Cargo Cosmetics 20th Anniversary ‘In the Chill’ Eyeshadow palette

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well – today’s post is a makeup related one (it’s been a hot minute since I’ve down one!). I feel like Cargo Cosmetics is one of the most underrated brands out there – in fact one of my first Sephora purchases was one of their eyeshadows, way back in 2006! As well, if you scroll wayyyy back on my Youtube channel you’ll see one of my first makeup hauls is of a bunch of Cargo blushes!! Needless to say, my love runs deep for this brand and full disclosure this product was sent to me for my honest review.

Did you know that Cargo Cosmetics is actually a Canadian brand?! Yep. Indeed they are and celebrated their 20th anniversary by paying tribute to the lovely city of Toronto! If you follow me on Youtube or any other social media, you’ll know that I live in Toronto and I’m a pretty proud Trini-Canadian so here’s the palette in all it’s glory:


Isn’t she a beauty? This palette contains 12 eyeshadows (with a variety of finishes) with each eyeshadow containing 0.03 oz / 0.8 grams of product. In addition, it comes with a full size black eye liner and a double sided eye brush which I must say is pretty great. You’ll notice right away that all the eyeshadows are named after Canadian sayings, places, sports or regions which is pretty refreshing to see in a palette I must add. What’s especially neat about this palette is that if you look closely, it is conveniently divided up into 3 quads – the neutral bronze quad, the smokey quad and the purple quad. So onto swatches of each!!!


THE BRONZE QUAD – is comprised of Yonge St. (matte vanilla), Maple (soft yellow gold shimmer), Dundas St. (taupe shimmer) and Goose (matte cool toned deep brown).

  • ‘Yonge St.’ is a standard eyeshadow but it was a bit patchy when swatched but applies nicely onto the eye with a makeup brush.
  • ‘Maple’ was on par with most gold eyeshadows in my collection, in my opinion you get the best colour pay off when you apply it directly onto to your lids with your finger tips and an added bonus it does have a nice foiled finish when wet.
  • ‘Dundas St.’ was a decent but didn’t blow me away – I’m not usually drawn to taupe eyeshadows because they registrar muddy on my eyelid however with the right eyeshadow base this would like pretty. It wasn’t the best performing eyeshadow in the palette though.
  • ‘Goose’ really surprised me a lot it’s a rich cool tone brown and it’s pigmented! A little of this goes a long way and it blends easily. Overall, this quad while simple is pretty effective, I reach for it on days when I honestly want the simplest makeup look and I’ve always been pretty happy with the outcome.


THE SMOKEY QUAD – is comprised of Blizzard (shimmery light silver), Ice (matte slate blue toned grey), Eh! (shimmery charcoal) and Hockey (matte black).

  • ‘Blizzard’ is another eyeshadow I think works best when applied with your fingers, when I used a brush to achieve the pigmentation in this photo I had a difficult time. They formula is buttery to touch so when I used a brush it kicked up a lot of the product and I was left with only a little bit of pigment on my brush for application.
  • ‘Ice’ is my FAVOURITE eyeshadow in the entire palette it is such a unique eyeshadow! I don’t own anything like it currently in my collection and I’ve been obsessed with creating smokey grey-blue eyes with this eyeshadow. The pigmentation was great, no issues with this one!
  • ‘Eh!’ is a gorgeous charcoal – I love to wear this one when I want a very dramatic smokey eye. It does contain some micro glitter particles so it benefits from being applied with your fingers as well. I don’t mind going the entra mile for this eyeshadow though – the colour is stunning!
  • ‘Hockey’ is a standard matte black eye shadow, it blends easily and I didn’t have any issues with this one. This is my favourite quad out the palette!


THE PURPLE QUAD – is comprised of Artic (shimmery icey pink), 1996 (shimmery eggplant purple), The North (shimmery/satin cool toned mauve) and Ontario (matte cool tone deep purple).

  • ‘Artic’ was best applied with my fingers tips or a damp brush. It’s not the most unique eyeshadow but it does pop when used for a halo smokey eye or in the inner corner of the eye.
  • ‘1996’ is a beautiful shade but it gets lost onto the eyelid – this shade benefits from a black base allowing the purple tones to pop out and to stand out on it’s own.
  • ‘The North’ is a unique blend of taupe, purple, mauve, pink in one – it’s a very pretty eyshadow but lacked the pigmentation I was expecting from the rest of eyeshadows. While I loved the mauve shade it took a lot of effort to pack this eyeshadow onto the lid!
  • ‘Ontario’ is a matte cool toned purple and is the worst eyeshadow performance-wise in the entire palette. It applied patchy and strangely enough it blends patchy as well.


Overall, I really enjoyed this palette but I wouldn’t say it’s an absolute must have – some eyeshadows were a bit underwhelming but some were really gorgeous (that matte blue grey!). I really liked that they included a full size eye liner, a double sided eyeshadow brush and a mirror. I would rate this palette as a 7/10. If you’re interested in purchasing this palette it’s currently on SALE on the Cargo Cosmetics website but it won’t be available for must longer as this is a LIMITED EDITION palette! I hope this was helpful for anyone curious about the palette – thank you so much for reading!



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