Rainbow Honey ‘Sweet Talk’

Hi everyone, today I have such an exciting nail polish to share with all of you! I was recently sent a few blogger samples of the Indie Nail Polish Brand “Rainbow Honey” & needless to say I am very impressed. I instagrammed a photo of this polish & a lot of you were interested in knowing the brand & polish so here we go!

*This bottle is a blogger sample, Rainbow Honey Polishes are available in 15 ml / each*

rainbow honey sweet talk 005

Rainbow Honey ‘Sweet Talk’ – is a multi-glitter  polish infused in a white crelly base & consists of hexagonal & micro purple, red and mint green glitter particles along with a slight pink/opal shimmer. This is such a complex nail polish but it looks like candy on my nails! This polish hails from Rainbow Honey’s Sweet Talk Collection 2014, so it’s currently available on NailPolishCanada.com!

rainbow honey sweet talk 002

It required only two coats to be opaque which was impressive due to it’s crelly white base and the glitter particles settled nicely onto the nails & did not require any manipulation for glitter placement. It required less than 10 minutes to fully dry & I did not feel the need to apply a top coat because it was shiny on it’s own which surprised me because I am so use to Indie glitters being dense & requiring a lot of top coat in order to shine! This is NOT a top coat eater my any means & I LOVE it for that!

rainbow honey sweet talk 015

This polish is 100% unique to my collection & I LOVE the mint green glitter particles in it! The crelly based really adds to the unique character of the polish as it permits all glitter particles to “peek through” which adds such a rich dimension on the nails!

rainbow honey sweet talk 012

I highly recommend this polish for all nail polish lovers & thus far this Indie brand has easily become one of my favourites on the market! I truly believe you NEED this in your collection & you will definitely use it often (my favourite thing to do is to wear it as an accent nail to either a purple or mint green manicure).

If you are interested in purchasing this polish, you can use the promo code ILOVENAILBLOGS to recieve $5 off your purchase!! This promo code expires March 31st, 2014!

Application: 9.5/10 
Opaque: 2 coats
Cost: $11.50 CAD (full size bottle)
Recommend: Yes!!
Grade: A+ (9.5/10)

Do you own  Rainbow Honey ‘Sweet Talk’ ?  

What are your thoughts on this nail polish?

Disclosure: The product in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer, their PR firm or retailer for my honest review.  All opinions are of my own. 

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