Zoya Zuza

Zoya Zuza – is a gorgeous mixture of sea foam green, Tiffany blue, mermaid type colour packed with predominant silver with trickles of gold shimmer as well. A complex description indeed, but it is so hard to describe this beauty! This was released in Zoya Surf 2012 Summer collection and is still available in stores or online so please do grab this baby up when you see her – she is GORGEOUS!!

This polish completely bumps Zoya Charla out as my new favourite mermaid type colour from Zoya and that was not an easy accomplishment let me tell you – when you see this polish on the nails – you will understand why. It is fresh new take on the tiffany blue colours for sure – the shimmer in this polish will definitely excite you! I am currently wearing this as my manicure and I just love the way it looks with simple outfits such as easy to wear dresses and casual clothes. Put it this way, it dresses up your outfit so you can go minimal on the accessories as this nail polish does A LOT for you! This is definitely a summer polish for me for sure but you better believe I will be rocking this one as much as possible before Fall creeps up – that’s how much of a fan I am!

It is girly, feminine and can be wore with diverse outfits as well looks great for day time and night time! For some reason this polish transports me (in my mind of course lol) to the beaches of the Greek islands along with the European resort atmosphere – hopefully one day in the future when I do make this trip a reality – I will be rocking this colour on my hands and toes!

The application was decent but I do need to explain it further – when you apply the first coat, wait till it is completely dry and then apply the second coat – the reason for this is because if you do not wait in between coats and rush the second coat – the brush will pull the polish off the nail leaving bald spots, which may cause you to do a third layer at which point it might be too think and would take long to dry. Speaking of drying time, you do need to give each coat its respective time to dry and if you do – it will dry on average as with all Zoya SHIMMER polishes. I really think it is worth it and I honestly have not seen a colour like this in it’s shimmer form ever so I highly recommend it!

Application: 10/10
Opaque: 2 coats
Cost: $10 Canadian
Recommend: Yes – must have!
Grade: A+ (10/10)
Do you own Zoya Zuza? What are your thoughts on this nail polish?

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