Zoya Nail Polish Marathon!!!

Hey guys!! How’s it going? I am in the midst of filming my ENTIRE Zoya nail polish collection – at first I wanted to take swatches of each polish and show them after showing & describing the physical bottle of nail polish. However – that is a massive undertaking considering I have about 50 bottles!!! So, in honour of my soon to be uploaded Zoya nail polish collection – I will be posting a Zoya nail polish marathon!!! Meaning – the next 50 swatches and reviews will ALL be ZOYA!!! That way you can reference any polish at any time PLUS I think it will give me a good excuse to use some much neglected polishes due to my massive collection!!!

So what do ya think about this?? Hope you are all excited!! I know i am!

And starting tomorrow – I’m gonna start with……

*gotta wait till tomorrow to find out 🙂

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