Colours of the Rainbow Tag – Nail Polish Edition 2013

Hi everyone, so today I have a fun spin on the Colours of the Rainbow Tag! If you’re interested in seeing the original tag then click HERE and it will take you to my video. But I kinda felt like putting a fun spin on it for this blog post. The tag is pretty simple it’s naming your favourite nail polish from the corresponding colour of the rainbow and while I did include a few nail polishes in the original I am mentioning some of my other favourites for those to watched that video. So lets begin……

1) Red – OPI Cajun Shrimp, OPI Vodka & Caviar, Essie Limited Addiction & Zoya Maura.

2) Orange – Essie Braziliant & Zoya Jancyn.

3) Yellow – Zoya Pippa, Zoya Jacqueline (it’s a really light butter cream – blog post will be up soon!).

4) Green – Essie First Timer, Essie Pretty Edgey, OPI Jade is the New Black & OPI Read my Palm.

5) Blue – Zoya Charla, Essie Mesmerize, Essie Lapis of Luxury & OPI Orge the Top Blue.

6) Indigo – Zoya Pinta

7) Violet – OPI Purple with a Purpose, OPI Lourve me Lourve me not, Zoya Mimi & Orly Out of This World.

8) Pink – Essie Fiji, Zoya Jolene, Zoya Dana & OPI Strawberry Margarita

9) Multicoloured – OPI Mad as a Hatter  & Milani Jems

I tag EVERYONE to do this!!

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