Manicure Monday: Illamasqua ‘Scarce’

Hi everyone, so today I shall count as my first official day in nail polish heaven - I have entered the world of Illamasqua and I am enamoured!!!! I want to own every single item from this line now..can't believe it has taken me THIS long to try their nail polishes and/or makeup! What was … Continue reading Manicure Monday: Illamasqua ‘Scarce’

Manciure Monday: China Glaze ‘Papaya Punch’

Hi everyone, welcome to another post on Manicure Monday! I hope you guys have been enjoying my monthly posts, I'll try to post more often in August as well =) The polish I am reviewing today is a beauty! lets get to it! China Glaze 'Papaya Punch' - is a yellow based citrus orange creme … Continue reading Manciure Monday: China Glaze ‘Papaya Punch’

Manicure Monday: Zoya Pippa & Milani ‘Silver’ Glitter

Hi everyone, so first off Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians out there!!! While I did want to do a traditional red & white manicure, I chose to go in a different direction this year. I am IN LOVE with this manicure and I HAD to share it with you guys!! As most … Continue reading Manicure Monday: Zoya Pippa & Milani ‘Silver’ Glitter