Essence A Lovely Secret

Hey everyone, how’s it going?? Today I have such a gorgeous polish to show you and the best part it’s DRUGSTORE!! The weird thing is out of 300+ bottles of nail polish, I have NOTHING like this in my collection so for the price & colour – I am going back to the drugstore and stock up on this polish plus include it my upcoming blog giveaway! This colour is the PERFECT polish for spring and in my opinion this particular polish rivals a lot of the higher end polish brands!

essence a lovely secret

Essence ‘A lovely Secret’ – is a periwinkle lilac gritty creme polish with micro purple shimmer particles that appear in sunlight. This is such a GORGEOUS polish isn’t it?? I have had this baby sitting in my collection for over a year and I am so disappointed that I haven’t blogged about it until now! essence a lovely secret 016

It required two coats to be opaque and the drying time was AMAZING! I have been disappointed by Essence polishes before in terms of dry time but this was absolutely amazing!!! The formula was very interesting, it had a bit of a gritty application which is why it isn’t a ‘true’ creme polish but just look at that colour it is definitely an eye catcher and stunningly beautiful! The brush was very easy to work with as well which I will be honest surprised me! essence a lovely secret 026

This picture gives a true representation of the colour – it reminds me so much of lilac blossoms and Spring. I am soooo excited to wear this when the weather gets a bit warmer and to pair it with some Spring dresses!! It’s vibrant without being neon and colourful without being too in your face so this is probably the front runner in my upcoming must have polishes for Spring. I love that it’s super affordable, available and in this case you really get your money’s worth AND more!! This is a MUST HAVE and has made my Top 20 Favourite polishes ever! So grab yourself Essence A Lovely Secret ASAP, it’s no longer a secret anymore =)

Application: 10/10 
Opaque: 2 coats
Cost: $3 Canadian
Recommend: Yes!! – MUST HAVE
Grade: A+ (11/10)
BONUS: +1 unique
Do you own Essence A Lovely Secret? What are your thoughts on this nail polish?

4 thoughts on “Essence A Lovely Secret

  1. Accessory says:

    it’s a pretty colour but i prefer an other brand. I don’t like essence and catrice lol. They sell it in holland where i live

  2. Aline C says:

    I have a royal blue polish from essence, not sure what its called. I used it once and hated the finish. I do like the color of This polish tough ..

    • zenorah says:

      I only have two other Essence colour polishes, i loathe the clear top coat, it NEVER dries but this polish was such a surprise, i think you would love it!

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