Goals for 2017

I hesitate to call these resolutions, as a ‘resolution’ refers to solely the ‘intent’ – I want to achieve success for the entire year of 2017, hence I refer to them as ‘goals’ ie. a possible outcome one desires. More than anything, all my goals stem from one main theme – I want my content to be self expressive and helpful.  Every time I upload a Youtube video or post a picture on Instagram I always ask myself beforehand, “Is this helpful?”, “Would this benefit anyone?” and then I proceed. This is very important to me because I want to help, I want to be that trusted voice you can depend on to be completely honest. In doing so, I have a few online goals that I would like to share with all of you and to those of you reading this and have supported me throughout the years, THANK YOU SO MUCH! If you’re new to my content I would appreciate it very much if you join my online family. So here are my social media GOALS for 2017:

  1. To increase my Youtube subscribers by 33% of my current standing. At the moment I have roughly 9,090 subscribers and by the end of the year, I would like to attain 12,000 subscribers
  2. To upload on a consistent basis every Thursday and Saturday. Only exceptions would be the last two weeks in the year or unforeseen events.
  3. Blog every Wednesday – I want to create unique content on all my social media platforms so every Wednesday I will be doing a blog post that would consist of a variety of things from makeup to simple cooking recipes. I miss writing so much! It’s actually easier for me to write than to speak to be honest. That would be a total of 52 blog posts in the year 2017, hence 4 times a month and I believe this is a realistic, attainable goal.
  4. To reply and/or like every comment across all of my social media platforms and to create a consistent engaging platform so we can all help one another.
  5. Stick to the Budget! I will be giving myself an allowance of $20 CAD a month to spend towards my Youtube channel and Instagram accounts. This may seem like a small amount but when you multiple it, that’s $240 a year dedicated to purchasing NEW products I’ve never tried before to review for all of you. My goal is to minimize my collection and to enjoy what I currently have – in the event I do not spend the allotted $20 a month it will roll over to the next month and so forth.
  6. Most importantly – to have FUN! It takes a A LOT of time, energy and money to maintain a social presence but it wouldn’t be worth it if it wasn’t fun!
  7. I will have a Giveaway on each of my social media accounts when I cross 10,000 subscribers this year so look out for that!! If you don’t already follow me on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram now would be great time to increase your chances 🙂

Thank you all so much for reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May this be the best one yet!




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