An Interview With…….LittleBalladeer!

Hi everyone, I am sooooo excited to share a NEW series on my blog that may spill onto my youtube channel as well. Towards the end of 2012 I knew I wanted to expand on both my blog &  youtube (still pondering about youtube lol) but I came up with a new series called An Interview With….the premise of this series is to interview fellow youtubers and bloggers a few questions about themselves so you guys can get to know them better – as well as their own subscribers as well! I shall do this series with a new youtuber or blogger at least once a month – I truly hope you guys enjoy this series and please share your comments below!

One of my good friends on youtube, LittleBalladeer kindly agreed to be my very first interview and I am so thankful to her so I would like to take this moment and send a BIG thank you to Maureen! For those that do not know Maureen aka LittleBalladeer on youtube – she is one of the BEST Bath & Bath Works (as well as other brands) candle, scent and tarts reviewer. She has over 2000 subscribers, has more than 400 video reviews on candles, tarts and scents and tells it like it is! She is one of my very favourite ladies on youtube and I always reference her channel before purchasing items at BBW alike. Please check out her youtube channel HERE (LittleBalladeer).

These are the 12 questions I asked LittleBalladeer :

1. How old were you when your love of candles/scents began?
Probably around 1990!
2. What are your FAVOURITE candles/scents from BBW?
-Deep Aqua
-Brilliant Citrus
-Freshwater Cucumber
-Moonlight Magic
-Apricot Vanilla
-Juniper Breeze
-Sugar Plum
3. What are you LEAST favourite candles/scents from BBW?
-Black Amethyst
-Japanese Cherry Blossom
-Jungle Kiss
-Caribbean Escape
-Moonlight Path
4. How has Slatkin & Co candles changed over the years? Better or worse?
It’s a gamble. It goes up and down, performance-wise.
5. Name you favourite non-BBW candle brand(s) and name your favourite scent(s) of that brand(s)
-Garden Cucumber
-Mango Peach Salsa
-Sugared Apple
-Fresh Mint
6. What scent/candle brings back the most memories? Why?
Anything that’s freesia because that’s the first scented candle that my mom had lit!
7. What is your most prized candle in your collection? (Limited Edition).
-Moonlight Path
8. How many candles do you burn in a month?
Over 30!
9. What scent do you own the most of in your candle collection?
10. Have you ever experimented with creating your own candles?
11. Share any tips & tricks you have learned over the years for burning candles or tarts.
Let your candle burn for a long time to create a deep even wax pool.
12. If you were not reviewing candles, tarts & scents — what would be the focus of your channel?
*A HUGE thank you to Maureen for agreeing to do this interview with me – please check out her channel for reviews on Bath and Body works candles – she is the most thorough scent reviewer on youtube – your wallet will thank you!!!

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