MAC Ricepaper

Hi everyone, hope you are all well – today I have an eyeshadow that has been one of my favourites for quite some time now. It is probably one of the only MAC eye shadows that I will repurchase and that I think is worth the MAC price point.

MAC Ricepaper

MAC Ricepaper – is a soft, warm yellow toned champagne neutral eyeshadow and is categorized by MAC as a Frost. I absolutely adore this eyeshadow, I love wearing as a brow bone highlight but I have worn it all over the lid as well with a warm medium matte brown in the crease as an easy everyday work appropriate eye look – I just love the simplicity of it and I have yet to find an eyeshadow that can rival this eyeshadow.

P.S – The eyeshadow you are viewing is in pro pan format – is available in a pot as well. MAC Ricepaper

I love the sheen that it gives on the eyelid or brow bone and it is my go-to eyeshadow to balance out a smokey eye. I think it would suit many skin tones and I have actually tried to hunt down a dupe of it (because I rather save money) but I have yet to find one! The only one that may come close is a WetNWild eyeshadow but the quality is not the same – this one just has a buttery smoothness that puts it in a class of it’s own!

MAC Ricepaper

 In my opinion, this shadow is definitely worth the MAC price point because you will use it everyday and it would last you a long time! I have had this particular shade in my collection for about a year and a half and it is still kicking! You can choose to buy it in a pro pan which costs less than the pots – the pro pans are made to fit into a MAC palette which is the option I opted for. As well, the pigmentation is pretty good and I am very critical of MAC eye shadows in terms of pigmentation – but in this case you do get your money’s worth with this product.

I highly recommend this eyeshadow and it will definitely be a repurchase or be my next back to MAC item.

Application: 9/10
Pigmentation: 9/10
Cost: $18 (pot), $14.50 (pro pan) Canadian
Recommend: Yes
Grade: A (9/10)

Do you own MAC Ricepaper? What are your thoughts on this eyeshadow?

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