Color Club ‘Midnight Muse’ Fall 2016 Collection Swatch & Review

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well, today’s review is all about the Color Club Midnight Muse Fall 2016 Collection – truthfully it’s been a long time, years in fact since I’ve tired the brand so I thought it was long overdue and since it’s been yonkers I knew I’d have reliable feedback on their current formula etc. So lets get on with the review + swatches 🙂


Color Club ‘Astro-Naughty’ – is a very pale mint green cream polish, ahhh I love to wear these types of shades all year long! The first coat applied smooth but was thin in consistency, it built up to full opacity after 3 coats (which is seen in the swatch photo) and dries completely within 25-30 mintues. Due to the thin formula you do need to manipulate the brush to ensure your cuticles aren’t flooded during application – overall though it’s a very beautiful polish. If you like 1 or 2 coaters you won’t enjoy this but if thin coats are your thing – you’ll adore this polish.


Color Club ‘Cheetah-Me-Not’ – is a clear base with scattered multi-coloured micro iridescent glitter with various sized matte black hex glitter as well as cheetah print matte black glitter pieces. It looks darker in the bottle so I was surprised to see it was a clear base – although it’s an interesting mix the base to glitter proportion was not balanced. I had to fish for the bigger glitter pieces – if I didn’t fish for it then the clear base would have built up onto the nail leaving a very thick gloppy manicure. I swatched it again on another polish as you will see later and the iridescent shimmer seen here was lost on a bright shade. It’s a unique polish but be aware that you will need to fish for glitter pieces.


Color Club ‘Unphased’ -oooohh this is stunning!! It’s a marigold orange with strong gold shimmer – truly I do not own anything like this in my collection. The formula was great, opaque on two coats, smooth in consistency and I didn’t need to manipulate the polish on my brush very much. It does have a bit of a brush stroke finish but due to the vibrancy of colour it’s not very noticeable. This was one of my favourites!


  • Layered with ‘Cheetah –Me– Not is the best colour combination within this collection and it reminded me instantly of Halloween! The second time using this glitter polish however, I was not able to catch any cheetah pieces which was a bit frustrating.


Colour Club ‘Martian, Martian, Martian’ – A stunning jade green cream. While it’s not the most unique shade, the formula on this polish was impeccable!! I absolutely love this tone of green on my skin tone and it was almost opaque on ONE coat!! I did two for the swatch photo you’re viewing and it deepen the colour as well on the 2nd coat. This polish reminds me of one of my favourite discontinued polishes from Sephora by Opi (remember that brand?) called ‘Read My Palm’. I’ve always wished I purchased a back up before they discontinued the brand, so this is a great dupe! Excellent polish!


Color Club ‘Men are from Mars’ – is a vampy berry cream with slight brown undertones to it. The formula was easy to work with, opaque on two coats but like the previous shade, it’s not the most unique polish in the bunch. However, if you don’t already own a vampy berry polish this would be a good one to try out because the formula is pretty good. Due to the rich colour however, you do need to be careful when applying as to avoid flooding the cuticle. Case and point my middle finger – if you look carefully you’ll see the polish ran quickly around my nail bed and cuticle area.  Overall, a good cream polish.


Color Club ‘Meteor Right’ – is a clear base filled with various matte white hex glitter pieces with matte white circle glitter along with pink metallic shard glitter. This is a glitter bomb on the nails – the proportion of base to glitter ratio was much better than compared to ‘Cheetah-Me-Not’ however the pink metallic shard glitter pieces does not lay completely flat onto the nail bed. This might be annoying for some – so just be away before purchasing. The swatch photo is only one coat so if you’re into glitter bomb manicures this might be a good polish for you.


Color Club ‘Many Moons Ago’ – is a deep duochrome blue-purple with a strong pinkish copper shimmer. The first coat was thin in consistency but was fully opaque in two coats however if you use thin coats you’d need 3 coats for full opacity. I’m a bit confused how to feel about this polish, indoors it looks a bit dull but it comes to life in sunlight and under artificial light. I’m not a huge fan of duochrome polishes but if you’re into these shades you’ll adore this polish. Very easy to work with and overall a great colour combination.

Let me know in the comment section below what was your favourite polish from this collection? Do you plan on picking up any? Have you tried these polishes before?

These are available for purchase online (click HERE) or in store at Trade secrets! And you can check out ( to find a location near you!

Overall: I’m pretty impressed with the Color Club formula – aside from the one glitter polish and the light mint green they were all opaque in two coats. They’ve definitely improved their polishes over the years and I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for future collections. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will speak to you all very soon.



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