Zoya Uli + SOPI Wild About Shimmer

Zoya Uli – is a gorgeous peachy-nude polish infused with golden shimmer. This polish was released in Zoya Spring Serendipity Collection 2007  and is now I believe part of their permanent range. I think it definitely looks beautiful on warmer skin tones but I am on the fence if I should recommend it to cooler skin tones – it is similar to Zoya Lyric in the sense that it is on the peachy side of nudes but this baby just comes to life in sunlight! While this  shade was released as part of a spring collection – I quite prefer it as a summer nude and a rediscovered loved polish in my collection. I feel horrible that I have been neglecting some gorgeous polishes as of late and this is one that sort of reminded me that I need to start shopping my stash before buying anymore polishes!

The application was decent but it took around three coats of polish to get it to the right consistence and the drying time was on average with Zoya polishes.After three days of wearing this manicure as much I LOVED it I really wanted to see what it would look like paired with Sephora by OPI Wild About Shimmer. This is one of my all time favourite top coats but I have been having the hardest time finding the right nude, gold or any colour in general that would pair beautifully as I knew it had AMAZING potential! And dare I say – I found the perfect marriage for this polish! Just look at the beauty of this combination!!!

No matter how many pictures I took of this combo I still could not capture the glory of these two polishes! Words can not describe how IN LOVE I am with this manicure and I have worn this manicure THREE times in the last two weeks – that is UNHEARD of in my history of manicures! And I think I found my ‘lazy polish’ combo for the summer time because it practically looks good no matter what I am wearing and no matter what makeup I have on for the day or night. And to add the cherry on top – this is with NO clear top coat so can you imagine how much it would glow with a top coat? I am going to start nick naming some of manicures – this one I am calling – ‘Nails for J.Lo’s Glow’!!!

Application: 10/10 
Opaque: 4 coats (combo)
Cost: $24 Canadian (total of both)
Recommend: Yes!!!!
Grade: A+  10/10)
Do you own Zoya Uli or SOPI Wild About Shimmer? What are your thoughts on these nail polishes?

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