CLEOPATRA MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Pacifica Muse 2017 Round 2

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I entered the Pacifica Muse 2017 contest on Instagram – I was super shy about posting that video because it yanked me right out of my comfort zone. But I’m so happy that I did something that I’ve always wanted to do and to my surprise I was chosen as their TOP 30!!!! You can only imagine my excitement!!! As part of the Round 2 challenge, we were asked to create a look or capture the essence of a woman in history that inspires us. For me, that was Cleopatra!! A woman who ruled Egypt, defied Rome and became a legend.

I need your HELP to move onto the next round – please VOTE on ( ONCE daily – using your Twitter and/or Facebook account. You can vote ONCE everyday until August 31st Noon PST when the contest for Round 2 ends.THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! No matter what happens I appreciate all your love and support so very much!



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