Essie Resort 2013 Collection

Hi everyone, I have been so excited about this collection so much so I literally called every nail salon in town and I got my hands on the much anticipated Essie Resort 2013 Collection!!! This is my favourite collection by Essie since their Resort 2010 Collection so that’s saying something!! Every colour is gorgeous and the formula is fantastic! Lets get to showing you some swatches =)

essie resort 2013 collection

essie resort 2013

Essie Come Here! –  is a bright coral pink-red – this polish definitely screams summer vacation to me, it is absolutely GORGEOUS and is most definitely my favourite out of the collection(even though it was very difficult to choose a favourite!). I can see this being one of Essie’s best selling colours if they implement it into their permanent line up…yes it’s THAT beautiful! It has a bit of a neon aspect to it but I love that so no complaints here, it was opaque on two coats and dried within 10 mins.

You can see the bright neon effect in the second photo, I LOVE it!! It is a must have and if you are picking up any in this collection, would definitely recommend this one!

essie resort 2013

essie resort 2013

Essie First Timer – is a beautiful neon-pastel lime green creme polish. Many adjectives I know but this one really surprised me! You guys know how much I adore Essie Mojito Madness but I may love this one a tad bit more! Shocking I know! It’s such a wearable green polish you really  need to check this one out. It looks brighter on the nail than in the bottle. I will do a comparison post of this and Mojito Madness soon. The formula was amazing, opaque on two coats and dried within 10 mins.

Look at how gorgeous that colour is!! I definite must have for green nail polish lovers. You can even wear this one on your toes!

essie resort 2013 044

essie resort 2013

Essie Under-Where? – is a beautiful soft pink lavender creme polish. I think it’s a perfect polish for spring and summer and is definitely the younger sister to Essie Splash of Grenadine which you can view HERE. It is more vibrant in person – was difficult to capture the beauty in photos but I think it will definitely be a polish everyone would enjoy. It was a little thinner in formula than the other 3 polishes but it was opaque in two coats and dried really fast. I think this is the most feminine, elegant colour out of the collection and you can wear it with any outfit.

essie resort 2013 063

essie resort 2013 072

Essie In The Cab-Ana – is a bright aqua blue creme polish with a neon appeal. This polish along with Come Here! will definitely be the most popular out of the collection. It is such a bright, gorgeous in your face aqua blue I LOVE IT!!! The formula was perfection, opaque on two coats and it dried with a shiny finish as with all the other polishes in this collection. This is one blue you can wear on your toes and it can transition you into summer as well. I honestly believe you will probably get the MOST attention with this polish and expect many compliments.

I think Essie has done an amazing job with this collection – this is by far my favourite Resort collection since 2010, I can’t wait to see what they come out with next year because this one definitely set the bar REALLY high!! I think you will love all the shades no matter which one you choose.

Application: 9.5/10 
Opaque: 2 coats
Cost: $10 Canadian (each)
Recommend: Yes – must have!
Grade: A  (9.5/10)
Do you own polishes from the Essie Resort 2013 collection?
What are your thoughts on these nail polishes?

11 thoughts on “Essie Resort 2013 Collection

    • zenorah says:

      that happened to me the first time i bought Essie, I was like….damnnn!! it`s good stuff when you get the hang of their formula & brush. which colour did you pick up

      • satine89 says:

        I got Lacquered Up (a bright red), Lilacism (light purple) and the super famous mint one!
        What I noticed, though, is that with no top coat the red one (it’s the only onw I actually wore for more than just 15 minutes! :P) tends to chip easily after 2/3 days! 😦

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