10 Nail Polish Blogger Questions

First, I am so sorry I have been MIA for the past week – I have had a lot going on in my life and I needed a break from things. A while ago I came across this questionaire – I feel horrible that I forgot to copy & paste their link but when I do find it, I will provide a link to their blog HERE.

1. For how long have you been a nail nerd?

I have been a nail nerd for the past two years – I use to be into nail polish when I was in my early teens and for some reason I just forgot about it completely for about 10 years. And now I”m back into it again, so it’s really been a phase to say the least.

2. How many polishes do you have in your collection?

Currently, I have about 300 nail polishes, give or take – that’s A LOT I know but most of them I bought when they were discounted and lets face it – when you’re in the store with nail polish in hand, it’s easy to justify a few dollars here and there.

3.If you, starting now, had to use polishes from one brand only, which one would it be?

If you had asked me this question a year ago, I would be thrown for a loop but I have tried so many brands that hands down it would be either Essie or Zoya nail polish. Simply because of the way the brush fits my nail beds and I prefer their formula of polish above the rest.

4. How much do you spend on polish and nail care in one given month?

This is such a tricky question – I never get my nails done at a salon EVER. I prefer to do manicures for myself, I just love the way it makes me feel, it’s relaxing etc. But in terms of spending, I can spend zero dollars one month and then spend $50 on polish + treatments the next month, so this one differs from time to time, so I don’t have a solid answer.

5.The most expensive polish in your collection is..?

The most expensive nail polish in my collection is probably my Deborah Lippman Ruby Red Slippers which cost about $26 Canadian plus tax. And the second most expensive was probably Butter London Come to Bed Red which I bought online and that was about $17 Canadian. The most prized polish I own is probably OPI Mad as a Hatter which surprises me it literally goes for $100 on Ebay at times.

6.What are your lemmings right now?

I don’t really have any to be honest, I try my best not to get attached to collections and specific polishes but the only polish I really went on a hunt for was OPI Parlez-Vous opi that came out in the France Collection 2009. I bought it last summer and I LOVE it! It really is the best muted grey purple colour ever!

7.Favourite finish?

Judging from my collection I would say I LOVE a good creme polish (I have more creme finishes than any other finish)- it’s clean, classic and you can wear it for so many occasions. On the other hand, I ADORE glass flect finishes, glitter and shimmer polishes as well.

8.Finish you just can’t stand?

Hands down the WORST finish ever – and I don’t know why they keep making it, I guess different strokes for different folks haha – is the FROST finish. I have such a twisted sense of humor that I have a few OPI frost finish polishes just for the hell of it.

9.What nail care products can’t you do without?

I can’t live without my glass file, nail polish remover of course and a GOOD nail polish base/strengthen. I always use a nail polish strengthen as a base for every manicure. It really helped in preventing chipped and peeled nails.

10.What polish is on your nails right now?

This is going to be disappointing and I am kind of disappointed in myself as well – I am giving my nails a week to breathe so nothing as I am typing this.

2 thoughts on “10 Nail Polish Blogger Questions

  1. zenorah says:

    aww I will definitely check out your answers! I hope a lot of nail polish bloggers to this questionaire – it’s such a fun way to learn about nail bloggers taste and thoughts. Yeah frost finishes are the WORST lol

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