Black Cat Lacquer ‘Bay Habor Butcher’

Hi everyone, today I have an AMAZING Indie nail polish to share with you – Black Cat Lacquer was introduced to me by my friend Holly & now I know why she loves this indie brand as much as she does!!! This particular polish was inspired by the HBO show “Dexter”….are there any Dexter fans out there?? I know I am! And seeing as it’s the final season of the show I thought it was appropriate to buy an inspired polish in celebration of this fantastic HBO series (I purchased another Dexter inspired polish which I will post soon). I layered this polish over Zoya’s Tallulah which you can view HERE.

Blackcat Lacquer Bay Habor Butcher 011

Black Cat Lacquer ‘Bay Habor Butcher’ – is a turquoise, black and royal blue glitter polish suspended in a clear base. The turquoise & black glitter particles are hexagonal in shape while the royal blue glitters are much more refined but adds balance to the overall polish. This polish was inspired by Dexter (the main character) himself, as fans of the show would know automatically  by the name of the polish & the black glitter particles are reminiscent of ‘garbage bags’ that are dumped in the ocean. (A bit out there I know but if you watch the show you understand why lol)

Blackcat Lacquer Bay Habor Butcher

I LOVE this polish so much – it honestly is one of my favourite blue glitters of ALL time and I am super picky about loving glitter polishes so you have to know it’s pretty awesome! I layered one super dense coat of Zoya’s Tallulah and two coats of BHB over it – what I really liked about the polish is that you didn’t need to fish for glitter particles. But as you can see I have more black glitter particles one nail than another but that’s the beauty of the polish I kinda gives character to the manicure.

Blackcat Lacquer Bay Habor Butcher

This manicure literally GLOWED off my nails I LOVE it sooooo much!!! And if you are a teal, turquoise, royal blue glitter lover this should be a MUST HAVE on your wishlist because you will fall in love with it!!! Another great benefit is the drying time – for a glitter polish I expected a longer drying time but it took about 10-15 minute for each hand to dry which is pretty good I think. The wear time was decent as well, it didn’t start chipping till Day 4 of wear, however as with all glitter polishes it is more difficult to remove than creme polishes so that is standard for glitter polishes for you.

Blackcat Lacquer Bay Habor Butcher
And of course this picture says it all – I couldn’t stop staring at my nails while wearing it and I can equally spend just as much time staring at these pictures. I can’t say enough good things about this nail polish and Indie brand, you really need to try it it out! I think the maker of BlackCat Lacquer did a VERY good job in capturing the essence of Dexter’s character in this polish!! I can’t wait to try out more of her polishes, I am excited to show you my two other Black Cat Lacquer polishes so stay tuned!! =)

I purchased her polishes at her Etsy shop HERE!

Application: 10/10 
Opaque: 2 coats
Cost: $10 Canadian
Recommend: Yes!!
Grade: A+ (10/10)
Do you own Black Cat Lacquer ‘Bay Harbor Butcher’?
What are your thoughts on this nail polish?

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