Life Update: Time for Change!

Hi everyone! If you’re reading this, you’re probably surprised because I haven’t posted a blog post in a very long time!! You know I keep it honest and authentic with all of you – quite simply my other forms of social media + my every day life took up the majority of the time. And I didn’t enjoy blogging as I once use to. There was a time I would blog almost weekly but as you know it’s taken a major back seat.

One of the main reasons I stepped away was also lack of motivation – my blog was a place to share my thoughts on the beauty industry but my passions exceed that of simply makeup and nail polish. I want my blog to be a reflection of ALL aspects of my life so you will see a change in my future posts. While I will still blog about the latest and greatest in the beauty world, you will see some lifestyle pieces; as well as commentary on various topics. For example, did you know I’m also an Anthropologist? I want to be able to speak about my interests on the economy, history, current events, motivational pieces, my Youtube channel, cooking recipes, my fitness journey etc. You get the picture…so I hope this is the beginning of a very overdue but exciting chapter. More than anything I want this blog to represent me as a person rather than only one aspect of my personality or interest.

I want to share my tips and tricks with so many things – for example the past few months I’ve been trying to improve my lifestyle into a more healthy and active one but with no cost to my wallet. Meaning, no gym membership just working with what I have and changing my grocery list to more healthy food choices. I will be posting my weekly grocery list as a future blog post entry so look out for that!

I will also be doing blog posts on people or things that inspire me for example, how do I stay motivated? Who are my role models? You’d be surprised as to the variety of folks I look up to. So this is an introduction to my world and I hope you all stick around for an exciting change! Wishing you all an amazing weekend!!




4 thoughts on “Life Update: Time for Change!

  1. Faheema says:

    I’m glad your venturing out and sharing a bit more of your life with the world! you are truly a positive role model to a lot of women of all ages! I’m especially happy that you are sharing your health progress! a lot of people turn to diet pills and other crazy things, but eating healthy and just changing your diet makes a difference I am looking forward to seeing videos and blogs about that! ^_^

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