One Year Blog Anniversary =) Thank you!!!

Hi everyone, so this is a different type of post – I wanted to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have supported my blog adventure the past year. When I first started blogging I was kinda scared that I would abandon the entire thing – I will admit I have to get better at posting more frequently but I’m proud of my small accomplishment in following through with my word.

I have met so many wonderful people through this medium and never expected about 200 followers one year later, you guys mean the world to me! And I appreciate the time you take out of your lives to visit my blog and all your kind comments. I will try to blog at least once a week from now on – if you have any requests always feel free to leave a comment on my  blog. And I will be having a giveaway at the end of this month to say THANK YOU so stay tuned for that one, I will sneak it into a post!! =)

As for the future of my blog, I will continue to write about beauty products but I have been thinking of blending in some other aspects of my life – let me know what you think about that?? Stay tuned for my blog giveaway and THANK YOU once again.

With lots of love,


7 thoughts on “One Year Blog Anniversary =) Thank you!!!

  1. Accessory says:

    Ive started my blog on the 1st of march last year. We both got an anniversary then! Congrats and keep on going =)

    • zenorah says:

      Thank you so much Lulu, you made my day hun! it is really time consuming at times because I have a hectic life but i try to get up as many posts as possible =)

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