Makeup Breakdown #fotd

Hi guys!! So as promised, I will be doing 'Makeup Breakdown's' of looks posted on my Instagram page. I usually wear makeup based on my mood and the stand out product that inspired me was MAC Up The Amp Lipstick! It's such a beautiful, wearable purple lipstick and it really stands out!! I usually reach … Continue reading Makeup Breakdown #fotd


Makeup Breakdown #fotd

Hi everyone, so if you follow me on Instagram - you would have seen me post this picture recently! I thought it'd be fun to do an attachment to my 'Face of the Day' or #fotd in IG language lol. This way you can get a break overview / mini review of products I'm either … Continue reading Makeup Breakdown #fotd

MAC ‘Blackground’ Paint Pot

Hi everyone, hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend! Today I have a MAC product that I have a love/hate relationship see I LOVE the colour and the function of the product but I swear I am allergic to it and I'm not allergic to anything! (well except rude, obnoxious, snotty people lol). … Continue reading MAC ‘Blackground’ Paint Pot

MAC Fashion Sets & Lipstick Swatches

So you guys know I LOVE nail polishes right? Well, I love makeup in general as well too! I just love experimenting and trying new colours - more so now than before -  as I have learned A LOT about makeup techniques thanks to the beauty community on  Youtube, - thus, I possess the confidence … Continue reading MAC Fashion Sets & Lipstick Swatches