Zoya Kimmy

Zoya Kimmy – is a hot lava orange based red with a TON of gold sparkle to it, I wouldn’t call it shimmer its much more than that – it truly sparkles on your nails. This polish was released in Zoya’s Summer Collection 2011 and I believe this was the only polish I bought out of the entire traditional 12-piece release. It is truly a vibrant colour indeed – I don’t know why but it reminds me of Salsa dancing. Which is sooo odd I know! lol.

The application was great – opaque on two coats, you could actually get away with wearing one really good coat and you would be fine. I did two just for my sanity and it would have lasted a good couple of days without chipping but I did not keep it on long enough to test for wear. I did see tip wear after one day though! If you are in the market for an orange based red that gives off HEAT – then this is your girl! Coming to think of it – it reminds me of a hot spicy pepper as well!! I love it! My two favourite things : nail polish & food haha!

Honestly, chances are you do NOT own anything like this and if you are a red nail polish lover like myself – I think you need it, if you’re not then I would recommend you skip it as you would not get much wear out of it. But I can honestly see why it’s in a Summer collection – those hot summer nights, dancing to the beat of Latin music in a maxi dress and bronzed skin. I think I need to write a novel LOL!

Application: 9/10
Opaque: 2 coats
Cost: $10 Canadian
Recommend: Yes
Grade: A (9/10)
Do you own Zoya Kimmy? What are your thoughts on this nail polish?

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