Blog SALE!

Hi everyone, welcome to my BLOG SALE – I shall be updating this page on a monthly basis so check back to see if any products you have been lusting after is on sale!


  1. All payments must be made through Paypal within 24 hours after I invoice you. If payment is not made within 24 hours, I will move on to the next buyer.
  2. First come, first served!
  3. I do not ship out items until payment clears via Paypal, which typically takes 2-3 business days. All Paypal costs will be the responsibility of the buyer (varies per transaction). Ensure your correct address is in your Paypal profile is correct.
  4. I am not responsible for your package once it’s shipped. If you would like your item(s) to be insured there will be an additional fee.
  5. Open INTERNATIONALLY – please note that I am not responsible for lost or damaged items and/or custom fees.
  6. EMAIL ME (
  7. Mystery Bags Available for $30 purchase!! + shipping & handling

nail polish blog sale 004

  Lyric (swatched x2) – $4

Penny (swatched x3) – $4

Kalima (swatched x2) – $4

Kym (swatched x1) – $4

Nidhi (swatched x1) – $4

nail polish blog sale 006

Karina (swatched x1) – $4

Valerie (swatched x1) – $4

Tallulah (swatched X2) – $4  (Sold!)

nail polish blog sale 008

OPI Mediterranean Moonlight (Hard to find – Limited Edition!) – $10

OPI You`re a Pisa of Work (never worn) – $6

OPI You Don’t Know Jacques (swatched x1) – $6

nail polish blog sale 011

OPI Red Shatter – $3 (never worn)

OPI Melon of Troy – $4  (Sold!)

nail polish blog sale 015

OPI Susie Sell Sushi By the Sea Shore (swatched x1) – $4

OPI Chapel of Love – $4 (Sold!)

nail polish blog sale 012

OPI Ladies & Magenta Men – $6 (never worn!)

nail polish blog sale 017

OPI Don`t Melbourne the Toast (LE!) – $6 (Sold!)

OPI Go On Green (swatched x1) – $ 4

OPI Cozu Melted in the Sun (swatched x1)- $4

nail polish blog sale 020

RARE! Hard To Find!!

OPI Teenage Dream – $30 each (2 available for purchase)

OPI Brand New Skates (swatched x1) – $15

nail polish blog sale 026

Wet n`Wild On a Trip – $1.50

Color Club Positively Posh (swatched x1) – $3

Color Club Soft as Cashmere (swatched x1) – $3

nail polish blog sale 035

Sephora by OPI (discontinued brand! HTF) in Sample Sale (swatched x1)- $5

Sephora by OPI (Limited Edition `Glee“, NEVER WORN!) – $10

nail polish blog sale 040

ORLY Purple Crush – $2

ORLY Orange Crush (swatched x1) – $4

nail polish blog sale 043

MISA Wishing on a Star (swatched x1)- $4

MISA Denim & Lace (never worn!)- $4

nail polish blog sale 047

China Glaze Sea Spray (swatched x2)- $3

China Glaze Cords (swatched x1) – $3

China Glaze Happy Go Lucky (swatched x1)- $3

nail polish blog sale 049

China Glaze Grape Pop (swatched x1)- $3

China Glaze Custom Kicks (never worn!)- $3

China Glaze Ingrid (swatched x1) – $3

nail polish blog sale 051

China Glaze Shower Together (never worn!)- $3

China Glaze Midtown Magic  (swatched x1)- $3

China Glaze Heli-Yum (swatched x1)- $3


Thank you so much for all your support!




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