Hi everyone! Hope you’ve all been having a wonderful summer thus far! While it’s exciting to see Fall collections I’m still very much enjoying every bit of sunshine (we don’t get too many gorgeous days in Toronto) so to celebrate I thought it’d be fun to do a quick review and wrap up of the Zoya Summer 2016 Sunsets & Seashells collections. I’ve been sharing my swatches of this entire collection over on my Instagram throughout the summer – so you can follow me there if you want to see what’s new in beauty!

In this post I’ll review the SUNSETS collection – Zoya describes these as ONE coater cream polishes however I found that I needed at least two coats for each and in one particular polish, it required three coats for full opacity. So, let’s get started!

image (26)

ZOYA LIV – is a stunning hot plum cream polish. If you follow me on my Youtube channel, you’d know that I mentioned this polish in my Summer picks and in Monthly Favourites video – that’s how much I loved it on my skin tone. It was on opaque on 2 coats, dried with a slight glossy finish and the formula was buttery-smooth. Loved it!

image (27)

ZOYA DIXIE – is a bright neon leaning but not a true neon fruit punch pink cream. If you love bright polishes but you’re a fan of neons then I think this polish is perfect for you! It’s loud but doesn’t scream off the nails. I love this colour for pedicures and I think I”ll continue to wear it all through winter on my toes. It was opaque on two coats, dried with a slight glossy finish and had that signature buttery-smooth formula. This was a favourite as well.

image (28)

ZOYA DORY – is a bright cornflower blue cream polish. This polish made me smile immediately when I applied it – such a stunning colour and this would look amazing on all skin types and nail shapes. The name “Dory” was aptly named reminding me of this summer’s block buster movie, “Finding Dory”. The formula was impressive, very easy to apply, opaque on ONE coat but I did two just for save measure (I always do) and it dried to a glossy finish. I own A LOT of blue polishes from Zoya and this one is special – it’s not as yellow as Zoya’s Robyn and not as dusty in tone as Zoya’s Breezy. I loved it!

image (29)

ZOYA NESS – is a softened jade green cream polish. This is literally hands down the most flattering green polish I’ve ever worn on my skintone. I love Zoya Tilda which is more of an avocado green but this one is simply divine! It’s the exact colour of jade jewelry which is probably why I adore it as much as I do – it was fully opaque in two coats, easy smooth application and dried with glossy finish. If you ever spot this polish on sale GRAB IT!

image (30)

ZOYA BRYNN – is a bright popsicle pink cream polish. This was the only polish that was thinner in formula than the rest, the picture you’re viewing is TWO coats but in person I could still see bald spots so it used a third coat. If you used two thicker coats it would be fully opaque on two coats however thicker coats means that the polish would take longer to dry which is why I use thinner coats in application this method also prolongs the duration of your manicure. It was thinner, watery in formula and dried very glossy. If you’re a pink lover, you’d LOVE this! It’s a stunning polish, but it wasn’t my favourite of the bunch.

image (31)

ZOYA CAM – is a bright tangy tangerine cream polish. I thought this was a unique polish to Zoya’s line up in their entire polish range. It’s not too yellow, not too red – a perfect tangerine! The formula was as easy as the others, opaque on two coats, buttery-smooth to apply and dried with a glossy finish. I really enjoyed this one and it’s rivaling some of my orange polishes for top spot! If you’re not a fan of oranges – this maybe the one you’ve been looking for because it suits everyone!

These polishes are available on zoya.com for purchase and check your local beauty stores because you might be able to score them on sale!

(These polishes were sent for my honest review)




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