Zoya Malia + Sinful Colours Let Me Go

Zoya Malia + Sinful Colours Let Me Go – a while back I showed you guys Zoya Malia and I will link a review to that post HERE, if you want to see that colour on its own. A few days after wearing that polish, I still had a wonderful no-chip manicure but the nail polish freak in me needed a change, so I searched through my stash to see if I had any purple-like top coat to spice it up a bit! Then I came across Sinful Colour Let Me Go which is a bottle of nail polish I received from Holly aka MissHollyBerries when we did our swap a couple of months ago. She sent me some amazing polishes and I am super excited to swatch the rest of them but for now lets talk about this gem!!!

One of the best things about swaps is that you get to not only try new brands but also test drive colours and textures that you may never choose for yourself. And I will admit that this is a polish I would probably glance over and never select for myself but I AM SO HAPPY she got this for me!!! I know it is one of her all time favourite polishes so she was such a sweetheart to include this for me and I am extremely grateful! I can definitely  understand why Holly loves it so much because it is stunning!

While I have not swatched this on its own as of yet, I have to admit – I LOVE it as a top coat over purple polishes such as Zoya Malia. This is one coat of it and as you can see it is  a purple duo chrome that changes colours from opal, purple, green etc as you move your hands both indoors and in the sunlight as well. It has a pearl finish which brings such sophistication any manicure. It has such a gorgeous feminine feel to it – I will definitely be wearing this manicure again soon! I highly recommend this polish and the Sinful Colours brand – can’t wait to travel to the States because I will be stocking up on the Sinful Colours for sure!

NOTE: This polish will NOT be scored based out of respect for Holly.

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