MissJenFabulous aka The Nail Art Thief (Video Edition)

Hi everyone, yesterday I uploaded a video that I have wanted to post for a very long time! Many of you have already read my original text post on the same topic on my blog & I shall provide a link to it HERE if you haven`t read it & are interested in doing so. I am happy that the Nail Art Community is standing up for their rights & are sharing my video with their peers to stop her from continuing to steal from our happy community.

8 thoughts on “MissJenFabulous aka The Nail Art Thief (Video Edition)

  1. Em says:

    I think it’s ok to denounce that situation. If copying is not ok for books, cinema or music, I think it is not right for the «nail art community»either.

    I had already noticed that her drawings were often very similar to others that I had seen previously, but I had never thought that they could be stolen.

    Good luck!

  2. Abigail says:

    Inspiration for artwork can come from all kinds of places. Just because one of Jen’s nail designs is similar to someone elses does not mean that she stole it. Regardless, people watch her because of the high quality of her nail tutorials. Even if someone did make a similar nail design in the past it does not matter. Her demonstration of the technique as a youtube video that people find enjoyable to watch is a skill that she can completely claim for herself. Jen’s thousands of fans are well-deserved.

    • Lizzy K. says:

      Oh, that’s true. Inspiration comes from everywhere. But this is not the topic being discused here, but the fact that she is stealing other people’s creations, claiming they are hers, blocking and deleting coments that point that out, and getting paid for it. It would be ok but still not alright if she said where she took those ideas from.

      Also, it’s not the same “getting inspired” by something than copying it and puting your mark as if it were yours. You can take a design you liked, get inspired by it, do your own recreation and give credit from where you took that idea. That’s what you call gettiing inspired, not taking a design, doing it exactly as the original person did, and say “take a look at this thing I made”.And, “Technique”? What technique are you talking about when she is doing exactly as the OP did? When she is copying other people?

      I’m sure that if you were a nail artist, or some of your designs were stolen, you wouldn’t say this about her. It’s terrible when someone steals something from you, get all the credit and you can’t do anything about it.

  3. Lizzy K. says:

    As always, amazing job. I’m glad there is someone trying to stop her and started to create conscience about how awfull stealing other people’s ideas and creations are. What Jen is doing is not right by any means and needs to be stopped as soon as possible. Giving credit is so simple is ridiculous she can’t even do that. Don’t listen to her followers (I know you don’t care anyway). You are doing something that most people were and still are afraid of doing and you deserve all the awards for that.

    Now, something else I wanted to say, now that we are talking about not giving credit and taking all the praise. And sorry, I know this is about MissJenFabulous and I shouldn’t be mentioning another YouTuber here. But this needs to be said since is almost the same case? OK, well, I wanted to say that CutePolish also recreats other people’s designs and doesn’t credit them.

    Someone commented in one of here recent videos that she copies HannahRoxNails (known before as PixiePolish) and you can see some similarities in the desings, also in the technique. I know for a fact that this three designs were copied without being given credit.

    Water Marble without water (I think is known in Pinterest as “Needle Drag”. Also, this especific technique is probably not by Robin but from My Simple Little Pleasures, but CutePolish uploaded her video a few months after Robin did, and they are similar in the content).
    Original by RobinMoses: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95iR94E1joY,
    Copy by CutePolish: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGcpuFNwUZs.

    Night City Skyline:
    Original by DandyNails: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2Id1IUWz-0.
    Copy by CutePolish: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7tE6kwq8vM. This one is exactly the same, with the same colours in the gradient, even.

    And you know about this one. Turquoise Stone Inspired Nails:
    Original by: http://sprinklesinsprings.com/2012/05/turquoise-stone-inspired-nails.html
    Copy by CutePolish: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh5tRF03cak

    (This one, I remember, was a cause of fights on MissJenFabulous channel and video because some fans said that CutePolish copied it from her and Jen said that CP is been stealing her designs for months, which is ludicrous and ridiculous because that design is not from them and she shouldn’t be complaining about stealing when she is the first one doing so).

    OMG, this is too long. I’m terrible sorry for this. But I hope it can be of use and help. Have a nice day!

  4. paper says:

    Why are there some idiots think that Ms JenFabulous in stealing nail art ideas is doing the right thing? These morons assume or thought that she is innocent and others are jealous and incapable to be like her.
    Look who wants to be a FABULOUS NAIL THIEF or should I said THIEF GURU/EXPERTS? If your answer is NO ONE then you are absolutely wrong because we do have a so FABULOUS LIAR AND A THIEF who claimed to be an experts/guru.
    This FABULOUS LIAR/THIEF needs to be exposed.
    It is unethical or immoral or bad or wrong for those who does not understand the meaning of unethical or immoral. It is WRONG/IMMORAL to steal someone’s else idea or work and claim to be yours.
    Is it the same as copying someone exam paper/essay/thesis/assignment and change the name or grammatical or some words and claim to be yours.
    By changing a some words and claim it is your is WRONG. Now imagine your friend copied your school essay/assignment/work and get a praise in class. Or even get distinction or credit for that. How would you feel?If you said you feel great and good then you are a real idiot.
    What am i trying to explain here is that plagiarism, copying is the same as stealing. What MsJenFabulous did was not FABULOUS. GET THAT????

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