An Interview with…Rebecca Minkoff!

Hello everyone! A few weeks ago I was invited by Essie Canada to attend their launch party of their new Essie Winter 2016 collection (if you’re interested in a review of that collection click HERE and it will take you to my Youtube channel for swatches and thoughts). I was told before hand that Rebecca Minkoff would be in attendance and I was so excited but utterly nervous as well! You see, I’ve been a huge fan of hers as well as her handbags for many years – in fact I can distinctly remember wanting a cross body neon yellow bag years ago but truth be told it was out of my budget however that never stopped my admiration of the woman herself. When it was announced that she would be the Global Lead Colourist for Essie I was overjoyed because this was a woman who knew texture, colour, dimension etc. Here we go, I hope you enjoy!

I got dressed earlier that afternoon, with token in hand I entered the subway station, with a combination of nervousness and fright with my four questions wondering if I would be given the opportunity to speak to her. As I exited the subway doors, rain poured down shaping the cobbled streets in this old part of Toronto. As I arrived at the hotel, I was sited for a brief moment then was promptly ushered up a private elevator to the room, Rebecca was the first person I saw – “she’s much taller in person” I remembered thinking. We were greeted by the public relations staff and Essie representatives but truth be told I really wanted the opportunity to speak to her – I had rehearsed my four questions but somehow I seemed to be blanking, “nerves always get the better of me” I thought nodding. I scuffled through my black handbag reaching for my phone, luckily I had typed the questions out on the Memo pad before leaving my home – one must always be prepared when they suffer with anxiety. As the public relations personnel introduced themselves, they kindly introduced Rebecca to a few of us waiting at the entry. I walked over, shook her hand and told her it was a pleasure to meet her – I’m not sure what told me to seize the opportunity but I did to the dismay of a few faces who seemed unhappy with my request of asking her if it would be okay to ask a few questions. She was delighted at my request and gave me the opportunity I was hoping for – a short interview.

She was wearing an ankle length floral maxi dress and her long sleek black hair was accompanied by a kind smile and willingness to answer all my questions. I noticed the displeasure of one individual, I took notice of it but dismissed it immediately as I’m not one to follow rules that don’t exist. I treat everyone the same, doesn’t matter your name, wealth, family, job etc, I treat everyone the same. I’m not impressed with titles, bank accounts or who a person knows, I look at character and Rebecca was excited to answer my questions, here is my short interview with her! Enjoy!

Zenorah: “You started from the ground up – you were the creator, marketer, public relations agent, investor etc how did you stay motivated to continue your pursuit in building/establishing your brand?”

Rebecca: “I realized that no one would hand it to me, so I worked very hard to build my brand with my brother”. 

Zenorah: “You were one of the first brands to embrace the power of social media marketing & online influencers – what stood out to you most about this form of marketing early on that caused you to take notice?”

Rebecca: “I realized that it was a great way to reach my customers and to talk to them, to build my own relationship with them and to connect to them directly”.

Zenorah: “As the Global Colourist for Essie, is there an Essie polish from a past collection that you loved and wished it was re-released? Eg. Sag  Harbour, Funky Limelight?

Rebecca: “I really liked the Retro Revival Collection that was released last year, those would be the ones I’m happy with”.

Zenorah: “And finally, what is your go-to Essie nail polish for a manicure / pedicure?

Rebecca: “I really love Essie Calm Bake and Really Red”. 

I thanked her for her time and she was ushered way to greet fellow bloggers / Youtubers. I walked away an even bigger admirer than before meeting her, she was sweet, kind and made me feel comfortable instantly! While she had to fly back to New York that night, she took the time to speak to every blogger / Youtuber that attended the event – I was impressed. I asked quickly for a picture before she left which you can view on my Instagram by clicking HERE!

One day I will get that neon yellow handbag but for now I think I have something greater – perspective. I got the opportunity to not only speak but to observe a woman I’ve admired for years and how wonderful it is when someone you look up to turns out to be even greater in person. I hope you all enjoyed this short interview, I plan on doing these ONCE every MONTH on my blog and I plan on interviewing some exciting people in the future so look out for next month’s very soon! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day. Till next time 🙂








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