Zoya Pippa

Zoya Pippa – is a beautiful bright yellow creme nail polish. I know this colour was released in a past collection but it is definitely a permanent shade – I have mentioned many times before in my youtube videos that yellow is my favourite colour and this polish makes me VERY happy! It is no secret to nail polish lovers that yellow is the problem child out of the entire colour range to capture in a bottle of nail polish – usually the colour may be amazing but the formula sucks and vice versa!

This polish has been given mixed reviews by many but for me, I happen to be the lucky few that got an amazing batch and it is hands down my favourite yellow EVER! I do apply three coats to achieve an opaque manicure and the formula is great – creamy, smooth and NO bubbles! The drying time is a little bit longer than some of my other Zoya polishes but I am more than willing to over look this considering how difficult it is to find an amazing bottle of yellow nail polish. This polish had the signature buttery creme texture which is so addicting and once you have a bottle like this – it’s really difficult to resist the impulse to purchase more of their creme formula. My favourite finish of nail polishes are the creme finishes so I am a weakling when it comes to purchasing their creme shades – currently I am debating on whether or not I should get their entire creme fall line (yep it’s that good!)

I wore this manicure for a few days and only saw minimal tip wear and I wish I wore it sooner during the summer months – but as the summer is coming to an end – I have been in a rush to try all of my other bright shades before Fall sets in. I definitely recommend this polish if you are in need for a bright yellow – it is leaps and bounds better than my other yellow nail polish, China Glaze Happy Go-Lucky polish, you can find a review of that polish on my blog as well.

All in all – is a gorgeous yellow polish and I think because it doesn’t lean too cool or too warm, it will suit everyone’s skin tone! All you need is to be in the mood for this baby!

Application: 10/10 
Opaque: 3 coats
Cost: $10 Canadian
Recommend: Yes!!
Grade: A+  (10/10)
Do you own Zoya Pippa? What are your thoughts on this nail polish?

9 thoughts on “Zoya Pippa

  1. Taryn Thomas says:

    So pretty! You inspired me to read all your zoya post and I can’t wait to get my hands on this, Robyn, and malia.

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    • zenorah says:

      Awww Taryn you are so sweet! You will LOVE Robyn and Malia – they have such a buttery creamy formula. And I have quite a bit of Zoya polishes to post in the coming weeks, I decided to keep more the Fall polishes towards the end of summer, so lots to look forward to =)

  2. MelissaC says:

    This color looks amazing on you! Unfortunately, my bottle of Pippa was the worst polish I’ve ever used; no joke! It is a gorgeous color though!

    • zenorah says:

      Thank you so much Melissa =) I love the socks off this polish! that sucks you got a bad Pippa (can’t help but think of Kate Middleton’s sister when i say Pippa lol). When did you buy yours? i got mine about 2 years ago, hopefully they have a better formula of it, bc if they changed it and it sucks, i will be so sad!

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