Hi everyone, so this is not a review of makeup or nail polish etc. I have been wanting to post a little blog entry like this for quite some time and I feel I have reached the point in which I can safely say: I am officially on a no buy! I have a TON of makeup…to some my collection may not be very large but to others it may be a mountain that keeps on growing ….and having a blog and youtube channel has not helped my desires and wants.

My youtube and blog will not suffer because I have A TON of things to blog and review but for the most part the random shopping sprees because I `need` it is no longer a part of my 2013. I do have a few hauls coming up on my youtube channel but that was from a while ago so starting from this date, I will buy my necessities such as mascara (after I have used up all that is sitting in my collection), skin care, hair care etc. but that is pretty much it.

As it stands I have a TON of lipsticks, lipgloss, eyeshadows, blushes, foundations, setting powders, eyeliner, eye primer, face primer etc. in my collection. As well I have over 300 nail polishes in my collection which is MORE than enough to keep me happy for a long time to come. I hope you guys join me on this journey of ENJOYING the products you ALREADY own instead of  being sucked into wanting to try the NEXT BIG THING.

So I ask you the next time you go shopping for makeup, nail polish, clothes, shoes etc ….

Ask yourself is this a WANT or a NEED (question mark)


4 thoughts on “WANT vs NEED

    • zenorah says:

      Thank you hun, yeah shoppers guilt can be pretty bad, a few months back i returned some stuff bc i couldn’t justify it. And i have sooooooo many products so it was necessary. And I am thinking of doing a blog sale as well =)

    • zenorah says:

      Hey Lindsay!! thank you for joining me! seriously have too much makeup to the point I feel it’s hoarding so i gotta use stuff up! and you can be my no-buy with exception to Zoya summer pixie dust collection buddy!!!

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