ZOYA Summer 2016 ‘SEASHELLS’ Pixie Dust REVIEW

Hi everyone! Through out the summer I’ve been sharing the ZOYA Summer 2016 collection on my Instagram and I’ve featured them several times on my Youtube channel (eg. Summer Nail Polish Picks, Monthly Favourites etc). I was initially really surprised that Zoya released another Pixie Dust collection, not too long ago they announced that they were discontinuing them. As well, being completely honest – I was over the textured polish trend. I have a good amount of Pixie Dusts from their past collection and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them – but I was surprised they brought them back this summer. However, these polishes REALLY surprised me and I was not expecting that at all! There’s even a ONE coat Pixie Dust in this collection which makes me so happy! So lets get to the review!

image (53)

ZOYA LEVI – is a textured beige gold with medium sized holographic hex glitters. This one really surprised me – the beige gold base colour is really opaque and the textured glitter sat perfectly proportioned on the nail. I can see myself wearing this one all year round! Opaque on two coats, the formula was smooth and easy to apply for a textured polish and it was fully dry between 20 to 30 mins. One of my favourites!

image (54)

ZOYA TILLY – is described as a starry grey textured polish. When I saw it in the bottle I didn’t expect it to shine as brightly as it does on the nails. If you add a glossy top coat this polish will literally shine like a diamond – to me there are a few indigo pieces scattered sparsely throughout the polish which makes it unique. This was opaque on two to three coats, was easy to apply and the entire manicure was dry within 25-35 mins. It’s a good neutral if you like silvers but it wasn’t my favourite.

image (52)

ZOYA ZOOEY – is described as a pink textured polish with fine and medium sized gold holographic hex glitter scattered throughout the polish. This polish is just STUNNING – it’s the BEST pink textured polish I’ve ever seen. It was very easy to apply, opaque on two coats and was fully dried within 20-30 mins. This was one of my absolute favourites from the collection and it’s fast becoming one of my favourite Zoya polishes of ALL TIME!

image (50)

ZOYA CECE – is described as a grassy green with emerald & gold holographic hex glitters scattered throughout the polish. This is another favourite – I was so surprised by how much this polish glowed off the nail in the sun! The gold and emerald makes it the perfect St. Patrick’s day polish – it was opaque on two coats, easy to apply and dried fully between 20-30 mins. I think this polish will come in handy for the holidays as well.

image (51)

ZOYA LINDS – is described as a cherry red with fuchsia glitter to mimic the look of a maraschino cherry dipped in sugar. YUM! This polish was opaque on ONE coat!!! I can not stress enough how much you NEED this one in your Zoya Nail Polish collection – this polish joins the ranks of Zoya Chita and Zoya Sunshine in being ONE coater Pixies Dust polishes! The formula was smooth and easy to apply, dried fully within 15-20 minutes. The reason why I love ONE coater pixies is because they’re my go-to polishes when I don’t have time to do a fully manicure but I still want to wear polish and look put together. If you anything like me and you are a busy bee – you NEED this!

image (55)

ZOYA BAY – is described as a sky blue with fine gold and silver holographic hex glitters sprinkled through out the pixie dust polish. I love blue shades that are calm but not dull and this is certainly one that makes me relaxed and think happy thoughts. While I see more gold than silver on my skin tone I think it’s perfect for everyone. It was easy to apply, opaque on two coats and a full manicure dried within 25-30 minutes. The BONUS to this blue pixie dust is that it does NOT stain! While I LOVE Zoya Liberty Pixie Dust it does stain my nails if I don’t wear a base coat. If you love blue polishes, you would enjoy this polish.


FINAL THOUGHTS: My stand out favourites from this collection were Levi, Zooey, Linds and Cece. Even though I thought I was over the textured polish trend, these really blew me away and I can’t think of not having them in my collection. Zoya does AMAZING promo’s so be sure to check their social media’s for great deals!!

You can purchase these polishes on www.zoya.com



(These polishes were sent to me for my honest review)

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