Zoya Jules

Zoya Jules – is a GORGEOUS mix of pewter, silver, gold, beige AND khaki shimmer that is captured in this beautiful bottle of nail polish. This polish was released in Zoya`s Spring 2011 Intimate Collection – and honestly it was love at first sight! It was one of those “you had me at hello” moments haha!

The top swatch of it was taken without flash – I needed to show you how gorgeous the shimmer just glistens on the nail! And the second swatch was taken with flash which captures the gold sparkle in the polish PERFECTLY! This is by far one of my FAVOURITE Zoya polishes ever!

Until it was on my nails – only then did I realize, it has a border line khaki – light olive green colour to it and I am in love with this twist! I could not stop staring at my nails, particularly in the sunlight, it just shines and I am so impressed with how each one of the colours combine to make such a neutral shimmer – I do NOT have any other polish in my collection quite like this one!  It seems like a cool tone but believe me warm skin tones will LOVE this as well – I am at a lost for words – which does not happen often. I just cannot express in words how much I love this polish, expect to see it on a Top 10 list for sure!

One of the major reasons why I am crushing on this polish so much is because – I can wear it YEAR ROUND, it is  NOT limited to a season. This polish is suitable for every occasion you can imagine – name it and you can wear it! It looks fabulous with flip flops or high heels, the most basic of clothing to the sexiest outfit in your wardrobe. In fact, I am so confident that you will love  this colour that I might buy a couple of bottles for a future giveaway!

It was opaque on two coats and dried quickly in between – I had a hard time taking it off as I have many more Zoya polishes to swatch! It is such a luxurious nail polish as well – I can see it as a colour that is used on MAJOR fashion runways or as a favourite choice among celebrity clients.

This is one of Zoya`s BEST shimmer polishes –  to the extent – I will go as far as saying :

This is a personal SIGNATURE nail polish colour of mine! Period.

Application: 10/10
Opaque: 2 coats
Cost: $10 Canadian
Recommend: YES!!!
Grade: A+ (11/10)
Bonus: +1 for the unique olive khaki tone
Do you own Zoya Jules? What are your thoughts on this nail polish?

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