review  so lets get to showing you this gorgeous Fall 2014 ‘Into the Woods’ collection!!

superchic lacquer

Superchic Lacquer ‘ If the Golden Slipper Fits’ – is described as “the purest gold metallic base adorned with strong blue iridescent shimmer and holographic effects”.  superchic lacquer

You can definitely see the holographic effects in the polish in direct sunlight, it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL! This is definitely what I would consider a very ‘classy’ polish and it’s definitely up my alley, will be getting a lot of use outta this polish! It combo’s a femininity, sophistication and glamour all in one! This was opaque on 3 coats, was easy to apply and each coat dried within minutes of each other! I used Superchic Lacquer’s Top coat to seal the manicure (which I am in LOVE with and you NEED it in your life! Will be doing a separate post on that polish, it’s unlike any other top coat I have ever used!)

Isuperchic lacquer

Superchic Lacquer ‘Fumbling Fairytales’ – is described as “a vibrant base with strong contrasting golden green chrome and iridescent, subtle holographic and green shimmer effects”.

It was hard to capture the pure essence of this polish, it’s simply gorgeous!! I wasn’t sure if it would suit my skin tone but I ended up loving it!! I think this is such a fun, girly shade perfect for a girl’s night out!! It was opaque on 3 coats, super easy to apply and dried rather quickly for being a 3 coater.

superchic lacquer

Superchic Lacquer ‘You Don’t Know Jacques About My Beans’ – is described as “a lush artichoke green with strong contrasting fiery iridescent, holographic and green shimmer effects“.

superchic lacquer

Do you see what I SEE?? This polish is GORGEOUS!!!! I was stunned when I swatched this polish – it’s so complex you will distract yourself the entire day just staring at your manicure!! I pride myself on finding unique polishes whether it be from main stream or indie brands – THIS my friends is VERY unique and a MUST HAVE from this collection! It was opaque on 4 coats however, each coat added to the complexity of the polish, that is extremely RARE to find! So snatch this baby up for it’s gone!

superchic lacquer

Superchic Lacquer ‘Let your hair down and take a Selfie’ – is described as “vibrant golden  yellow base with strong fiery-copper iridescent, subtle holographic and brilliant red shimmer effects”.

superchic lacquer

This one wins for the BEST named polish ever!! It was hard to capture the copper effect in the polish but believe me it’s there in real life. This was the sheerest polish in the entire collection, the manicure you are viewing is 4 coats but like the previous polish, as you build the layers it added to the complexity of the polish. I think this would be perfect as a topper for other polishes and you can play with contrasting it onto of other colours.

superchic lacquer

Superchic Lacquer ‘Gold Delicious Curse’ – is described as “a succulent apple-cranberry base adorned with strong contrasting flashes of green to gold iridescence, chrome and holographic effects’.

superchic lacquer

This polish is seriously so gorgeous and perfect for Fall – it was opaque on 2 coats and the chrome effect coupled with the holographic is something that needs to be appreciated in person. I think this polish would look good on EVERY skin tone!! It’s the perfect transition polish into the Fall season and something about it is very alluring and addictive! I ended up wearing this one for a few days after I swatched the entire collection, it’s gorgeous! And like all the polishes in this collection, the drying time was super impressive, between 7 to 10 minutes!

superchic lacquer

Superchic Lacquer ‘Bedtime Nom Noms for Mr. Wolf’ – is described as “a rich dark chocolate base with hints of silver chrome & iridescence flash to a subtle taupeness and embellished with holographic and brilliant reds shimmer effects”.

superchic lacquer

This is another STUNNER from the collection – I first saw a swatch of this on my friend Holly’s Instagram account and mentioned to her it’s EXACTLY what I wanted OPI My Private Jet to be and I was right!!!! I personally prefer this polish of OPI MPJ…a little side story, years before I was into nail polish, I actually had the original OPI MPJ in my hands and decided NOT to buy it because I wasn’t into dark polishes at the time, I have regretted that moment ever since because now it’s impossible to find. I was always on a hunt for a polish to quench my desire and I am happy to say I have come upon that moment!! I truly ADORE this polish to pieces, it was opaque on 3 coats, dried super quickly and just LOOK at it!! It reminds me of Christmas lights doesn’t it??! I love this one! A must have!

super chic laquer 3 006

Superchic Lacquer ‘Witches Agenda for Uberness’ – is descried as “black base with strong blue iridescent shimmer, holographic effects and hints of blue chime flash’.

superchic lacquer

OMG!! This polish give me LIFE!!!!! It’s super difficult to pick a favourite but this just might be my #1 from the collection – it’s soooo complex for a dark shade I am in LOVE!! It was opaque on 3 coats, easy to apply and dried within a decent time (3-4 minutes per coat). I wish I could buy this for everyone like Oprah and just give it away because it’s THAT GOOD!!! Just looking at it again makes me want to slap this on once more! This polish just screams confidence to me!

super chic laquer 3 034

Superchic Lacquer ‘Little Vampy Riding Hood’ – is described as “a rich oxblood red base embellished with strong copper iridescence shimmer and holographic effects”.

super chic laquer 3 050

This is definitely among my top favourites in this collection – it’s such a perfect Fall & Winter shade, a deep ox blood red with a scattered holographic is always a winner in my books! This was opaque on 2 coats, very easy to work with and dried like the rest, super quickly! I HIGHLY recommend this one if you love reds, this is a must have!

super chic laquer 3 053

Superchic Lacquer ‘Nightshade Serum to Youth, Like Actually!’ – is described as “a lush eggplant purple base with contrasting green iridescent shimmer, vibrant green chrome flash and holographic effects”.

super chic laquer 3 067

This was was the most difficult to capture in real life, it’s SUPER GORGEOUS!!! The green duochrome is a LOT more apparent in real life, with the added scattered holographic effect, it is seriously stunning! It’s really hard to list my top picks from this collection because they are each  unique and equally beautiful! This was opaque on 2 coats, dried quickly and is a definite winner for being one of the most unique purple polishes I own to date!

super chic laquer last 013

Superchic Lacquer ‘Baker’s Hunger for a Bun in the Oven’ – is described as “a muted deep lush blue-gray with contrasting fiery-copper iridescent shimmer and holographic effects”.

super chic laquer last 008

Are you mesmerized by this polish? I know I am!! I have nothing like this in my collection – seriously this is by far my FAVOURITE Fall 2014 Collection released this year, including all the main stream brands! What makes this collection such a hit for me is the unique element of each polish, as you build the layers it creates more depth and complexity that is virtually non-existent in main stream brands.

This collection is limited edition & currently available on her Etsy store: so pick them up before they are gone for good!

You can follow Superchic Lacquer on:





Application: 9.5/10 
Opaque: 2-4 coats
Cost: $11-12 CAD 
Recommend: Yes!!
Grade: A+ (9.5/10)
*** Free Shipping on order $100 – CODE: fresshipping100 ***
Do you own  any Superchic Lacquer polishes? Which ones are you picking up from this collection?
*Thank you to Jen for providing these polishes for review, all opinions are of my own *

OPI “I Just Can’t Cope-acabana”

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well – since it’s officially the end of summer and we are transitioning into the Fall season, I figured the best way to cast off the summer of 2014 was with a bright, fun, sunshine yellow :) I will be reviewing fall polishes/shades from this point on on my blog but I shall be secretly enjoying a bright neon on my toes all throughout Fall & Winter as I usually do – I can’t be the only one right ladies?

opi i just can't copacabana

OPI “I Just Can’t Cope-acabana” – is a bright, sunshine yellow cream polish that was released in OPI’s Spring 2014 Brazil Collection. It’s really hard to pick a favourite out of that collection and I have no idea how I resisted from buying the entire collection but this is definitely a MUST HAVE. I might have to go back and pick up a few more!

OPI "I Just Can't Cope-acabana

It was opaque on two coats, had a very smooth, buttery formula, dried within 10-15 mins and had a glossy finish. I love yellow polish it’s sort of a weakness of mine but 9/10 times I have been disappointed in either the formula or colour however THIS POLISH is simple perfection. Dare I say it, it’s even better than my beloved Zoya Pippa!!! You know I gotta love this if I rank higher than Zoya’s Pippa – I honestly have zero complaints about polish.

OPI "I Just Can't Cope-acabana

There isn’t much to say other than, GET IT before it’s super limited edition and hard to find. It’s the BEST yellow polish you will own in your collection and it’s such a good staple for all you ladies than enjoy nail art!! I regret not wearing it sooner but better late than never and it was the perfect way to cap off the summer of 2014!

Application: 10/10 
Opaque: 2 coats
Cost: $10-12 CAD 
Recommend: Yes!!
Grade: A+ (10/10)
Do you own  OPI “I Just Can’t Cope-acabana”? What are your thoughts on this polish?

OPI ‘Live, Love, Carnaval’

Hi everyone, I hope you have all been enjoying the remaining days of summer – personally I am ready for fall (these cold August days has me all excited lol) so naturally  I have been busting out some fall colours, however today I have a beautiful summer polish to share with you all.

opi nail polish live love carnaval


‘OPI Live Love Carnaval’ – is gorgeous melon punchy pink-coral neon creme polish(that was quite the mouthful) and was released in OPI”s Spring 2014 Brazil Collection. If you have not checked out that collection I would highly recommend taking a closer look because a LOT of beautiful polishes hailed from it – this being one of my absolute favourites!

opi nail polish 040

This picture was taken indoors under bright light so it does mute the colour down a slight bit, however if you love neon polishes, this is a MUST HAVE!! The formula was simply heaven – it was opaque on two coats, very easy to apply, no streaks and it is NEON without a white base! I think one of the best features of this polish as well is that it dries to a glossy finish, which I think is unique for a neon polish, as we are often use to it drying down to a semi-matte or matte formula.

opi nail polish 050

You can really see the high glossy finish in this picture – I love this colour so much so that I am currently wearing it as a pedicure for the second time in a row (this rarely happens)! I honestly believe you need this colour in your life if you love coral nail polish as much as I do – it’s screams pool party and beach vacation.

opi nail polish 044

I have three other polishes from the Brazil collection to show you and I will try to have those up before the end of summer. I LOVE everything about this polish and it gets my vote for being one of the prettiest summer polishes I have in my collection to date.

PS – I have noticed that nail polish companies have increased their prices in store, I personally purchase 95% of my polishes online on – they are usually a dollar or two cheaper!

Application: 10/10 
Opaque: 2 coats
Cost: $10-12 CAD 
Recommend: Yes!!
Grade: A+ (10/10)
Do you own  OPI ‘Do you have this color in Stockholm?