Zoya Robyn

Zoya Robyn is a true turquoise blue creme polish. I will admit I have a love affair with this polish and I am highly bias to it because it is one of my all time favourite shades of blue. This polish was released in Zoya’s Summer Flash Collection 2010 – in my opinion, this is their best and strongest summer collection they have ever done. I bought all of them and for the past 2 summers I keep gravitating towards each shade over my entire nail polish collection – so that’s saying something!!!

I love that it’s the actual shade of turquoise jewelry because when I wear it, in my eyes it transforms my nails into a piece of jewelry as well. This is by far one of my favourite Zoya colours ever – not only based on the colour but the formula is a dream to work with. What you are seeing is two coats of polish but it could have used a third, mind you I did thin coats instead of two semi-thick ones. While I was applying this polish I was in a rush to go out so I can assure you it does dry quickly.

I have been known to wear this on my toes as well  – it’s the one of the only blue polish I feel comfortable wearing on my toes and something about the colour just makes me HAPPY!!! I say, if you have been back and forth about picking up this beauty – go for it – it looks good on everyone I have ever seen try it and it’s the PERFECT blue for summer time. I will definitely purchase a backup of this baby soon!

If you love colour, this polish is your best friend – it pops against corals, oranges, yellows, greens, gold, bronze etc. In essence, you should have it in your collection – even if you don’t usually wear blue – this one has the the power to CONVERT you lol.

Application: 10/10
Opaque: 2coats
Cost: $10 Canadian
Recommend: Yes – must have!!
Grade: A (10/10)
Do you own Zoya Robyn? What are your thoughts on this nail polish?

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