I love to travel. I don’t seek out adventure as often as I would like to but when I do – I surrender my all to it. I absorb my five senses in present time – giving way to the natural course of sight, taste, touch etc. The human spirit is a beautiful thing and we are more alike than we are different. The older I get the more apparent this becomes- my teenage self would not have been able to process what I’m about to share because with life experience comes wisdom. Now I get it.

I’ve been there, the tears, heartache, frustration, sadness, confusion and when I was in the eye of the storm I didn’t know how to get out all I knew was I wanted to escape these negative emotions and regain my positive life. I wanted more for myself – in that ‘want’ I paid attention to how I was viewed, my ‘role’ you may say. You see, I’m my worst critic, I’m very hard on myself and I rarely celebrate my victories. It wasn’t until I was faced with the ‘sink or swim’ conundrum that I had to learn that ‘success is not how other’s see you but how you see yourself’. It lead to perspective and freedom.

Allow me to take you on a brief mental journey. Where are you at this very moment? Home? Work? What city are you in? Think of the country. Now picture a MAP and now place a mental thumb tack and label it “You are here” on that map. Close your eyes. Zoom out of your country – do see your neighboring country? Or if you live on an island visualize the surrounding water and your neighboring island. What continent are you on? Now picture Planet Earth in your mind and try to see the moon in the distance as well. Think of all the planets in our solar system orbiting around the sun. And how different and unique each planet is as well. Only Earth can sustain our life form. Visualize what our galaxy might look like and the infinite possibilities of galaxies in the Universe. There is no beginning and there is no end to the Universe, it’s older than our minds could ever comprehend and it’s expanding in ways we have yet to understand. Are we truly the ONLY life form in the entire Universe and if so – only our planet has the perfect composition of gases that contribute to our survival. As far as our current knowledge goes – we are the only living form with consciousness to understand how small we are in the Universe. Life is precious. Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself, “Where is everyone?”. We are the only life form that we know of in the ENTIRE Universe.

Go back to the thumb tack on that MAP – “You are here”. So you see, time is the most precious thing. All you have is this present moment, the past is gone no matter how much you want to change it – it’s already been written by participating authors. There’s no need to worry about the future, it’s not even here – it lurks in the distance and so many things plays a part in it’s creation you have ZERO control over it. Which brings us to THE PRESENT. So, that broken heart? It hurts I know. The disappointment you feel? It tears you apart some days, I know. The frustration of not making the most out of your life? It causes anxiety, I know (all too well in fact). When you think about where YOU are in the universe, you’ll quickly realize – the many humans construct such as class, wealth, division etc it’s all petty & full of distraction – the entire construct of competition of moving up the ladder and down the ladder – none of it matters because you can’t take any of it with you when your time is up on this planet.

When people compare lives just know that it’s trivial and it doesn’t matter if someone bought a house, or got a job promotion, got married etc these are all human cultural constructs. Don’t let it fog your actual LIFE. Always think back to where you are – how vast this Universe is and yet somehow YOU are here on Planet Earth. The Prada bag, Coach purse, Tiffany diamond…yeah none of it matters in the grand scheme of things. So LIVE. And in every moment, BE PRESENT.



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