OPI ‘Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous’ + BaronessX ‘Holographique’

Hi everyone, it's been a very long time (over a month) since my last blog entry. Isincerely apologize for the massive gap in time, I have had a lot on my plate and for the interest of time I have been allocating my time towards posting Youtube videos rather than blog posts. I know later … Continue reading OPI ‘Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous’ + BaronessX ‘Holographique’

Zoya “Belinda” + BaronessX “Roy G. Biv”

Hi everyone, sorry I have been M.I.A lately, been going through a lot recently my schedule is just insane at the moment coupled with not feeling physically well but I am trying my best to get things done otherwise I just might go a little crazy. Add all that while trying to keep up with … Continue reading Zoya “Belinda” + BaronessX “Roy G. Biv”