Essie – Mint Candy Apple

Essie Mint Candy Apple is a gorgeous combination of a pastel Tiffany blue colour and a mint green nail polish. This has been a trendy winter colour for the past few years but I personally love it in Spring. I wore this polish on the first official day of Spring and every time I looked down at my nails – couldn’t help but smile! It is such a happy colour and definitely gears me up for Spring time – oh how I love it!!! I am currently wearing this on my toes and I am pleasantly surprised how clean and chic it looks – I definitely recommend it as either a manicure or pedicure! And this is coming from a nail polish addict who likes mostly red, pinks, coral or nude polishes on her toes LOL.

The application was decent, however being a pastel Essie colour it can be a bit challenging to apply. The BEST technique I have learn over the years with pastel polishes in general is to apply a thin coat first, keep in mind it will look patchy but let it dry completely (which does not take long if it’s a thin coat) and then apply a decent second coat – sometimes this can be enough but in my experience I still see a few patchy spots and being the nail polish perfectionist that I am, I let the second layer dry then apply a third thin layer of polish. The result is amazing but you do need to be a bit patient with it before you write it off as a sucky polish lol.

One good thing about Essie in general is that your hard work will not go in vain, it lasts almost a full week on my nails so in my experience it has been very much worth it!!! The method I mentioned above also prevents the little air bubbles that may form if you do thick coats of it so try it out and let me know how it works for you šŸ™‚

Application: 9/10
Opaque: 2-3 coats
Cost: $10 Canadian
Recommend: Yes
Grade: A+ (9/10)
Do you own Essie Mint Candy Apple? What are your thoughts on this nail polish?

2 thoughts on “Essie – Mint Candy Apple

  1. misshollyberries says:

    this polish looks sooooo amazing on your skin tone! i’m kind of jealous because it doesn’t look as good on me as it does on you. i have this color on my toes right now lol and its definitely cheery and great for spring

    • zenorah says:

      Awww thank you but i think it would look great on your skin tone as well! isn’t it fabulous on toes? never tried it until recently and i’m obsessed! we are getting some colder days right now and i love it bc it gives me a chance to wear some dark polishes i have been neglecting lol.

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