LORAC ‘PRO To Go’ Eye/Cheek Palette

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well! It’s been a long time since I have blogged about makeup (at least it feels that way) and today I have an amazing palette to share with all of you. I have always been a fan of LORAC products but when my sister wanted it for her birthday I had see for myself why she wanted it so badly, only to find myself NEEDING it as well.

Lorac pro to go palette

Lorac pro to go palette

LORAC `PRO To Go`Eye & Cheek Palette – is a very compact travel friendly palette that has 6 basic neutrals with diverse finishes that can take you from an everyday look to a sexy bombshell smokey eye! In addition, the palette contains 2 blushes and a bronzer along with two small makeup brushes and a decent size mirror. If you`re like me and have trouble thinking of what makeup to pack for a trip, this is a no-brainer for palette and travel lovers alike!

lorac pro to go

Pearl – is an off-white satin eye shadow with micro shimmer & refined gold glitter particles.

Shell – is an eggshell white matte eyeshadow with a beige undertone.

lorac pro to go palette

It was very smooth, pigmented & easy to swatch – now I know why everyone is hooked on the LORAC Pro Palette (shall be putting that baby on a wish list!).

lorac pro to go happy holidays 029

Chai – is a bronze shimmer eye shadow with refined gold shimmer (can be metallic if used wet).

Cafe – is a medium taupe brown matte eye shadow.

lorac pro to go palette

Both of these eye shadows were super pigmented, easy to apply onto the lid and truly amps up the entire palette. The matte one is such a sleeper hit, love wearing it all over the lid blended to the crease with some black in corner for an easy sexy eye look!

lorac pro to go palette

Mink – is a cool toned dark brown matte shadow with a ton of refined gold particles.

Black – is self explanatory, however it is by far my favourite MATTE black eye shadow EVER (tied with Inglot)! But I need a single pot of this beauty!

lorac pro to go palatte

As with the previous 4 – these dark eye shadows are AMAZINGLY pigmented!!!

lorac pro to go palette

Coral – is a straight up coral blush with gold shimmer (reminds me of NARS Orgasm)

Pink – is a cool toned matte light to medium pink blush.

Bronze – is a matte medium toned brown (which works well as a contour).

lorac pro to go happy holidays 053

All swatched beautifully however I think the pink blush was not as pigmented as I wished for it to be.

lorac pro to go happy holidays 058

This is a really light swatch of all three, as you can see the pink does not really show up as much as the coral (the shimmer particles could be saving this one). HOWEVER, when I applied all three with a blush brush onto my face, it was very pigmented and formula was flawless!!

As you can tell, I am IN LOVE with this palette and I will be taking this bad boy with me on all my travels! I honestly believe it is worth every penny & now I want more LORAC eye shadows! I love the variety of finishes, the colour range is spectacular and it`s a nice starter palette as well if you are new to makeup!

Application: 10/10
Pigmentation: 10/10
Cost: $52 Canadian
Recommend: Yes
Grade: A+ (10/10)

Do you own LORAC `PRO to Go`Eye & Cheek Palette?

What are your thoughts on this product?

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