MissJenFabulous aka The Nail Art Thief

Hi everyone, so this is going to be a very different blog entry – one can call it a rant and you’d be justified in doing so. Most nail polish gyals know of MissJenFabulous on Youtube due to her popularity of her nail art tutorials but that’s just it, they are NOT her nail art creations!! So this is where my rant begins but before I get into that I have to share with you the backdrop to this story….

About 5 years ago I discovered nail bloggers & it was an addiction of mine, I would check my email every day to see any and all of the nail polish / manicures / nail art designs they blogged about. I could sit and list all of them but it would take ages to do so because there are MANY of them, some of the more widely known ones are Scrangie, Vampy Varnish, All Lacquerd Up (she’s back yay!), The PolishAholic, Beauty Junkies Unite etc…and the list goes on! The point is, blogging was new to me and I was fascinated and thoroughly enjoyed the creativity and appreciated the work ethic that it involves in posting swatches, reviews etc. As the years went by some bloggers got really popular and others continued to have their loyal fans PRE-Twitter & PRE-Facebook book Fan pages!!

There are some AMAZING beauty & nail polish bloggers out that have the most creative nail art & designs that I can’t help but applaud & awe at their genius and creativity. And if you “Google” nail designs such as “Turquoise Stone Inspired Nails” you can get Blog posts such as these:

Posted May 4th, 2013 http://sprinklesinsprings.com/2012/05/turquoise-stone-inspired-nails.html

Posted May 6th, 2013http://www.themanicafe.com/2013/05/turquoise-gemstone-nails-featuring-kiko.html

Posted May 5th, 2013https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=359571387477013&set=pb.303254703108682.-2207520000.1371072356.&type=3&theater

Posted June 5th, 2013 http://www.spektorsnails.com/2013/06/deadly-sins-challenge-day-13-pride.html

(I love that these Bloggers inserted CREDIT and/or REFERRAL links back to their inspired manicure)

Why do I bring this specific nail art design up you might ask?? Well on June 8th, 2013, MissJenFabulous posted a video of that specific nail design WITHOUT crediting a single BLOGGER!! One can argue that we all learn from one another and that at the core of everything – creativity is a shared system. Well to that I shall ask you, why is there such a thing called “Royalities” for songs, lyrics, TV Shows, Movies etc. You see, if you are to USE someone’s creative work, you CREDIT THEM!!

To further illustrate this point you can view her “Turquoise Nail Art Tutorial” and pay attention to the date – it’s Posted on June 8th, 2013

The only reason why I felt the need to write this blog is because she is a REPEAT offender – lets try that again, she has been stealing nail art designs on Google Images by typing in a search for lets say, “Halloween Nail Art Designs”, finding a TON of images and then create nail tutorials on EVERY single one of the images that interests her without a single mention of credit to the Bloggers whose pictures, ideas and method she has “borrowed, stolen, used” pick an adjective. If you pay attention to the dates and the post date of her videos they always come months or a year after the nail art design was blogged about.

This blog entry is not to be mean or rude – it is to simply state a point – She DOES NOT CREDIT BLOGGERS for THEIR nail designs and being a Blogger, Youtuber, Nail polish fan this isn’t right at all. On many occasions I have commented on her videos in a VERY respectful manner and to ask WHY DOESN’T SHE CREDIT BLOGGERS, her response?? Well there is NONE and on top of it she DELETES the comment(s) EVERYTIME & she BLOCKS you on Youtube!! Even if you are super polite she still deletes your comment(s) & blocks you!! She is trying SUPER hard to COVER up the TRUTH! Which is beyond shameless & lacks class if you ask me!

Lets play Devil`s Advocate, it`s her channel she can do as she pleases right? That is very true, but if you are NOT in the wrong, wouldn’t one answer such a simple question?? – It’s easy she can respond by saying – “They are my personal designs” but sadly a majority of them are not. And to ensure others DO NOT see these comments (and  I have seen MANY others post the exact same thing on her blog & Youtube page) – she ALWAYS deletes your comments. And to prove my point – I encourage you to leave a comment, out of shear curiousity regarding CREDITING BLOGGERS on any or all of her nail tutorials, I am 100% certain your comment will be deleted because she doesn’t want “everyone” to know what she has and will continue to do.

The point I am trying to make is being a Blogger, whether it be about beauty, fashion, nail polish, travel, vlogging etc we do it for fun, we love sharing, it’s a creative outlet and it’s for free!! At the very least, a blogger should receive credit where credit is due.

Again, this is NOT to bash her on a personal level but simply to point out something I have been noticing for a very long time and I don’t know if there are other nail polish enthusiasts who have noticed the exact same thing.

I encourage you to RE-POST, RETWEET,  SHARE on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM or any other social media you are a part of THIS BLOG ENTRY and bring it to LIGHT. Just because a blogger doesn’t have 100,000 followers DOES NOT give someone the right to STEAL their creativity!!!!

UPDATE!! – A fellow blog reader/follower posted this site in the comments section of this blog entry to further illustrate my point, along with major shocking  additional information for your own interest, which you can view by clicking HERE!

Thank you,


142 thoughts on “MissJenFabulous aka The Nail Art Thief

  1. Lisa Thestrup says:

    Congratulations, you just won the prize, world biggest bitch… I lost ALL respect in you!!!!
    Jen does not claim that it is her designs. We all get inspired (!!!) on blogs, but when I see a design in a blogppost, the blogger fot inspired on another blog, that got inspired by another blog and so on!!

    I cant believe that envy can drive people to sinking to this level!? And you really surprised me! I have thought of you as a wellbehaved adult woman.
    Havent seen your videos for a while, got really bored, so this is the “push” to unsubscribe.
    I think you should spend some time practising so you can get almost as talented as Jen. And for god sake, do something different than just sitting there with the grey background and talk and talk and talk. Fair enough if you cant manage to film a how to look, get ready with me, no mirror tag, whats in my shower and so on. But dont take that out on the talented and popular girls!!

    • zenorah says:

      So you didn’t read the blog at all – I said it was NOT an attack on her personally but on giving credit to bloggers. Inspiration is everywhere but when you do dozens of designs and NO credit is given that’s a problem. You could be the most popular person ever, doesn’t make it okay.

      I appreciate my subscribers & I encourage you to unsubscribe if you are not happy. I have a life outside of youtube and I make videos when I can as a hobby. I do not envy anyone and because you are stranger you would not know that personally. You have an opinion and you are entitled to it – don’t care to change your mind because I respect people’s opinions. Are you a youtuber or blogger? if you were maybe you’d have a better understanding.

    • Kimberley says:

      Hey – there is NO call to name names here. If you got bored; fine, everyone has phases and what not, but Zenorah didn’t attack Jen personally. Just her ETHICS. Jen is making money from other people’s content and so for that, Zenorah and anyone else deserves to call her on it. But coming on Zenorah’s blog and being rude is unacceptable and doesn’t make you look any better.

    • Leela says:

      Name calling, and who’s the mature one here? If she wasn’t making literally thousands of dollars off of youtube, etc. then let her copy whatever style she wants. It’s so trashy to immediately ignore all the evidence and scream out “UR JUT JELOUSE!” all over someone’s blog. Grow up. Plus, Jen lied about her age, she’s 29.

      • Hkayc says:

        What are you even talking about? You’re the one who just cussed an innocent woman out. That is indeed name calling. You think it’s trashy to ignore the facts? Well so do I, because that’s obviously what you are doing if you are going to defend Jen. I hope you are not a grown woman with that kind of mouth, cussing out others for not agreeing. You must be 12, like all of Jen’s other minions.

    • TMD says:

      This is obviously her (Jenn) or someone who knows her. I actually think it’s her b/c she attacked you as if she’s defending “her work”. Sad actually. I’m sure she has made up many accounts now to counter your evidence. What a weasel. YouTube should take back any money they’ve
      Paid her on mail art!

    • claire says:

      She isn’t saying MissJenFABULOUS isn’t talented. So that comment is invalid. She is saying that MissJenFABULOUS isn’t giving credit to the original creators of the nail art she puts up on her channel.
      If you go to any of MissJenFABULOUS’s videos, you will notice she never puts a disclaimer on who originally created the nail art.
      On her Nail Art For Beginners series, she never says she was inspired by this person, or this nail artist.
      Although she doesn’t always say that she thought of the idea for the nail art, she also doesn’t take the time to put the person’s name in the description box, or in the video, yet she is making profit off ideas that aren’t hers.
      She may have just been inspired which is fine, because like you stated we’re all inspired, but she needs to credit the person who she got the inspiration from. Especially if she is making money off of it.

  2. 10 Nice Nails says:

    I really try hard to credit the people I get my designs from. Sometimes I forget where exactly the inspiration came from, but I try my best to find it. And if anyone ever pointed out that they believed a specific nail art of mine was inspired by someone I hadn’t credited, I would certainly answer whether that was correct or not. I wouldn’t go deleting comments…

    • zenorah says:

      Same here, at times I forget it’s completely normal. I was just wanted to point out the consistent nail art videos from 2011 to 2013 that are completely 100% from bloggers I have followed for years. And even if people leave bad comments on my channel i always leave it because it’s an opinion. You delete things when you have something to hide.

  3. cayla says:

    You are such a jealous bitch LIAR and a FAKE. The points that you made about Miss Jen Fabulous does not prove anything. Matter of fact it only shows the pathetic extent you were willing to go to find fault in someone that is wayyyyyyy more talented than you are. I have watched some of your videos and to be honest its a big drab. YOUR VIDEOS ARE BORING. You of all people should NOT be the one commenting on the fact that Miss Jen Fabulous deletes comments left by her viewers that are not in favor of her work. Reason for this is because I have read some of the comments on your u tube channel and noticed a few times you deleted comments that were not great. Not that theres anything wrong in that, its your channel and you can do whatever the hell you wish however YOU ARE A LIAR SO DONT SIT THERE N BE A HYPOCRIT ABOUTJEN DELETING COMMENTS WHEN YOU DO THE VERY SAME THING. I may not know you personally but you seem to have very low self esteem about yourself and as a result you find people that are more talented to talk shit about . Subscribing to your channel is not worth it. You ARE A FAKE BITCH THAT IS ENVIOUS OF WHEN SOMEONE ELSE IS BETTER THAN YOU. BTW IM NOT A FAN OF JENS NAIL ART DESIGNS BUT SHE IS BEAUTIFUL AND YOU ARENT. SO DONT HATE.

    • zenorah says:

      Sweetheart, I don’t delete people’s comments – when a subscriber or nonsubscriber leaves a comment that they aren’t happy with because it is THEIR personal account, it allows them the ability to delete a comment of theirs if they wish.

      And secondly, you obviously have a lot of hate in your heart so allow me to give you a virtual HUG. You should work on your emotional intelligence. You are obviously a fan of hers & all the power to you. But not everyone is and she is a beautiful girl but beauty doesn’t equal the right to steal other people’s work. And I don’t care how you view me or think of me because at the end of the day you are and will always be a stranger.

      • Ella says:

        Well done honey. You answered that absolutely fantastically. Don’t let her get you down! At the end of the day, you (the stronger person) will always win. All the best, Ella.xxxxxxxxxx

      • missnailz2013 says:

        You handled that absolutely fantastically honey! I’d have been really upset! Can I just say that you (the stronger person) will always win. Don’t let them get you down! I admire you for that. All the best. Ella.xxxxxxxx

    • Sophie says:

      You sound like a 5 year old, grow up. MissJenFabulous is not who you think she is, all you see is a persona on the Internet do you really think you know her well enough to know what she has and hasn’t done? An example of this is the trashy photos that have been found of her on this site http://gurutabloid.com/ check that website out and you will see how she really is. And before you attack Zenorah for being jealous, see how many other people think the same as her. P.S, you say about Jen being beautiful, have you not seen her videos when she doesn’t have her make up on? That is some scary stuff.

    • Kayiah says:

      She may be beautiful on the outside but she is still a thief. She stole a design I did and posted it as if she was the artist and that is not fair to me or anyone else. I don’t hate her cause that is a strong word but I do dislike her for what she has done to me and others in the business.

    • Dina says:

      SHUT UP Cayla, you are so full of hate. Your words are so disgusting and LOW. Go wash your mouth and brain before you give others advice.

      to Miss Zenora, i dont know you before but i admire how you handle all of these rude and bad comments. Its clearly show me that you have a good personality and manner 🙂 Do what you think is right, don’t let haters make you down.

  4. cayla says:

    LOL who gives a rats ass about what Miss Jen Fabulous does or doesn’t do? you obviously are a jealous woman with an extreme case of low self esteem. YOU ARE EXTREMELY LOW TO HAVE MADE A BLOG ON THIS TOPIC. Like i said your videos are boring and they are crap but that’s not a valid reason to be envious of someone else. You are ugly inside and out and it shows. Its really pathetic how envious you are of people. Strangers or not I really don’t give a shit. But may b some day your jealous ass would find another blogger to yet again stoop this low to rant about. ITS OBVIOUS YOU HAVE BEEN STRUGGLING WITH LOW SELF ESTEEM FOR MOST OF YOUR LIFE AND PROB WILL FOREVER BE. FOOL YOURSELF ALL YOU WANT AND TRY TO GIVE YOURSELF THAT EXTRA PAT ON YOUR SHOULDER FOR YOU WILL NEED IT.

    • zenorah says:

      The poor level of your emotional intelligence is frightening. I think it’s hilarious that you have been spamming my blog with your negativity because it says a lot about you as a person, so instead of spreading hateful comments – work on yourself.

      You think calling me ugly with low self esteem bothers me? I am simply impressed how easily I can effect you and it’s actually a compliment!! Just remember one thing, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”. And it seems you LACK OBJECTIVITY. I won’t bother discussing this further with you because you lack emotional intelligence.

  5. cayla says:

    LOLLLLLLL poor level of emotional intelligence??!!!! LMFAO your the envious fake ass bitch with a severe case of low self esteem issues who felt a desperate need to dedicate a blog post to another individual whos clearly more talented than your lame ass. Missy it seems like your the one with an emotional imbalance .DO YOU THINK I CARE ABOUT IF YOU THINK YOU ARE UGLY OR NOT? I DONT GIVE A DAAM.THATS YOUR OWN BATTLE MY DEAR, LOL AND IT SEEMS LIKE YOU HAVE HAD A TERRIBLE AMOUNT OF TIME FIGHTING THIS FIGHT OF TRYING TO VALIDATE YOURSELF SOMEHOW AND IT SEEMS LIKE YOU PROB HAD ALOT OF PEOPLE CALL YOU UGLY WHEN YOU WERE YOUNGER idk but it seems so ,however its still not a reason to hate on prettier and more talented girls. YOU WROTE THIS BLOG DIDNT YOU? well then accept the comments coming your way. Don’t respond if u don’t want to. I really don’t give a shit if u cant handle the outcome of your blog post. If u cant handle it then you cant. Which is obvious that you cant handle someone telling you the truth about your envy issues. Instead of being envious of other naturally gifted women get some practise because your videos are BORRRRINNGG. All you do is sit there and blab about nothing. Absolutely no creativity with that drab disgusting looking background. Do you have any real talent? if you do then I would suggest you put it to use and stop being the jealous low hater bitch that you are, CHEERS!!!!!

    • zenorah says:

      I love that the fact that every time you leave a comment, it adds to my view count. I am honoured that I affect you to the level you present in your comments – it’s a massive compliment. Sweetheart, I am not the on attacking women physical features, you are – & it must piss you off that nothing you say or could ever say will ever have the impact I have on you & by “approving” your comments because I can easily delete them proves MY point that I don’t need to hide or delete comments.

      I am 100% aware that you are probably bi-polar suffering from many mental health issues so you should seek help or get onto some medications. Honestly, I feel bad for you…you clearly are a VERY unstable human being.

      You clearly need some mental help so please spend time finding it. And I don’t approve of using swear words on my blog because I have younger views so you will be blocked if you keep on with your unintelligent FOWL language.

    • Kimberly says:

      How can you constantly uplift Jen when you said you don’t care about her and you don’t follow her? You’re not making any sense atm.

  6. cayla says:

    LMAO WHY WOULD YOU MAKE AN ATTEMPT TO DELETE ANYTHING AFTER I HAVE CLEARLY POINTED OUT U TALK ABOUT JEN DELETING COMMENTS WHEN YOU DO THE SAME????!!!!! WOULDNT THAT PROVE YOUR JUST A LIAR IF U DELETED THESE COMMENTS?? and actually no nothing about this pisses me off im laughing head over heels due to the fact that you said you wont bother to respond LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL OMG YOU ARE DEFENITELY A CLOWN in a womans form. Like I said you had the nerve to come up with this blog if you cant handle the feedback THEN BLOCK me for I don’t give a daam. At the end of the day you are a very jealous person always wanting to follow other people who have better ideas than you do and yet to claim Jen is a nail art thief. As if you don’t copy other peoples ideas. U obviously cant handle when someone is more successful than you are and so as a result you feel the need to go out of your way to put a stain on her. I don’t care what your opinion is of me I don’t have jealousy issues as you do and it definitely does not become a part of my life as it is with yours. You stooped low enough to write this blog so dont expect people to like what nonsense you have to say. Like I said f you don’t like it then block away its your blog n ur free to do as you wish. but hey I tell it like it is i don’t care how all this sounds to you or anyone else for a matter of fact. Lolllllll lets dub you ZENORAH AKA THE JEALOUS BITCH. Omg I seriously cant stop laughing at this. I hope one day you can learn to accept there will always be another that will be better than you. But can you handle that is the question according to your blog post on Jen it doesn’t look like it. Keep struggling to find your place in this world. But try doing it without envy. With this envy that you contain within yourself for others it will take you no where. ALSO DO YOU THINK JEN WOULD GIVE A DAAAM IF SHE WERE TO READ THIS BULLSHIT THAT YOU WROTE ABOUT HER? WHEN YOUR TALENTED NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU. YOU HAVE NO REAL TALENT DONT BE BASHING THE GIRL JUS BECAUSE SHE HAS TALENT. GOT BORED OF WATCHING YOUR VIDEOS AND UNSUBSCRIBED TO SUCH A HATER LIKE YOURSELF when I read this bullshit.

    • zenorah says:

      You are a sad, angry person. If you ever needed someone to listen to you – feel free to send me an email. I don’t have negativity in my heart I would still help you despite your unstable mental health.

      I’ll end with this, this blog post was about CREDITING BLOGGERS who for example have 10 followers – they posted a wonderful manicure but then had her re-create it without any credit. She’s been doing it for 2 years now – image yourself if you were that blogger…how would you feel? Knowing you behaviour you might go insane.

      So this blog entry is to represent all the smaller bloggers out there that got ripped off – didn’t get their CREDIT. It’s not about talent, it’s about CREDIT.

      And I said I would block you if you used INAPPROPRIATE language not that I would delete your comments because you’re a lunatic, border line sociopath.

      • claire says:

        HAHAHA Zenorah, your comments are killing me. Oh man, I freaking love you!

        For Cayla, she isn’t saying MissJenFabulous isn’t talented. She is just showing that she is stealing other peoples creations that they come up with and taking credit for the nail art she posts when it isn’t really her ideas. She doesn’t state in her videos the original creator of the nail art, nor does she say that in was inspired by someone else’s. She takes full credit for nail art that is exactly like someone else’s.
        And honestly, the postings you have put on this page have just showed everyone who has read your comments how truly immature you are.
        You are free to have your own opinions, just like Zenorah has hers. Some people might agree with you, and others might agree with her, but the way that you say all of your opinions and completely go off on her is so immature.
        Feel free to comment about what you think, but you shouldn’t bash someone else. Especially when you’re bashing her for something she’s not even intending on doing.

    • Claudia says:

      Jesus Christ, for someone who ‘can’t stop laughing at this’ you’ve post a gazillion walls of text that are obviously the nonsensical, bipolar rantings of someone who has no grasp of reality or the English language. OMG I CAN’t STOP LAUGHING AT THIS LOLZ LET ME POST 10 MORE TIMES HOW MUCH I DON’T CARE. UR JUST JELLIS.

      PLEASE go fuck yourself.

    • kura says:

      I am shocked that this vile rant of filth directed at this blogger is supposed to show her that she should treat others better!! You say that Zenorah is jealous of others, that is clearly not so, she obviously respects other artists if she tells the world who she got the idea from in the first place! Your grammer and speech leads me to believe you are either very young or under the influence of illegal substances! Everyone has the right to their opinion (even you), but we all deserve to be treated fairly and descently. You have no right to spew this hate and vile filth toward a person you dont even know, and in my honest opinion if you are going to tell Zenorah she is ugly and talentless, you are a bully and a troll. If you are going to judge people by their looks, not their personality, you are immature and a very callous person at heart.
      I applaud you Zenorah for being so gracious in replying to this person so tactfully, with dignity and not lowering yourself to childish name calling & abuse. Mis Jen obviously has a reason for doing what she does – $$$, but you dont deserve abuse just because you dont believe in her blatant money grabbing venture. You obviously have a lot of support by like minded people and i applaud you for standing up for your principles.

  7. misshollyberries says:

    Wow, I just read all of the comments on this post and i can’t believe how many people would try to call you names for writing this!

    blogging is about being creative and having a space to call your own. some people do it for a creative outlet. some people do it as a side job to supplement their income. some do it simply because they want to connect to other people who have the same interests as them. regardless of why someone chooses to create a blog, ultimately they have the right to write about what they want.

    that is the beauty of the internet. we all have different opinions, upbringings, values, and ideas. if you don’t agree with someone, you also have every right to let them know, but it shouldn’t be a place to be mean.

    you obviously had courage to write your feelings and i totally commend you for that zenorah! if anyone out there doesn’t agree with that, i don’t understand why they have to be cruel. it isn’t about whether or not someone agrees with you, just have the courtesy to be polite in your disagreements. there’s an “x” button at the top of the window for a reason if you don’t agree with someone.

    • zenorah says:

      Thank You so much for this comment Holly!! You’re an amazing friend =) I completely agree with you & I am so happy I wrote it because it needed to be said. It doesn’t bother me if people are lashing out because they are doing so without gathering their information, if they did their research they would find 1000% proof of her not crediting bloggers. Either way the truth will always meet opposition.

  8. Fall Out Nails says:

    Thank you for posting this, I actually found this post by googling “miss jen fabulous steals” because it just seemed so sketchy that she doesn’t come up with anything original! This post was the TOP hit lol. I cannot believe how many ignorant people are hating on you and they obviously don’t know what they are talking about! Nobody wants their original designs stolen, and people questioning you need to put themselves into the talented bloggers’ shoes who have worked hard on their art! You were very informative, gave great examples, and fully answered any question I had! Don’t let the haters get you down! ❤

    • zenorah says:

      Hi hun, thank you so much for your kind words. And i don’t mind people being rude I expected it when I decided to post this article. She recently stole “Chalkboard nails” (blog & instagram name) nail art design & someone on instagram outta her for it – she deleted & blocked that person as well.

      She’s been doing it for 2 years, she got popular based on ripping off bloggers nail art. It’s okay to create a video for it but she doesn’t credit any of them!! I hope bloggers start flagging her stolen nail art videos. Most of her subscribers are nail polish girls so I had to bring this to light.

      I appreciate your support & I am thankful you wrote this comment =)

  9. Reece says:

    People should credit others for work done. I’ve seen her videos she doesn’t EVER mention anyone. I can’t see why someone would post such rude comments but no worries it’s probably some 12 year old kid with a lot more lessons to learn in life.

    When you out yourself out there you have to be able to handle the good and the bad comments. This was a great article! I agree with you.

    • zenorah says:

      Hi Reece,

      Thank you for your kind words, yes she never credits bloggers ever!! In the future every time she posts a video, just type in the nail art in google images and you’ll see all the stolen designs some dating back to 2010-11 & she thinks just because it’s 2 years ago no one will notice.

      And I completely knew this article would receive good & bad because her subscribers are none-the-wiser.

  10. Irene says:

    I cannot believe how many people are insulting you for writing this post. You were not attacking Jen on a personal level in any way.
    I used to be a fan of Jen, but that was before I got into nail art and noticed she was just taking other people’s designs without crediting. I think it’s fine that she does tutorials on common designs (ex. her starfish mani, ikat mani, etc.), but if you are going to directly copy someone else’s work, you should credit them (completely copied Chalkboard Nail’s leopard/striped mani).
    I think the worst part about this ordeal is that Jen readily accepts and responds to comments about her “creativity.” A bit ironic, actually.

    • zenorah says:

      Thank you Irene, I knew posting it would evoke two sets of reactions, the ones who know what I am talking about (like yourself) and the ones who are blind to what she is doing. I use to be fan of hers before the nail art theft as well. And a few nail blogger friends & I were talking about her stealing from Chalkboard nails without any kind of shame. And you are right in that she claims “creativity” on the nail arts. As well, someone told me she goes steps further making accusations that “Cutepolish” on Youtube & others steal from HER??! She has absolutely no character and shamelessly continues to steal without credit. I hope word starts spreading of her mistreatment of nail bloggers.

  11. Andrea says:

    I agree! I did an Instagram post on this. I really wish people would wake up and smell the coffee! She doesn’t deserve all the credit and subscribers that she has!! She’s a theif. I don’t want to air it seem like I’m obsessed with this, but I really want to expose her because she isn’t fair.

  12. sabrina says:

    I also found this post when I googled “missjenfabulous steals” because I love doing nail art and often find that her designs are a blatant rip off of other peoples work
    (Most recently her “Shark Week Nails” Video. Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYrO9hp4Q6Q from Jaunty Juli 11 months ago).

    While I myself use other people’s nail designs, I don’t use their designs on tutorial videos on youtube where I get hundreds of thousands of views and money as a youtube partner. While I think we can all agree that Jen is beautiful and has great style, I believe that she takes advantage of it and really should at least admit that her nail designs are inspired by others. Anyone who actually loves nail art knows that she is not a true original which is a shame because she’s actually quite talented. I have nothing against her personally however, I’m turned off by her dishonesty and insincerity.

    Oh and to all her “fans” that defend her unconditionally… well chances are, they’re 12.

  13. judit1661 says:

    I know this old news for you, but I had to put my 2 cents in. I used to watch MJF until I realized the only comments on her videos she ever replies to are the ones that say how great she is, no other replies ever. I too mentioned to her once when she did a nail tutorial as her own design that I’d seen it a month before on cute polish she blocked and deleted. I always thought too that for someone only 21-22 she looked really old for being so young then I found out she is 28 or 29 which is more what she looks like. But the 12-13 year olds that follow her don’t realize all they are doing is putting money into her pocket. What sheis doing is no different than taking a bloggers photo and saying it is yours.
    Obviously I’m not a fan of hers and I am a fan of yours but that doesn’t mean I know what I know, I see what I see, and my brain cells are fully cooked at my age and some of them are connected, it doesn’t take a genius to see what she is doing.
    The other thing I’ve noticed and this is what made me un-sub months ago, she holds these giveaways, usually for a PR product given to her but then she NEVER announces a winner. So, does she really give them away? I always announce the winner when I close the giveaway. I asked her about it in her blog and she deleted my comment so fast it’d make your head spin, it did mine.
    Anyway, I am going to re-blog this and I hope other nail bloggers do the same. Word needs to get out.
    Thanks Zenorah, I read all our blogs and watch all your videos but thisis the first time I have commented. You’re a doll baby as is Miss Holly Berries!
    Love ya bunches, bffs forever! (Just a little joke there)

    • zenorah says:

      Hi Judy, you are sooooo sweet my friend. Thank you for reblogging it and for agreeing with her lack of class in stealing bloggers nail art ideas and passing them off as her own. I always give credit to people because I know how much it irritates me if someone stole my idea or work and pass it off as their own. Its extremely unfair what she is doing and I needed to let other nail polish gyals know so they can pass on the truth. And I truly want to hug you for all your kind comments, it amazing ladies like yourself that give my online beauty life joy. Lots of love to you!!

  14. Sophie says:

    She has now copied Rosanna from Nerdy Nummies on Youtube with minion cakes from despicable me. Who is she going to copy next?

      • Sophie says:

        You should do, it’s ridiculous that a lot of people still don’t realise what she is doing. I really admire you for putting your point across in this blog, especially with some of the nasty Jen followers having a go because they are blinded by her fake persona. Stick with your views x

  15. Polish girl says:

    She also stole the waterfall nails from The Nailasaurus… Of course, I posted a comment with a link to this post under the video… It was gone in 3 minutes! She is fast! And I really enjoyed reading the comments above – a 10 year old getting angry at you and you practically laughing in her face! Wonder what will happen when she finds out the truth…

    You are amazing BTW 🙂

  16. Nicole says:

    Thanks for this post. I’ve followed her for awhile now and didn’t realize she had no integrity. I teach my children everyday to treat others as you would want to be treated and though I enjoy her work, I wouldn’t continue to support someone who lacks such class so I’ve unsubscribed. Thanks again for bringing it to my attention.

    • sabrina says:

      I’m with you Nicole. I’ve also unsubscribed from her youtube channel and have unfollowed her on my instagram. Its a shame that people can’t see through her phoniness.

  17. Kayla says:

    When I began following nail bloggers (mainly Chalkboard Nails, The Nailasaurus, Kayla Shevonne) I also came across MissJenFabulous. I always thought her nail art was a little sloppy and unoriginal but when I began to watch some of her YouTube videos I was unbelievably surprised by how her “designs” were clearly replicas of others. A couple of months ago I was scrolling through her Instagram, amazed at the amount of followers and likes her posts recieved when I saw an exact replica of a Chalkboard Nails design. I commented on the photo that is looked like Sarah’s design from a couple of years ago and my comment was promptly deleted and I was blocked. It’s understandable that we get inspired by other artist but it’s unacceptable to COPY nail art and claim it as your own and MissJenFabulous has risen to fake by doing just that.

    • jmt says:

      Best Freudian typo ever!

      Agree with the OP and I’ve unfollowed MJF on Twitter. Sick of her RTing of sychophancy anyway, and now I know she’s an art thief? Yeah she can just go away forever. Thanks for drawing my attention to this.

  18. enchuu says:

    To everyone who says this post is the product of jealousy, I encourage you to read and re-read the entire thing until you get the gist of it. As said before by other bloggers and Ms. Zenorah herself, it’s not an attack on MissJenFabulous. Nail art is just like any other form of art; what the artist creates belong to them. Just because it didn’t come from a record studio or a museum doesn’t make it okay to rip it off of whoever made them. Plus, we’re all adults (or getting there). There should at least be some form of honour system hammered into our beings by now.

    • littlemissminecraft says:

      Hmmm, yes. Technically I’m 10, but anyways… I always try not to take sides, but I can’t believe how ignorant people are being! I was a previous fan of Jens, but after doing a fair share of research, I must admit, Zenorah is right. You can’t steal other peoples ideas, but the thing that shocked me most was the deleting and blocking!!! If you look on any of her nail art videos, they ALL are either praise, thanks or the usual “oh, so inspirational Jen, paint my nails for me Jen, in fact, let’s just get married Jen!” Junk. So, on this occasion, Zenorah: 1 MissJenFabulous: 0. XD.
      P.s. Yeah, I really AM 10. I get questioned a lot on WordPress. XD

      • Samantha says:

        Wait wait wait. You’re 10?! Sorry, I know you’re probably sick of that kind of reaction, but wow, you are insanely intelligent and mature for your age. You’re awesome.

      • enchuu says:

        Sorry for the generalization of age on WordPress. That being said, you’re awesome! I haven’t met many 10 year olds like you. 😀 I actually found one comment her new blog, Polish and Pearls. It was on the design she took from Mr. Candiipants with the watercolour flowers, which the commenter pointed out. That was on Thursday, but apparently it’s been deleted since the most recent comment shown was posted on Wednesday. That pretty much confirms where MissJenFabulous’ creativity comes from.

  19. Samantha says:

    Wow, uh, Cayla is either absolutely delusional and in denial, or she’s actually Jen. With the childish, disrespectful way Jen behaves, it wouldn’t surprise me if she made a sockpuppet just to attack you for this post.

    I wanted to add that along with her deleting comments calling her out, she has another practice that really bothers me. See, last time I checked, on all of her videos, the comments are set to moderated, so she has to approve every single one, which means that any comments you see on the videos are ones that she personally approves of and is fine with having on her video. In the midst of the whole Chalkboard Nails/cutepolish thing, I was looking at the comments there and I noticed that she was letting through TONS of comments from people who were trashing Sarah and cutepolish, calling them liars and all sorts of things like that. So not only does she cover up her own crimes, she gladly supports and even encourages her minions to attack any nail artist who dares stand up to her. Disgusting.

    If she weren’t a YouTube partner, I wouldn’t be -quite- as angry about this… but seriously, she has over 300k subscribers (HOW?!) and she is making money off of stolen art. It’s simply not right.

    You know what else? Her nail art is sloppy. Yeah, I said it. I mean, I’m sure there are people who do worse, but her stuff is not good enough to warrant 300k subs. I wonder how many of those she bought? (For those who don’t know, yes, you can do that – illegally buy “fake” subscribers.)

    I wish there were some way to signal boost this whole thing so that we could broadcast it to her entire subscriber base. I wish all 300,000 of them could see it and learn the truth. I’m sure a large chunk of them would go all crazy loyal and attack us like Cayla up there, but I get the feeling plenty of them are just normal polish enthusiasts like the rest of us who ran across her stuff and thought it was okay. Probably people newer to the community who aren’t as familiar with the big names yet and their signature/popular designs, so they just don’t know.

    As a nail artist and blogger, an artist in general, and just a decent human being, seeing all of this makes me so sad. It’s bad enough she’s an art thief with no remorse, but on top of it, add the way she behaves, the way she treats people. If anyone is jealous here, it’s her. She’s jealous of all the creative people. She doesn’t have a creative bone in her body, and she wishes she did. So to make up for it, she takes other people’s art. If she would just own up to it and credit the original artists, things might be a bit different – but that wouldn’t change who she is, and that’s a cold, sad person with no empathy or compassion.

    • sabs says:

      Hi Samantha,
      I had to comment because your post reminded me of something. A few months back, Jen posted a picture of her nail art on someone else’s page (one of those random fashion/nails/makeup accounts for tweens). She was totally up in arms because apparently they used her picture and didn’t give her credit. She had her whole MissJenFugliness army attack this person and leave them threatening comments and instructed them all to report this person. She truly sadistic.

  20. Aubree says:

    If you have watched a lot of bloggers as you said you have then you would know that a lot of them don’t give credit to anyone. Also everyone gets ideas from everyone else. I know you said it is not an attack but I just felt the need to say this. I am sorry if it sounds rude it is not meant to be rude just my opinion.

  21. Alex says:

    She never said her videos were hers!!! So leave her alone and ur not trying to be rude, position something where millions of people can see and read will pretty much kill her channel!!! That has RUDE and SELFISH written all over it!!

    • Sophie says:

      Aren’t you naive. She makes out they are her own ideas by deleting comments that say that she’s copied as she wants people to believe she’s so creative. She also gets her fans to attack the people that she has copied off and then has the audacity to say that they’ve copied off her! Learn your facts sweetie.

  22. scottishlass10 says:

    I don’t think I know who this person is but not giving credit is not acceptable! I do nail art designs (not frequently as I’m mainly a swatch blogger) and I always google to see if anyone else has done it so I can give them credit. If I even *think* I might not have come up with it entirely and I don’t find anything on a search, I ask readers to let me know so I can add credit.

    The thing that gets me is that by crediting, it only HELPS BOTH BLOGGERS! Unless you want people to think YOU are the only one worthy of following and I don’t think that’s true for anyone. Link love is beneficial for both sides.

    The only exception is if it’s such a common design that there’s no way to tell who “thought of it first” – like candy cane nails around Christmas. Everyone does them. But I would do my own version of it and not “copy” another design and if I did, I’d give credit.

  23. Marie says:

    I love Cutepolish, I was also watching Jen for awhile (among many others; I’m a licensed nail tech by trade, I get a lot of my inspiration online). Cutepolish released a dreamcatcher inspired design which was incredibly cute, lo and behold a couple of weeks later Jen had released a *drumroll* … dreamcatcher nail design as well. I immediately unsubscribed and unliked her, then I decided to Google “Missjenfabulous copies other nail designs”, , quite a bit popped up.

    As I said, my career is in nails, I have never, nor will I ever blatantly COPY someone elses work and claim it as my own. When a client has brought in an internet photo of a design they like, I try to convince the client to let me change it up a bit. If they don’t want me to, I always ALWAYS find out who the original artist was to credit them where it is due before posting anything online.

    The sad part is that nothing will change unless the vloggers and bloggers she is plagiarizing do something about it themselves with higher authority other than simply posting a comment on her various social media pages, which clearly does nothing other than cause her fans to come to pages like this one in an absolute blood rage.

    • Samantha says:

      Unfortunately the likelihood of anyone actually taking legal action against her is very low, because the cost of legal proceedings alone would make it basically not worth the effort. The only way that might happen is if she steals from a REALLY big name that actually has the money to go after her.

  24. Colleen says:

    I only read through a handful of the comments here and clearly all these people hating are not nail bloggers and do not understand what it feels like to have the work you’ve spent so much time on stolen with no credit given. I completely agree with you and I too have known about Miss Jen Fabulous poor behavior and disrespect to the nail community. She would be much more liked if she would just credit those people’s designs and join our awesome community instead of trying to crush it.

    It’s not about the followers or popularity. Something you’ve spent hours doing and take so much pride in and someone else comes along and completely steals it with no mention of you and actually makes money off it, it’s disappointing and disrespectful.

    We need to support one another, not steal from them.

    • zenorah says:

      Hi Colleen, you are right, we need to support one another to prevent stealing! I will be making a video to accompany this blog post on my Youtube channel in the next week. She recently stole from a very sweet nail polish addict instagram account.

  25. Leslie K says:

    This is probably the best blog post I have ever read. I’ve known Jen has been doing this for yrs. I wish I would have read this when it was written. Sorry but I was cracking up by all of the ignorance in the comments. Can’t believe people would cut you down for having an opinion. If Jen had stolen something from these commenters I don’t think they would be so hasty to defend her. I appreciate you writing this and standing up for what you believe. I wish all of the people she stole designs from would disclose this information to the People at YouTube. It’s not right that she is making money off of others designs.
    Much love

    • zenorah says:

      Thank you Leslie!! I knew this blog post would receive positive & negative attention & I was prepared for both, unlike the Nail Art Thief I didn’t want to delete comments because people are entitled to their opinion & I wanted to give freedom of speech. And since this post she as increased her nail art theft perhaps to brag that she is getting away it with no penalty. I will be making a Youtube video about this blog in a week on my beauty channel.

  26. Marii says:

    Hi! I landed here because of @snowglobe’s IG….pheeeew!!! That Cayla IS for sure MissJen!!! LOL
    I don’t think any fan would defend her like that, that must’ve been her! She got really angry that she couldn’t delete this post LOL!!
    Cheers to you Zenorah for not being afraid and posting this! What she does is definitely not fair. Unfortunately, there are so many people like her…I have seen FB accounts with thousands of followers all with blurred watermarks…it’s sad how people can’t give credit where credit is due!

    • Samantha says:

      Blurred watermarks? Yikes. What’s REALLY sad about that is the fact that none of the people following those pages realizes that everything is stolen even though it’s so obvious… or, worse yet, they can tell it’s stolen but they don’t care. I’m really sick of people being so nonchalant about art theft. Every time I have a run-in with an art thief I tell my mom about it and she doesn’t understand what the big deal is. She says things like “just ignore them, it doesn’t matter.” Part of the reason she has this attitude is that it’s not MY art being stolen, it’s someone else’s, so in her eyes I should just let them take care of it. But no. In order to take someone like this down, we need to be able to intimidate them. Our community needs to come together and stand against these thieves. And of course those of us with any heart are going to do anything we can to back up and support the poor artists that are having their art stolen.

    • zenorah says:

      Hi Marii, thank you for all your kind words, I knew this post would receive love & hate but it was important to tell the truth hoping others would notice as well & I am thankful everyone is catching on! Please tell me of the sweet individual that instagrammed my blog post, I would like to message him/her to say THANK YOU =)

      • Marii says:

        It was Megan from @snowglobenails . She has done a lot of work reporting on IG accounts that don’t give credit to artists. Also @justricarda reposted it. 🙂

  27. Eva says:

    Hi Zenorah, I’ve never visited your blog before, came across it through the Lucy’s Stash facebook page. I just wanted to say that I can imagine that people get angry because of your blog post. After all, this feels like a post about how badly Jen behaves. Even though you mention that ” this is NOT to bash her on a personal level but simply to point out something I have been noticing for a very long time…” it does feel like you are bashing her when you read the blog post. I don’t really like that you pay this much attention to what exactly Jen is doing (what blogs she copied, that she is a repeat offender, that she deletes comments etc.)- but I think it’s great that you point out that people shouldn’t be using other peoples nail art ideas without crediting them. I think that is your main point and it just got lost in all the other bad things Jen did. I think other people give you very rude comments, you absolutely do not deserve that, you are just warning the nail art bloggers. Thank you for that!

    • Jessica W. says:

      It’s important to provide proof to what Zenorah is saying though. Otherwise people would come in droves to say “Well, you don’t have any proof that she is doing all this.” Jen is behaving badly, and should be called to account for that.

  28. Natula says:

    I just started getting into nail art this past spring. Have a nice little set-up in my spare bedroom, I used her tutorials as an inspiration to figure out how to do various nail art tricks. After reading this, I have un-subscribed from her posts. What I have noticed more and more about her is the cockiness of her videos. She wears too much makeup and talks way too much. I remember reading that she got posted in a magazine this past summer and the little mermaid design won her votes to win a contest or something like that. Now that I have some idea about the nail art community, this post was worth the read and is inspiring to see. Thank you for the post!

  29. Robin says:

    I really want to thank you for writing this blog post. I got so sad by reading all of the mean comments on your post. It’s amazing how calmly you can respond to them, I really admire you for that and by not loosing your cool when people call you names (why do they feel the need for that anyway?) you prove that you are definitely the bigger person.

    It’s so strange how some people start attacking you on a personal level, when crediting nail art (or any other art, for that matter) is just a very basic thing everyone should do. I’ve also heard some things before about MJF being a nail art thief, but before reading the comments here I never realised how loyal her followers are or how naive some people can be – not seeing the truth when they are presented with clear facts. I’m not one to make quick judgements, but I’ve read too much about this topic and seen too much evidence to ignore the facts.

    I just really felt the need to post this, because I want you to know that there are so many people out there who feel exactly the same way as you do and I wanted to show you my support. Great job.

  30. JDaniels says:

    You say… “it was NOT an attack on her personally” yet you post a link to another blog that has ” Some steamy photos (and random embarrassing photos) of her popped up around the Internet ”

    How is that NOT personal?

    Shame on you! And btw the way, anyone who thinks those photos are “embarrassing photos” is a twit… if I looked that good I’d post photos like that LOL

    Jealousy is a curse Sweetie and so unbecoming… give it a rest… nobody cares.

  31. Taylor Valentine says:

    I haven’t seen a lot of your work but what I have seen I love. The negative comments I’ve seen on this post are mostly grammar lacking and immature. The way you handle these people is amazing and I adore your ability to deal with these ruthless disgusting children that will follow anyone with an attractive face. I wish I had your patience! But anyways I’m glad that someone has finally pointed this problem out. If it means anything I believe that you are a gorgeous , fabulous, talented, woman that is not afraid to speak her mind. Good luck in life and my prayers go out to these thick headed children.

  32. Kristen says:

    You would think that she would stop copying other designs now that so much attention has been brought to it but I guess she just doesn’t get it. Its so sad that very talented people who just want to share their art with other people have to deal with seeing THEIR design that THEY thought of and THEY created being marketed as someone else’s design. She obviously doesn’t just “forget” to credit people, she knows what she is doing. I’m sure nail bloggers love when others recreate their designs and share it with them, but this is not the kind of “recreating” bloggers want. This really is stealing. And MissJenFabulous is getting away with it. Many of her followers are oblivious to it. On the video where she copies Chalkboard Nails’ leopard print and stripes design, some people comment and say “oh, how original, I love it, do more of these designs”. Sadly, they don’t understand that she CAN’T do more designs similar to those unless someone else does it first. And may I also add that her representations are very sloppy and far worse than the originals. I don’t know how the praise she gets for these designs can make her feel good since they aren’t even her designs.

    As for those who are saying that we being bitches for attacking her… Umm… Aren’t you attacking us now? And saying that Zenorah is jealous sor posting this is just. Plain. Stupid. Seriously? Obviously Miss Jen is the jealous one. I, too, would be sad if I had absolutely no creativity in my own mind whatsoever and I would envy those who could think of amazing nail designs so easily. However I wouldn’t go so far as to sit down and make a full tutorial that someone else has already created just so people would think I thought of a nail design. As others have stated, many of us are only commenting on her morals. Not her herself. Although, she kinda seems like a lying, stealing, selfish person to me because of her actions. And yeah, I know I sound like a bitch now, but sometimes that’s what it takes to get through to someone. People have tried being nice and polite, but she just plain doesn’t get it.

    I have much more to say about this topic, and I know that MissJenFaboulous (narcissistic name btw…) is not the only nail art thief out there, but if the nail art community teams up and takes them down one at a time, well than that is one less person to steal our designs. What she is repeatedly doing is NOT OK and the nail art community should not just stand by and let her get away with this. If we really wanted to get nasty with this, bloggers could team us and all post nails with the words “copy this Jen” on them. Just a thought… But I would love to see it happen

    • Samantha says:

      I think a huge part of the reason so many of our comments here about Jen are angry/”bitchy” is that we have a lot of pent up rage about it, because she wouldn’t ALLOW us to speak about it (ridiculously vigilant patrol and censorship of all of her social media). We finally have a centralized, popular blog post where we can discuss it freely, so we’re letting it all out.

      No, she isn’t the only one out there, but she’s certainly the most popular and most successful one. I think the worst part of all of it is that she makes MONEY off of her blatant art theft.

      I LOVE the “copy this Jen” idea, omg! I haven’t updated my blog in ages but if someone organized a MJF protest nail art day I would totally participate.

  33. JDaniels says:

    Please explain to me how can anyone accurately give “credit” to anyone else for a nail art design?

    Let me put forward a scenario, if you will…

    Let’s say I post a design and credit “Jane Doe @ wherever” for creating the design, meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, “Jane Doe” copied that design from “Jill Smith @ somewhere else” who in turn copied it from “My Own Designs @ yet another place”…

    You see where I am going here?

    I don’t know how many times while searching the web for ideas and inspiration I have seem the exact same designs in nail art, some claim to have created the design, some don’t say either way, they are just putting it out there.

    Until the nail art community starts copyrighting individual ‘artists’ designs it’s all open slather and everything is free game IMO and if you don’t want your designs “stolen” don’t share them, keep them to yourself and limit your admirers to people that see your nails in real life… you might remember that if you are a nail art blogger who is not making any money from this what do you get from “credit” given to you? An ego boost? Think about why you need an ego boost from strangers telling you how wonderful and talented you are? What do you lose by “credit” not given? Does your ego take a hit that someone else is getting praise for your creation? If that’s the case, I think perhaps therapy is the answer.

    I still feel a lot of the criticism level at Miss Jen (and others) IS based on jealousy (you wish you had her following)… the reason she is so popular is her designs are easy to follow and recreate… for those that feel her nail art is sloppy or less than professional… that’s the whole point and the big attraction for me… I am not a professional, I have been doing my own nails for over 30 years (yes, I am THAT old!) I have never had a professional manicure in my life. I was taught in High School everything I needed to know about manicures, pedicures, makeup, skin care and grooming in general (I went to an awesome High School LOL) and have been doing my nails myself ever since.

    To be honest I loathe many designs put forward by the “professionals” IMO there are often “tacky”, overdone and look… garish… to be frank, a lot look like “hooker nails” LOL I am speaking of the more intricate, complex designs… not my cup of tea.

    I prefer a simple method, a simple design I can recreate quickly with my limited ability… that is the “market” Miss Jen appeals to.

    You have to understand that from the point of view of many of her “fans” all Miss Jen is doing is sharing relatively easy to recreate designs, presented in a fun and easy to follow way. Try Googling “Nail Art” and see who comes up, I believe Miss Jen is in the top three results. Does she pay to have that happen? I have no idea… Perhaps… but it begs the question…why don’t you if you are so bent out of shape about it?

    Bottom line, it’s NAIL ART, it’s temporary, it lasts a week if you are lucky and/or good and have a job that doesn’t wreck your manicure.

    IMO Miss Jen and others who share nail art designs are not stealing anything… otherwise you could call the police and have her charged with theft… since you cannot the claim that she is stealing is just plain silly IM(ever-so-humble)O.

    • Robin says:

      Hi. Your comment is quite long, so I will address the several things you say separately.

      Firstly: you are right in saying that when people say MJF’s nail art is sloppy, or that she wears too much make-up or whatever, it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t contribute to the main point, namely that she is stealing designs. But, like the person above your own comment says: “I think a huge part of the reason so many of our comments here about Jen are angry/”bitchy” is that we have a lot of pent up rage about it, because she wouldn’t ALLOW us to speak about it (ridiculously vigilant patrol and censorship of all of her social media).” But what you are saying about your high school of about how you find many professional manicures tacky, also really isn’t the point here. Hooker nails or not, it’s all a matter of perspective and taste.

      Secondly: you are wrong in stating that it isn’t theft. What you are saying, that “otherwise you could call the police and have her charged with theft… since you cannot the claim that she is stealing is just plain silly”, really isn’t accurate – one might even say that that claim is “just plain silly”. There are other sorts of theft than the ones we all know (also, than the only one you seem to know). It isn’t as if MJF breaks into someone’s house and steals their television and jewelry and they can call the police, but it is still theft. Because there is something called intellectual property. Now, that is a very difficult law, and I don’t know everything about it, so you – or anyone – please correct me if I’m wrong (also: I think this law varies in different countries). But this intellectual property really comes down to the fact that when you create something – a poem, a drawing, a painting – you have the intellectual rights to it. You designed it. And when someone else recreates that drawing or painting without saying that it isn’t their own design but yours, then they are stealing.
      Also, when you say: “Until the nail art community starts copyrighting individual ‘artists’ designs it’s all open slather and everything is free game”, that really isn’t accurate. People automatically have the right over a design they made – you don’t need to do anything to obtain this right, you just have it.

      Thirdly: you apparently feel that nail art isn’t really worth anything. But why do you feel this? Because it’s only temporary? Honestly, I feel that is a very weak defense of your claim. That nail art is “only temporary” doesn’t mean that people can just go ahead and steal your designs. Plus: the picture people take of their designs isn’t temporary at all. So the how short- or long-lived a nail art design is, doesn’t mean a thing here.

      Fourthly: you say that we are all jealous of MJF. In a previous comment you made, somewhere above here, you say: “Jealousy is a curse Sweetie and so unbecoming… give it a rest… nobody cares.” But we all say we aren’t jealous of MJF. And more importantly: that really isn’t the point here. It just isn’t. And a lot of people do care: Zenorah’s video has been watched 15.846 times now – I wouldn’t exactly say that nobody cares – and by the amount of comments on her blogpost here, I wouldn’t really say that “nobody cares”. Of course, from the point of view of her fans she seems great – easy and fun nail art with tutorials. But we are not attacking her fans. Again: not the point here.

      Fifth: you are right in saying that it is sometimes very difficult to credit someone. And of course, sometimes people can come up with the same design without having been inspired by each other. But: that really isn’t the point here. The point is that this one person, MJF, has been stealing people’s designs for a long time, without crediting them. When someone then comments on her tutorial or blog of whatever, (nicely) saying ‘Oh, isn’t this “insert name”s design?”, she deletes that comment. So you can’t say that MJF doesn’t credit because she doesn’t know who to credit. She knows very well whose design she is recreating. Of course other people are recreating designs as well without crediting, but that is also wrong. The argument you give her to support your claim, isn’t a real argument.

      Six: you feel that it’s our own fault when someone copies our design without credit. Do you also feel it is (to just pick someone) Van Gogh’s own fault when someone copies his sunflowers and sells them to some unknowing person, thinking these sunflowers are the thief’s own creation? Van Gogh just shouldn’t have gotten famous. It’s like saying that it’s a girl’s own fault when she gets harassed by someone – she just shouldn’t have been wearing that short skirt. The thing you say about getting an ego boost, is also totally irrelevant. Why does it matter why someone wants to get credit for a design they made? Do you feel the same way about this when, for example, a music band makes a song and then another band uses the same guitar chords in their own song without saying the first band created it? And when the band complains that the other band stole their guitar chords, do you also feel that they are doing it just to get an ego boost?

      Then, what I want to say lastly: you seem to write coherently and present well thought out arguments, and by saying ‘in my opinion’ a lot of times you make it seems like you are, indeed, just giving your own opinion. So it’s a lot harder to try and see through your arguments, because you are not screaming “you stupid bitch you are just jealous” at us.
      However, I don’t think you are only stating your opinion here: you are pressing your opinion onto us, and people who don’t agree with what you say are being presented as mentally ill people (you think “perhaps therapy is the answer” when we complain about MJF, because we are of course all doing it for an ego boost) or as just jealous people (“Jealousy is a curse Sweetie and so unbecoming… give it a rest… nobody cares.”). The people complaining here are not delusional and not jealous. They are just very sick of people stealing designs when they are not getting credit for it. Don’t judge what you think people can do with our designs – they are our designs, so we are the ones who can say whether we don’t mind others recreating it or we do. You might not think stealing nail art designs is a big deal, but please, allow us to have the opinion it IS.

      • JDaniels says:

        Your comment is also quite long, so I will address the several things you say separately too.

        I never said she wears too much make up, don’t know where you got that from. I did admit that from a professional’s viewpoint her designs and execution may not be up to par … IMO for the little old lover of doing their own nails it’s just fine.
        The point about my opinion that many “professional” designs looks worthy of hooker nails is MY opinion (which if you are entitled to yours, I am entitled to mine) and why I steer clear of the ‘so-called’ professional nail artist designs. I prefer simpler, easier, less complex designs such as those Miss Jen creates/recreates.

        My understanding of “intellectual property rights” is just fine… my question was… if the design is not copyrighted how in the heck does ANYONE (much less Miss Jen) KNOW who “created” it in the first place? There is NO WAY to tell, date stamping of blog entries means little as the picture MAY have been taken at a different time and only posted on that date. There simply is NO WAY to accurately credit the original designer unless the ‘nail art community’ do something and start copyrighting their designs.

        Try this scenario… Miss Jen heeds your protests and starts crediting the original designer… then along comes “Jill Smith” (from my scenario above) and cries foul because that is HER design? How is anyone to KNOW? As far as I can see it’s safest to say nothing than to give credit to the wrong person… you all seem so touchy on the subject there’d be lynchings!

        If nail art is worth so much to YOU… pay the money and copyright your designs.

        OK, fair point, I was wrong… yes… WRONG! Some people do care about it… I am just not one of them…. again I say if you are all so outraged, register as professional association and regulate it yourselves.

        Fifthly: (is that even a word? LOL)
        You said “you are right in saying that it is sometimes very difficult to credit someone. And of course, sometimes people can come up with the same design without having been inspired by each other. But: that really isn’t the point here.”

        Um… that is EXACTLY the point! See my scenario above.

        The fact that Miss Jen deletes comments on her own FB page, blog, whatever… Ummm… it’s HER page… doesn’t SHE “own” the rights to it, if only editorial rights?

        # Six: (‘cos I’m darn sure “Sixthly” is NOT a word LOL)
        I’ll leave the Van Gogh comment alone only because the response is so obvious… as to the song stealing reference… LOL Google “kookaburra sits in the old gum tree” legal battle and yes I assure you I am well aware of what is right and wrong… legally. The difference is songs are generally copyright protected… as far as I am aware, nail art is not.

        Lastly: (thank the Lord we’ve stopped with the numbers LOL)
        This IS all only my opinion, I am not “pressing” my opinion onto anyone, merely expressing it (and I will remind everyone… it is worth exactly what you have paid for it)

        I apologise if the inference of jealousy was misplaced.

        Truly I do.

        I guess it’s because I could see no other reason for such outrage as is expressed here and other places regarding this.

        We are going to have to agree to disagree on the “stealing” of nail art designs… I just don’t see it that way. I could agree that if anyone posted your photos of your work and passed it off as their own… that would be ‘outrage worthy’…. But to see a design, recreate it and post it for others to copy… nope… I just don’t get the outrage.


        FWIW, I wore a water marble design I ‘recreated’ from a rather well known nail artist, I got many compliments about it… even one from a real live Hollywood actor –yes, I said “actor”… go figure, he likes to paint his nails LOL- when he asked questions about them and asked where I got the idea from, I directed him to the artist’s you tube channel.

        My final point in the whole matter is, if you love nail art you should want it to be shared, not hoarded. It’s like someone complimenting you on a recipe and then not sharing it (or worse… changing the ingredients so no one can make it as well as you)

        Giving credit where credit is due is all well and good… but until there is some way of determining WHO is truly entitled to that ‘credit’… it’s all such a waste of time, there are so many more important things in this world to be outraged about and I for one will expend no further time, effort or energy over this.

        • zenorah says:

          Hi JDaniels, you make valid points but what a lot of nail art bloggers and lovers like myself have been trying to make is – WE ALL HAVE contacted her a plethora of times (countless actually) to say, “hey you recreated my design would be nice to get some credit“. Therefore, designers are highlighting themselves & voluntarily coming to HER when she should have credited them in the first place to receive their credit.
          Instead she deletes & blocks EVERYONE including her fans. You would be no different even if you were polite in asking her the simplest question regarding this matter. The point is simple, she does not create these ideas, she gets paid for recreating it (recreation is not the issue), however when you are trying to BLIND your audience to the ORIGINAL artist, that is very unethical.
          Blogging is FREE, everyone loves to share their creations, at the VERY LEAST they should get THEIR credit. It`s her personality of pretending the nail art community does not exist while she steals their art work & pretends she is 100% innocent about it & worst yet, she has no issues turning on her OWN fans regarding the issue..

          If you doubt me – please leave a comment or video or her instagram, you shall join everyone in being deleted or blocked even though you are NEUTRAL to the situation.

        • Robin says:

          Okay, here I go again:

          Firstly, you misunderstood my comment about “wearing too much make-up”. I never said that it was you who said MJF or Zenorah or whoever was wearing too much make-up. When I said “you are right in saying that when people say MJF’s nail art is sloppy, or that she wears too much make-up or whatever, it doesn’t matter.”, I was referring to the other people who feel saying MJF wears too much make-up is an argument in this nail art debate. So I actually agree with you on that point.
          Then, you said you didn’t think that it was an argument to say that MJF’s designs are sloppy. Something to which I agree. But: you use this argument yourself in your comment, saying that you like MJF because she has simple designs and other nail artists have hookerish nails. That’s what I wanted to point out.

          Then: a design doesn’t have to be copyrighted. Like I said, the creator automatically has the rights to it. But the argument you give here isn’t an argument at all to defend not crediting where credit is due. The point is that you have to credit to where you yourself got the design from. If that person you got the design from, hasn’t credited the original person herself, well then he/she is in the wrong, but not you. So: if everyone would credit, there wouldn’t be a problem (I know, ideal world right, but we can at least try). You can’t defend not crediting because one bad or dishonest person doesn’t credit (which is what you are doing here). I know that some people will still be dishonest and not credit, but I don’t feel that that is a reason to just not credit at all. So yes, I stand by my “you are right in saying that it is sometimes very difficult to credit someone. And of course, sometimes people can come up with the same design without having been inspired by each other. But: that really isn’t the point here.” Because I meant that it wasn’t an argument to stop crediting altogether.

          Thirdly: I don’t have to pay money, because the design is automatically mine. I don’t mind if people recreate it – like everyone else here – as long as credit is given (see above: just give credit to where you yourself got it from).

          Fourthly: excuse me for not being a native English speaker and not knowing that “fifthly” isn’t a word. It used to be a word though, if you are curious. Same goes for “sixthly”, says the Oxford English Dictionary – yes, I looked it up now because I was curious.

          Then, since “fifthly” isn’t a commonly used word anymore, I’ll just say “next”:
          I never said MJF couldn’t delete any comments on her page. Of course she can, it’s her page like you said. But what I was saying in my earlier comment referred back to what you said about “not knowing who to credit”. To me, it seemed like you were saying that maybe MJF didn’t know who to credit – so that’s why I commented that she did know, because people left comments on her videos.
          (also: now you are concerned with rights, when you don’t care about the rights someone has to a nail art design?)

          Next: I appreciate you apologizing for saying we’re all jealous. We are all just standing up for something we believe is right.
          You can still feel that stealing nail art designs is okay (or feel it’s not stealing), you are of course entitled to your own opinion. The main thing I wanted to point out with my earlier comment is that you were not right in saying that “it’s not stealing because you can’t call the police”. I just wanted to say that it is legally considered stealing.

          It’s great that you pointed that actor to the one that gave you inspiration for the water marble design. But if you do that, then why don’t you feel that others should point to whoever gave them the inspiration for their nail design as well – even though they might be big Youtube nail artists?
          Like I said earlier, a lot of people are willing to stand up for this and fight for this cause. You might not feel it is worth it, but we do. Of course there are many other important things in the world, and I’m outraged or saddened about them as well, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t important, or that people are not allowed to feel this is important.

    • sabrina says:

      JDaniels, you are missing the point entirely. Its not a legal issue. Its a moral issue. She’s making money passing off designs as her own KNOWINGLY. She’s intentionally hiding this fact by deleting and blocking anyone who says a word against her. That, IMO, is malicious in nature and shows a content of character I COULD NEVER respect. So design style aside, she’s an asshole.

      Also, the nail art community is not the only art community affected by this. check out this article. http://imakeshinythings.tumblr.com/post/5855716317/not-cool-urban-outfitters-not-cool

      I don’t think MissJen is as innocent as you give her credit for. We all know she’s pretty and has great nail beds, yada yada blah blah blah but think of it this way…If you were an artist (music, painting, nails, etc.) and ran a small social media site that allowed you to present your artwork and express your creativity, would you not take personal offense catching someone else with a carbon copy of your art? Then to add insult to injury, that same person claimed YOU STOLE FROM THEM, made MONEY off your design, had hundreds of thousands of compliments/likes/youtube hits, etc.? All the while your sitting at home thinking of your next great design knowing in the back of your mind, it might wind up being hers?

      Fuck that.

  34. jackiee says:

    i have followed missjenfabulous for a while now, and i had no idea she stole those good designs. i think you are right credit should be given i just feel bad that i looked at her designs and wanted to recreate them all the time thinking it was her original design you know. sorry about that..

    • annoniem says:

      I follow her on Instagram right now but, after reading this blog and all of the comments. I am not sure if i will stay following her… I liked her designs very much, especially the nail art for beginners…. So i think i will unfollow her immediately, because if she stole the designs and gave no credits… I don’t want to follow a person who steals nail designs, because she can’t come up with them herself!!

  35. Morgan says:

    i just lost all respect I had of her. I had no idea that she stole those or I would have never done it. I have wondered if she could come up with all of the designs by herself. she was my inspiration. but now everything has changed. this wouldn’t have happened if she just gave credit. this is Playjerism. this is not right and it need to stop!!! at first I was thinking why would she do that but now its clear… she has copied all of these people with zero credit!!!!! this is a beautiful girl that just now I absolutely hate. when I first herd of it I was going to ignore it, but im glad that I read and watched it all. im always here if anyone wants me to research any other designs just let me know 🙂

  36. Shauna says:

    I am so relieved I came across this post today. I have my own blog and had planned to do a post about some of the fun nail art designs I’ve been sporting this holiday season. I’m fairly new to nail art and have been following MJF’s designs, not knowing that she plagiarizes them from other artists.

    Every time I’ve done one of her designs, I’ve linked back or tagged her as the inspiration. I’m feeling rather nauseous that I may have inadvertently slighted the original artist of one of the designs.

    I will still do my post, but will be sure to do a much more thorough search for design origins. Also, since I’ve posted some designs in the past which I have credited to her, I will be sure to add a disclaimer that previously credited designs might not be original to her.

    Thank you for sharing this information. I was one of her followers who was not aware of the issue and appreciate having my eyes opened.


  37. Kelly says:

    So eloquent and well researched, Zenorah! Thank you.

    For people who don’t do nail designs or haven’t been ripped off by MissJenFabulous, think of the situation like this: You’re at work in a team meeting and your boss has been asking for ideas for some project. You’ve thought long and hard, and developed an idea you are really excited to share. However, when you speak, only the person next to you hears you. She then turns to the team, says everything you just said (nearly word for word) and the team erupts in cheers and your boss pats her on the back, congratulating her on her creativity and skill. She even gets a bonus and promotion for being so innovative. How would you feel? Are you telling me you wouldn’t be bothered to receive no credit, no accolades, no bonus for your idea and work?

    Yes, this is “just” nail art. However, opportunities like magazine features, blogger contests/awards, sponsorships, jobs, appearances, and view/reader counts are on the line. Real nail artists who work very hard to create their designs are working hard to make a name for themselves and Jen is getting accolades and opportunities that are not merited by stealing real artists’ ideas. Then she has the audacity to encourage (mostly) young girls/”fans” to start attacking anyone who speaks out against what she has done. If she didn’t know it was wrong, she wouldn’t respond this way. She wouldn’t need to delete comments and block everyone who speaks out.

    • Kimberley says:

      Oh wow, if only I could instagram that very situation to try to explain to ANYONE that defends what she does… very well said!! I’m sure they’d have nothing to say in response to that.

  38. Carly says:

    I assume that many of the people who love Jen haven’t had their nail designs stolen by her. She is actually a huge blundering idiot in her tutorials, but no one asked me. Haha!

  39. Hkayc says:

    Wow, you girls are real mature. Calling zenorah a bitch, ugly, and a liar? What the hell? Are you all still in high school? (Oh wait…yea probably) the proof is right in fucking front of you. You worship a nail art theif. There is NO need for name calling. Grow up! Get over it! She’s a theif! The end. Thanks for the post zenorah. The world needs to know. Don’t listen to those girls who call you names. They get a thrill of it to defend their nail queen who doesn’t care about them.

  40. aly says:

    Seriously, and this is the end of the world because. Ok I’m just going to say this. Ya’ll are just mad because no one wants to pay you to do your nails. There I said it. Ya” are just a bunch of hateful girls that really need to just get over it and grow up. What is this high school. MissJen is awesome at what she does and she has made a name for herself. So am I supposed to believe that the so call people that “created ” the designs do you really believe that “they” created them. And she never says “this is my design” not once. Zenorha I have seen the ” nail art” you do and it is ugly! yuck!!!! Seriously grow the fuck up….oh I bet you will delete my post…..lol

  41. Kyra Forsyth says:

    Did u ever think that she doesn’t give credit because she doesn’t know who created it or the fact that she NEVER says that she created them

    So you can’t be mad at someone for doing what they love it isn’t easy coming up with good ideas that’s why you look online to and use the pics you saw but change them up a little that’s what lots of people do

    • Marissa says:

      Except when the original creators contact her politely informing her that they’re her designs, she doesn’t say “Oh sorry, let me credit you.” She blocks them and deletes any comment that refers to the original design. That’s how you know she wants the credit for other people’s designs.

    • Samantha says:

      Here’s the big problem with that claim: she DOES know where the designs come from, because people point it out, and then she chooses to delete the comments to cover it up. She is deliberately trying to cover up the fact she stole the designs. She then lets through comments from her minions bashing the original artist. How can you POSSIBLY defend that kind of behavior?

      • sabrina says:

        Don’t ya know Samantha? According to Kyra its REALLLLY hard to be unique, creative and have a mind of your own. Why try creating something based on your own ideas when you can just copy everyone else’s, claim it as your own, make money off it, and dupe all of your mindless minions into believing you have even one iota of talent.

        The truth is is that if I copy someone else’s design no one is going to care because I don’t have half a million subscribers but MissJen is knowingly doing something deceptive and CONTINUES to do it. She’s a real C U Next Tuesday.

  42. deandra g says:

    thank you sooo much for posting the blog and video!!! plagiarism is never right!1 anytime you use someone’s work as quote “inspiration” ( which in this case is down right copying) the person that you got your inspiration from should be given credit

  43. Rogue says:

    I’m getting tired of reading comments on here and You Tube of people defending this thief by saying “she never says it’s hers in her video.” To those people I say, “do you not realize that is intentional? That, by not stating anything it gives the complete implication that she did design it?” If you read her comment section, the majority of people think she has come up with them and I don’t see her stating otherwise in reply to those comments when she knows she hasn’t.

    The reason people will assume it is hers is societal. Morals and ethics as directed by society as a whole has taught us what is right and wrong morally and ethically in a wide variety of mediums of this world, including art and many forms of it, so people will automatically think it is hers regardless because society has taught us it is right to give credit where credit is due and we will assume without much thought that if we do not hear otherwise the person broadcasting is the originator of a concept. I am not an artist by profession and I know what is morally and ethically wrong in this situation, again, because society has taught us ALL what is morally and ethically correct.

    The worst by far has got to be her magazine publication of someone else’s work of Ariel the mermaid inspired nail art; a magazine such as InStyle would have asked a person if this is their original design/ are they the creator of it before publishing and she must have told them it was. (Though InStyle must not do thorough research as a magazine should on such things obviously) and I would encourage the actual creator to either contact that magazine or to seek legal advice on that one especially. You Tube needs to shut her down too because they are “crazy” over anyone copying things without credit like music and this is just the same!

    As well, I have started doing my own nail art on myself and thoroughly enjoy it. It is definitely not easy, and so, I also am disliking the comments of “it’s just nail art.” Art is art whether on paper, sculpting, MUSIC, or nail, and etc. it is beautiful and requires skill and feels great to accomplish it and it’s challenges it presents. It doesn’t matter if it goes away in a week, that is what pictures are for and you can always redo a past design of yours again one day. I take pictures of mine to remember it. It’s not something I would dismiss as a fruitless venture and to not be upset about if it was stolen from me in which the person was getting paid for it, that is the big problem, she is getting paid for it and not crediting the artists who are coming TO her to tell her, “this is my design, can you give me some credit?” I would be LIVID.

    I am glad Zenorah has opened my eyes to this. I was a big fan of MJF until I found out the truth, I cannot respect or support people of such low integrity!

    Lastly, these people who are exposing her are not jealous at all, they have been stolen from. Anyone who has had something stolen from them knows how it feels; you feel violated and that is such a horrible feeling I do not wish on anyone. It is not a joke and they shouldn’t be attacked for seeking some sort of help to the situation.

    • Rogue says:

      I meant to say (after I say “I would be livid.”): “What I am trying to say here in this paragraph is, nail art deserves respect as an art form just like any other.”

    • Samantha says:

      AGREE AGREE AGREE. So much agreement. I haven’t had anything stolen by her, but it upsets me when anyone steals from ANY artist who makes ANY kind of art, because I know how difficult it is to make art. Nail art is especially difficult and it’s unfair for people to handwave it so easily in order to defend their criminal queen. These people defending her in this way have obviously never done any real, serious nail art of their own, otherwise they would never say that.

      And woah, I didn’t know about the magazine thing! That’s just despicable. I know I shouldn’t be shocked by anything she does anymore, but wow, that is really low. It’s one thing to steal art on the internet, but in a published magazine? It’s just more proof she’s using it to get attention with no real effort.

  44. ssg says:

    Hey Zenorah,

    Just wanna say thank you for posting the video. It took a lot of guts and bravery. And its hilarious when people try to call you names and you’re not affected at all.

    Btw you’re hot!

  45. rins says:

    Dear Zenorah,

    I am currently having second thoughts on whether or not to post about something like this on my blog. Someone on YouTube have been stealing my designs as well and is making money out of it. Her fans are now angry at me and I wanted to let them know the real story. Reading this blog post and the comments here have given me courage to speak up.

    Thank you very much.

    • zenorah says:

      Hi there!

      Thank you so much for your comment, it completely made my day. I do hope you post a blog defending your art because it is so important for the truth to be out there. And when you do – please email me a link I shall include it in my social medias.


  46. rins says:

    Hi, Zenorah,

    I have recently experienced a similar incident. A YouTuber copied some of my designs. Her followers have been leaving comments on my channels. I had second thoughts whether to post the story on my blog. I would just like to say thank you for giving me the courage to speak up.

  47. verice7 says:

    Hi Zenorah, I’ve been looking into nail art recently so I am brand new to the community. I came across your video and had absolutely no idea about this whole controversy but you presented the facts in a very succinct way. I just wanted to say thanks and good work. I have watched some of Jen’s tutorials but now I know to avoid them and look for the real creators. I would never have known where credit belonged if not for this post.

  48. linyah13 says:

    I don’t remember how I found this..but I was glad I did. I posted your blog to redditpolish to spread the word of the theft.

    Needless to say..I am sad she and I share the same name D=

  49. Anne M. says:

    I didn’t write the previous post to defend MissJenFabulous. I wrote it because I love to watch pics with nail art on Instagram and I also like to share pics of my manis. I am aware that often I was inspired by different artists and I know that I am not the person who invented a special technique. I don’t want to steal ideas but I really find it hard to say where I got my inspiration from, especially as there are some trends in nail art and you see a lot if pics with for example roses right now …

    • zenorah says:

      Hi Anne,
      I think the overarching issue with MissJenFabulous is that she deliberately follow bloggers on their site and/or Instagram (including Youtube as well). Take their ideas, pattern for pattern & colour for colour THEN proceed to block & unsubscribe them before she launched her recreation of their designs. In the beginning her nail art videos were general patterns everyone knows about like water marbling, dotticures etc. But when they start to get specific and identical with NO CREDIT to bloggers that’s a problem. I think what really put the icing on the cake is that she would delete & block 100% of the comments linking to the original artist. You see….recreation is not the issue, its her behaviour. She wouldn’t have success or a channel without the creativity of Nail Artists, so why wouldn’t she simply credit her sources? It is common courtesy to simply state for 1 second, “this design is originally by Chalkboard nails, I loved it so much I wanted to recreate it for you”. Place links so everyone can see the original designer etc but she wants 100% credit for OTHER people’s creativity. The last straw came around Christmas last year when I posted the video. She stole a nail art design by KeshiaIily on Instagram, my friend Yukie (on Youtube – Warmvanillasuga0823) told me about it. I messaged Keshia about it and she confirmed that she stole it (Keshia has a video and instagram photo of the design). And Jen’s fans were constantly harassing her. Why wouldn’t Jen just credit Keshia??? It’s the right thing to do, but she is selfish and that’s why I made the video. I got fed up of her crying on Twitter about other people stealing her designs when she was the biggest thief of all.

      • Rogue says:

        I think the worst thing I found out from you video of the truth is that she stole the Little Mermaid design from someone, slightly altered it, and that it actually got published in a prominent magazine as her own (InStyle magazine)! That horrified me. It’s disgusting!

    • zenorah says:

      Yeah but the funny thing – huge bloggers such as Chalkboard nails will be on it as well. And she has stolen A LOT from Sarah. I would LOVE to see how she will be able to block & delete her in PERSON! LOL it’s karma meeting her face to face. She can’t run & hide when she is a fraud. It always catches up and she will meet her faith soon.

  50. Samantha says:

    New news on the Jen front… Ryan Seacrest has a contest going for “favorite nail art channel” and Jen is one of the contestants. I found out about it from Robin Moses, who is another contestant: http://robinmosesnailart.blogspot.com/2014/05/i-do-not-participate-in-nail-art.html

    PLEASE vote against Jen. I don’t care who you vote for (obviously vote for someone you like!), just don’t vote for Jen, because as we all know, she doesn’t deserve any praise or attention for her thievery. If she wins I will be disgusted. It’s bad enough that she’s a contestant in the first place… why don’t these people do their research?! Seriously, if you google “MissJenFABULOUS”, this blog post is on the first page of results. It’s not all that difficult to discover.

    Obviously I’m even more horrified that she’s being included on the Nail’d It! TV show – of all people, the people behind that show should be making it a POINT to make sure that all the people being included are on the up and up and DESERVE to be there, and she certainly doesn’t. But this particular case is something we have the power to do something about, even if it’s just small. Although, come to think of it, I wonder if we should start writing into Oxygen about the situation. The problem is, I’m sure the show has already been filmed so it’s too late to do anything to change that. :\ It might be worth a shot, though. On the other hand, I’m a little confused, because it doesn’t seem to be that Chalkboard Nails will be involved in the show after all – she was just invited to tour the set and promote the show on her blog. So is Jen actually involved in the show at all? I hope not. Fingers crossed we were wrong about that.

    • Samantha says:

      Okay, I actually just sent Oxygen a message about the situation, with a link to this post. If/when I hear back, I’ll comment here and let you guys know what they said. If I DON’T get a reply in a timely manner, I’ll definitely be encouraging everyone here to send out emails to Oxygen about it, because there is strength in numbers.

  51. Tanvi Kuckian says:

    good lord!!!!…….omgf…i cant believee…i actually thought those wer ehere ideas…..i really feel so angry at her for doin this……ZENORAH…hats off to you…for STANDING UP….to her…ur really brave….she just lost a follower!!!!

  52. nailz4fun says:

    When I first started watching her videos, I was amazed at her creativity! Turns out that most of those designs were stolen. It is sad to see designs being stolen 😦

    I think she recently even stole another one of ChalkBoard nails’ design
    Chalkboard Nails original post: http://www.chalkboardnails.com/2013/07/tutorial-beauty-and-beach-summer-nail.html
    MissJenFabulous’ stolen : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvOTiDCGARU
    I THINK that this was stolen too.. I’m not too sure

  53. I Love Nails says:

    WOW! I just started a new nail art account on Instagram , but have been watching for quite some time on YouTube and was watching her videos! I cannot believe this! I was skeptical at first, but watching your video and going to the different links were eye opening. All she has to do is give credit. It would be good for her and she wouldn’t spend so much time deleting comments and posting her own opinions of you and your blog disguised as someone else…what a shame. LOL!

  54. goldfrancine says:

    Let’s play Devil’s Advocate and suppose that it’s hard rember which nail artist done this nail art and which have done that. Ok?
    BUT, if this is the case, why, dear Lord, she doesn’t say “I just show you how to make some nail art I saw on the net”?
    She doesn’t.
    I saw nail arts from Chalkboard Nails, The Nailasaurus, Mrs Candiipants and a couple of other very talented bloggers I don’t remeber at this moment. Ok, she doesn’t say “those are my ideas”, but she even do not say anithing about. And, as consequence, I MAY think that those nail arts ARE her’s.
    It’s an omission, a carelessness. And a carelessness is wrong like to lie.
    I followed her, but now I’m very disappointed (and I have the ethical dilemma to give her a credit for a nail art I used after watching her tutorial, ’cause I don’t know who belongs the original idea! I’ll pay the credit, and will addign a note for explain that).
    I’m SO bewildered there’s so many people that so energetically defend her despite any evidence. It’s a mad, mad world…

    • Samantha says:

      The worst part is, it’s not just an omission. She deliberately COVERS IT UP by deleting any comments anyone posts saying “you got this idea from (artist name), you should really give them credit”, no matter how polite the person is being about it. She is making it a point to make it look like the designs are hers and hers alone. I’ve also seen her allow through comments that bash the original artist that Jen stole from, accusing THEM of stealing from JEN. Even though timestamps, upload dates and such clearly prove that the opposite is true. It’s truly disgusting behavior. So immature and unprofessional.

      • goldfrancine says:

        This story begins with an omission – we are playing Devil’s Advocate, right? – but suddenly things goes worst. Because, and you are RIGHT, if someone has a clean conscience, she’ll fight for what she think it’s right. If I think I have had an idea first, I confront myself with others. I do not delete comments. This is like burying the head in the sand like an ostrich!

        I think there are two kind of problems.

        Problem Number One, she’s not a right person. I’m sorry to say that, but her behaviour is such a 10 years old school girl. A very spoiled one, in my humble opinion.

        Problem Number Two, her’s followers behaviour. I think she purchased them. Or they are fake. Cause I can believe that someone could deny the truth when the truth scream out loud.

        • "Gee, Your Nails Look Terrific" says:

          Absolutely right on both points… I think there is something seriously mentally wrong with her to behave like this. I’m not all that familiar with psychology so I couldn’t even begin to guess but the way she just doesn’t care at all that she’s hurting people and in fact actively goes out of her way to hurt people even further makes me think of a sociopath. But then she’s also full of herself and in denial that she has no talent of her own, which makes me think of narcissistic personality disorder… either way, something is wrong with her, and it’s actually pretty worrying. She is mean and horrible, but if it’s caused by some kind of psychological disorder, I hope she gets help, you know?

          I agree that she probably purchased a large chunk of her followers. I mean, her numbers are just ridiculous and make no sense whatsoever. I wish there were a simple way to send a message out to every single one of her subscribers, but you just can’t, because the only way to do so is to post it somewhere on one of her videos or her YT wall, and she immediately deletes it and blocks you. Disgusting.

  55. Linda says:

    Literally there are children starving in the world and you “adults” and “women” are arguing about nail polish and leopard print. Grow the hell up. You’re all pathetic, no matter who’s side you stand on.

    • zenorah says:

      Your voice isn’t heard louder if you are rude and out of line. I don’t care what you believe, she hurt A LOT of people – don’t talk to someone unless you know the situation. Because you choose to believe her lies doesn’t mean she’s telling the truth. And by your statement, instead of watching Youtube videos why aren’t you volunteering to help those starving children you speak of?

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