Wear It With Me Wednesday: OPI “You’re Such A Budapest”

Hi everyone! So today I have an exciting nail polish related post! For a while I’ve been pondering over how I can increase my interaction with you guys – I love doing videos, Instagram posts, Blog entries etc but I wanted to bridge the gap even more. And I figured, this would be the most fun way! Thus, “Wear It With Me Wednesday” is born!!

The premise of “Wear It With Me Wednesday” is super simple – I will be posting a nail polish of the day or #notd as we say on Instagram 🙂 And if you own that polish as well, I would LOVE for YOU to wear it with me! Take a photo of your manicure, tag me on my Instagram page (@zenorahslife) and hashtag me #zenorahslife as well so I can see your manicure! I will be taking screen shots of ALL the manicures that you guys post and I will compile them together in one of my Youtube videos towards the end of every month!!! And when I mean ALL manicures, I mean every single one of them!!

opi you're such a budapest

The 1st Polish is OPI ‘You’re such a Budapest’!

My GOAL: I’m blessed with having a very wide demographic of women and men on my social medias and I think it would be VERY helpful for you all to see how the EXACT same polish appears on a variety of skin tones! You’d be helping other women/men with YOUR skin tone who view my videos! I love bringing people together and I think this is going to be one of my favourite videos to film every month! I HOPE you all join me on this!! I would appreciate it so very much!

opi you're such a budapest

 This polish was originally released in OPI’s Spring 2013 EuroCentrale Collection and it still remains one of my favourite Spring polishes they’ve ever released! While the application  suffered from a thin, watery formula you can forgive it based on the final colour you achieve after 3 coats! There is a hidden micro shimmer as well and if you look really hard in sunlight or under artificial light you can see it. The colour is a stunning periwinkle purple and there is something about it that makes you stop, look and WANT! It’s a polish that looks good on everyone!

Application: 8/10 
Opaque: 3 coats
Cost: $10 CAD
Recommend: Yes!!
Grade: A (8/10)
Do you own OPI “You’re Such a Budapest”? Will you join me on Instagram for “Wear It With Me Wednesdays?” 🙂

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