Top 12 Nail polishes of 2012!!!

Hi everyone, hope you had a well rest weekend – for those who follow my blog but have no idea I make youtube videos as well – here is a little treat for you. About 3 weeks ago I thought I would have an enormous amount of time to film videos & do blog posts, I think I have done fairly well but for the most part I was busy with holiday traditions. Needless to say there were a few videos I just had to sit my butt down and film and this was one of them. I knew I wanted to do this video about half way through the year and I am actually happy I manage to cross this one off the list. I have a TON of amazing videos for 2013 but I though this was a nice way to end the year seeing as I am a nail junkie!

It was really hard to narrow down my top 12 nail polishes of 2012 but after weeks of indecisiveness I managed to pick out these 12 polishes – I hope you enjoy and please tell me what were your favourite polishes of 2012 in the comments below =)

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