China Glaze ‘Shades of Nude’ Spring 2017

There is a quiet elegance about ‘nude’ shades whether you wear it as part of your makeup, clothing and/or nail polish don’t you think? It’s subtle, poised and confident – the best part is that we each possess our own unique shade of nude – but the quest is in finding it! As luck would have it, nude shades have recently become trendy in the beauty industry and I’m all for it! While it can be a long search to find your go-to nude nail polish, it’s worth celebrating when you stumble upon it. Fortunately, a few brands have released all ‘nude’ inspired nail polish collections with a variety of undertones and shades. I have two ‘nude’ nail polishes from the China Glaze ‘Shades of Nude’ Spring 2017 Collection to share with you today as well as a fun pastel shade from their Pastel Spring 2017 Collection that I love to wear when I want something girly but not loud.

First up, is China Glaze Minimalist Momma it is described as a sand beige cream, however I think it’s more of a crelly formula than cream (crelly = jelly + cream) but the colour description is pretty accurate (I do think there is a subtle peach undertone as well)! I think this warm beige tone compliments my yellow undertone very well resulting in a ‘mannequin’ hand effect – it elongates my fingers and sits nicely against my skin tone.


Keeping in mind it’s crelly formula, it was opaque on 3 coats but you do have to be careful during your application as it can be runny, slightly patchy and may flood your cuticles. I found using 3 thin coats to be best however you must allow each coat to dry before proceeding to the next one to avoid bald spots on the nails. It dried to a glossy finish and I think it looks like a healthy buff on my warm undertone. This would be a great nail polish to create ‘jelly sandwiches’ with or to use as an ‘everyday’ nail polish. I really liked this one and I can see myself wearing it a lot but if you’re into thick one-coater nail polishes or you’re a beginner at painting your nails you may want to skip this one based on the formula.

Secondly, China Glaze It’s A Matchis described as a peachy nude cream. And that’s the perfect description! It’s a warm, peachy richly opaque cream nail polish. I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this nail and it totally gives me spring-summer vibes on my skin tone! The yellow in my undertone brings out the peachy shade a bit more and I think it’s quite complimentary.


It was fully opaque between 2-3 coats depending on the nail and for a pastel, creamy nail polish it was not patchy at all (which impressed me)! There are some minor bald spots after two thicker coats so I would recommend applying 3 thinner coats. This is such a happy, cheerful colour and I can see myself wearing this often during the rest of summer.

Last but certainly not least is, China Glaze A Waltz in the Parkit is described as a purple cream (this is from their Pastels 2017 Collection). But in my opinion it is a pastel purple with a slight muted cool lavender undertone which I ADORE! I love to wear pastels throughout the spring and summer months because there’s a soft elegance to them when they’re not chalky with a heavy white base. This nail polish was a dream to apply and I loved it against my yellow skin tone – based on color theory purple and yellow are opposites on the colour wheel, hence that’s why purples pull the yellow out in my skin tone more than other shades – evidenced by the yellow toned photo.


It was fully opaque on two coats and I think you’d enjoy this nail polish if you’re a fan of lavender shades. While it may not be the most unique nail polish or colour – I tend to gravitate towards pastel purples when I want a fun, girly but sophisticated look that isn’t bold or bright.

Overall, I think these nail polishes are great, be mindful of the formula of each as I mentioned earlier but they’re good quality nail polishes. Typically, China Glaze lasts around 2-3 days before it starts chipping on my nail anatomy as well the brush is longer than most mainstream and indie nail polishes so that’s something to consider if you prefer short brush handles. And finally, I swatched all three without a base and top coat.

You can view the full collection to shop on Nail Polish Canada’s website by clicking this link:



(Thank you to Nail Polish Canada for providing these PR Samples for my honest review)

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