Pretty Serious Cosmetics ‘Rainy Days’ Collection Swatches

Happy Fall 2017 everyone! I’m still in denial we’re only 3 months away from a new year! But I have an awesome collection to share with you, it’s the – Pretty Serious ‘Rainy Days’ Collection – which is the PERFECT transitional collection to take you from summer to fall or winter to spring. Pretty diverse don’t you think?

First up is “Overcast” a mid-toned minky taupe-grey cream polish. The formula was smooth and easy to apply – perfectly opaque on two coats. If you guys know anything about my taste in polish, I’m not the biggest taupe fan but the grey undertone saves this one for me. If you have a neutral or cool undertone, this would look stunning on you. I’m on the fence of loving it or just liking it on my skin tone, what do you guys think?


Next up is, “Pluviophile” (a lover of rain, someone who finds peace and joy during rainy days) is a mid-toned taupe with a purple undertone cream nail polish. The formula was smooth, easy to apply and fully opaque on two coats. This screams as a Fall appropriate polish to me and I do love the purple undertone – it reminds of the chic greige colours that were all the rage in 2010! Does anyone remember SOPI Metro Chic? It’s in the same colour family.


Third, is “Misty” a dusty muted green-blue cream nail polish. The formula was smooth, easy to apply and was fully opaque on two coats. This is such a relaxing polish, don’t you think? This is definitely a wearable nail polish all year long for me -one of my favourites from the collection.


Next up is, “Cloudburst” a deeper mid-toned dusty blue-green cream nail polish. The formula was smooth, easy to apply and fully opaque on two coats. This is a deeper, blue version of ‘Misty’ and of course, I liked this as well. I tend to wear these types of shades in transitional months between seasons. This is a great polish, no complaints!


Next is, “Petrichor” (a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of dry weather) is a mid-toned dusty navy with a hint of grey cream nail polish. The formula was thinner in consistency than the previous ones mentioned but it level out after the second coat. I consider colours like this unsung heroes because I wear them often but forget to mention them, do you guys do the same thing with a colour category as well? Let me know in the comment section below! This shade also tends to bring out my yellow undertone quite a bit hence the colour difference in the photo.


Last, is “Precipitation” a green teal cream polish. No matter how hard I tried, this polish did NOT want to show up true to colour. It photographs very blue but trust me, it’s much more green in person. It’s also the only stainer in the bunch so be very careful with your application. If you look carefully a my cuticles I had some staining. This polish was opaque on two coats, easy formula and while I think it’s a gorgeous colour, I just can’t forgive the staining. This was my least favourite out the the collection.


Overall, I like Pretty Serious Cosmetics as a brand and they deliver some unique and quirky collections, this was no exception. I liked the theme (thought it was clever!) and the dusty, mid-toned range of the majority of polishes from this collection. Surprisingly, the two taupe shades were the most unique in my opinion. Thank you so much for reading and if you have a favourite from this collection, please let me know in the comment section below.




2 thoughts on “Pretty Serious Cosmetics ‘Rainy Days’ Collection Swatches

  1. Michelle Stamp says:

    Hi Zenorah, wow they are all lovely shades but I agree about staining so that one would be a no-go for me too. They all really suit you though and I think Overcast does suit you too. For me, I would choose Pluviophile and Petrichor…I love blue so Petrichor would be a favourite 🙂 xx

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