Sinful Colours Let Me Go

Hey everyone, so I have another polish to show you from my swap with Holly. This is one of her favourite colours of all time and I was so happy when I saw it because we are practically nail polish twins! Our taste in nail polish is very similar so I couldn’t wait to try this one out. I have featured this beauty on my blog before but it was layered on top of a Zoya nail polish, I shall include the post about that HERE, in case you guys wanted to see what it looked like layered.

Sinful Colours Let Me Go – is a gorgeous duo-chrome purple, pink with slight green pearl finish polish. I am aware that is a complex description but I swear to you, this polish is definitely multidimensional!! I like how feminine and delicate it looks and once again I found myself loving the brush on this one as well! This polish was really hard to capture and depending on how you tilt your hand, the colour would change along with that movement.

An opaque manicure was achieved in three coats of polish and it dry quicker than I thought it was going to be so Sinful Colours is really impressing me at the moment!! In this picture you can kinda see the green trying to peak through but you definitely see the strong pearl finish of this polish. I think I will reach for this one a lot in spring and will definitely layer over purple, blue and nude nail polishes to come.

I think this polish is one you can wear all year and THANK YOU HOLLY for sending me this sentimental polish! I love it and shall be wearing this beauty all winter long!!!

NOTE: Out of respect for my friend Holly, I will not be rating this polish.

Do you own Sinful Colours Let Me Go? What are your thoughts on this polish?

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