Sinful Colours Last Chance

Hey everyone, hope you all have been well – today I have a special polish to share with you guys, about a year ago I did a swap with one of my best friends here on youtube MissHollyBerries. Basically I sent her some nail polish and make up items exclusive to Canada and vice versa. This was one of the polishes she sent me and while I have worn it already I had yet to feature this beauty on my blog! I was really excited to try Sinful Colours as it is an affordable nail polish line but even more excited because I had seen so many girls on youtube rave or rant about it, I was happy to be given the opportunity to attest the brand and formulate my own conclusions.

Sinful Colours Last Chance – is a deep forest green creme polish. This shade is just perfect for Fall & Winter, I have said this in a previous blog about Sinful Colours but I honestly believe that this brand is very reminiscent of OPI polishes! Now there is no denying OPI’s gorgeous shade range but I have to say for almost 1/5th of the price of an OPI….I would buy Sinful Colours anyday!!! The staying power was on average with OPI which is tip wear around day 2 and chipping around day 4.

This manicure was opaque in two coats and the brush was the hidden surprise – I REALLY liked it! Now I am aware that there have been some sketchy public relations and advertising issues surrounding Sinful Colours (the short version is they stole well known bloggers swatches of OTHER brand of polishes and slapped their name on it – stealing is NOT cool!!) But hey, it’s not my battle I still like the brand and when their polishes are this good – I have to give credit where credit is deserved!

I like that it’s a dark shade but isn’t purple or blue…and I love it even more because greens do not always look the best on me, but this one does so that makes me very happy! I do have something similar in my collection though so look out for a comparison post in the future. I really wish we got these polishes in Canada – for the price, appearance, formula and staying power -you NEED to try it if it’s available to you!

NOTE: Out of respect for my friend Holly, I will not be rating this polish.

Do you own Sinful Colours Last Chance? What are your thoughts on this polish?

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