ESSIE Gel Couture Collection

It’s no secret my love for Essie runs deep – whenever I hear “Ballet Slippers”, “Mint Candy Apple” mentioned in conversation amongst friends, family or peers I get delighted to share my thoughts and love for the Essie brand. Recently, I attended an exciting launch party for the latest and greatest addition to the Essie family – their Gel Couture Collection! Inspired by “the elite world of couture fashion, melded with technology and innovation, Essie Gel Couture nail polish is a new collection that offers a rare glimpse into the world of quality craftsmanship and artistry – from the atelier to the after party”!

It’s a meeting ground between creativity and haute couture fashion – available in 42 BRAND NEW shades with a revolutionary patent-pending swirl stem brush perfectly tapered cut to ensure perfect colour application. The Gel Couture bottles were inspired by the twirling dresses featured on the runways of Paris, Milan, New York, Los Angeles etc. What’s further impressive is the Essie Gel Couture nail collection promises 14 day wear with impeccable gel like shine with a two step system of simply the polish and it’s accompanying top coat. The best part? NO UV or LED lamp is needed making removal as simple as possible – with a regular nail polish remover and cotton ball/pad.

The 42 shades are categorized within 4 colour families along with one exclusive gel top coat for this polish line. As well, each colour family has it’s own unique, distinct feel drawing inspiring from different moments in the world of haute couture.

First up is the “Atelier” which is “embodied by the neturals” – fishnet, lace and tulle.

Gel Couture 2016 atelier line up

Next, is “First Look” – embraces “the pastels” – ultra feminine, cotton candy rainbow creams, it’s all about how your style it.

Gel Couture 2016 First Look Lineup

Third colour family is “Fashion Show” – embodied by the brights! – pushing the boundary of fashion, vivid shades proclaims the couture fashion throne.

Gel Couture 2016 Runway Lineup

And last, is the “The After Party” – embraces the deeps – decadence, glamorous celebrations, come dressed to the ninth.

Gel Couture After_Party_LineUp_

Be sure to look out on my Youtube Channel for an exciting video featuring some of these polishes soon!

– Zenorah

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