Essie Chinchilly & Zoya Maisie (Mattified)

Hey everyone, how’s it going? Right now it’s SUPER cold here in Ontario, Canada and when it’s in the -20’s only one shade of polish will do…grey! I have had this baby in my collection for quite some time now but sadly this is the first time wearing it! I have a couple of other grey polishes but lets face it – I am on a mission to own every Essie polish (providing they are of good quality) to add to my collection so bought this one on that premise.

essie chinchilly

Essie Chinchilly – is a medium grey creme polish and as you can see it dries with a very high shine! I usually never wear a top coat with Essie polishes for that specific reason and this was no exception. I love  the contrast of the cool grey tone with my medium warm skin tone – this is definitely a polish that looks good in winter and I can see why it’s been a cult favourite for a long time!

essie chinchilly

This manicure was opaque on two coats (not sure why my index finger looks darker lol) and it had a decent dry time. Now I wore this manicure for about two days and started to wonder what it would look like with a flakie top coat (seeing as grey is a neutral colour). I am soooo happy I got curious because this combination turned out absolutely gorgeous!

essie chinchilly and zoya maise

This is one coat of Zoya Maisie – which is a turquoise blue green flakie! Depending on how your tilt your hand the polish appears more green or more blue. I just LOVE this combination and it will most definitely been in my January 2013 favourites video! I couldn’t stop staring at my nails the entire time I was wearing this the other day!

essie chinchilly

It was really hard to capture the beauty of what it looks like in real life but THIS PICTURE was a good representation despite the lighting. I could not post this combination without trying to capture it’s true beauty. Just looking at it here makes me want to wear it again! I wore this manicure (got TONS of compliments by the way) for about 2 days but got very curious what it would look like with a MATTE top coat.

essie chinchilly zoya maisie

I used one coat of Essie ‘Matte about you’ – you can see the mattified effect better on my thumb than on the other nails but I really liked it! The flakie particles are more apparent on when mattified but all-n’all I LOVED this manicure and by the end of the week it felt like quite the adventure LOL! I really adore it and I encourage you to try it if you have flakies in your collection.

This is being ranked as an entire manicure.

Application: 9/10 
Opaque: 2 coats (Essie), 1 coat (Zoya), 1 Matte top coat
Cost: $10 Canadian EACH!
Recommend: Yes!!!
Grade: A (9/10)
Do you own Essie Chinchilly, Zoya Maisie or Essie Matte About you?
What are your thoughts on these nail polishes?

6 thoughts on “Essie Chinchilly & Zoya Maisie (Mattified)

    • zenorah says:

      awww Thank Melissa =) I think i’m just a curious bugger and I always wonder if things will turn out as nicely in person as I envisioned it in my mind. And so happy this one did!! =)

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