A-England ‘Tristam’

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well - today I have a pretty amazing nail polish to share with all of you. It's technically an Indie brand of polish (handmade) but I suspect this brand might become commercial soon, why? Simple, any major nail polish company would be a fool NOT to approach this seller … Continue reading A-England ‘Tristam’

Black Cat Lacquer ‘Bay Habor Butcher’

Hi everyone, today I have an AMAZING Indie nail polish to share with you - Black Cat Lacquer was introduced to me by my friend Holly & now I know why she loves this indie brand as much as she does!!! This particular polish was inspired by the HBO show "Dexter"....are there any Dexter fans … Continue reading Black Cat Lacquer ‘Bay Habor Butcher’

Guest Post: Indie Nail Polishes by Radha

Firstly, Thank you Zenorah for asking me to do a guest post on your blog. This is an overview of some of my absolute favorite indie nail polish brands. Indie polish have become really big over the past 2-3 years.¬†There are more than 1000 different indie brands now!¬†Its so overwhelming that I'm glad that I … Continue reading Guest Post: Indie Nail Polishes by Radha