Orly Goth

Orly Goth – is a rich black creme polish infused with a TON of silver glitter particles. I have no clue which collection this polish was released in but I do know that it is permanent and is available at Sally’s Beauty Supply. If you enlarge the picture you can really see the silver glitter on the nails and it looks like the night sky – beautiful stars glowing in the night sky, I think I will do a Halloween Tutorial with this polish because it reminds me of Trick-or-Treating for some reason! Don’t you think??

If this polish looks glossy, it’s because I took pics of it AFTER I applied my top coat which I tend not to do because I want you guys to see the colour as-is but I am kinda happy I did that because you can see how rich the black is and OMG this is one opaque polish let me tell you! I could have gotten away with one thick coat of polish but I always wear two coats based on habit. This manicure lasted quite a long time considering it is a dark shade – around 4 days without any chips and very minor tip wear!!!

This is just a side note before I conclude – I have a really busy schedule ahead and there may be a week or so I have not posted a blog entry  but it’s only because I am taking time to adjust to present changes. As soon as I can have a grasp on things, I will be posting on a regular schedule but in the mean time I will try to update my blog more than my Youtube only because of time limitation.

Okay now back to this polish! =) I like that its not a basic black polish either – now I have to find a black polish with GOLD glitter!! Have I ever told you guys about my black and gold obsession? oh yeah I have a really bad one, even spills into fashion! lol. hhhmmm now I have the PERFECT idea for a manicure just you wait and see =)

Application: 9/10 
Opaque: 2 coats
Cost: $8 Canadian
Recommend: Yes
Grade: A  (9/10)

Do you own Orly Goth? What are your thoughts on this nail polish?

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