My 1st Q&A Youtube video Questions!!

Hi everyone, how have you guys been? I am certain you guys have noticed that I have not been blogging as often as before but that’s only due to a much needed break and very soon I shall do a blog post that will explain it all! You guys might actually be impressed I managed to keep daily July blog entries amongst my busy schedule.

But this blog entry is to gather questions from YOU GUYS – ask me anything you have been curious about it can span life, advice etc. You can leave your questions in the comments section of this blog post or you can:

1) Tweet me

2) Facebook me

3) Email me – OR

4) Youtube messages

Hope you guys are having a fantastic summer & if you have any video requests please do let me know, will be filming soon. And if you enjoy my more personal blog entries let me know in the comment section as well because I can make it daily blog entries!



2 thoughts on “My 1st Q&A Youtube video Questions!!

  1. Danyelle says:

    1. Why did you start blogging?
    2. Who is your biggest influence?
    3. What do you like/dislike about canada?
    4. If you had the opportunity to live anywhere in the world where would you go?
    5. Whats your day job?

  2. HansManDE says:

    Hey I have a couple questions, I swear I am not stalking you lol just curious:

    1. How tall are you?
    2. Favorite musician/artist/band?
    3. Favorite food?
    4. Favorite eyeshadow of all time?
    5. Favorite perfume?

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