The New ‘Normal’ of Beauty Youtubers

The Year was 2009 and North America was in the midst of an economic recession. Seldom were the days of spending frivolously on items that were 'wants' vs needs - instead everyone was hanging onto every penny; feverishly trying to find ways to trim their cost of living. Living through and witnessing a recession as an … Continue reading The New ‘Normal’ of Beauty Youtubers


Chit Chat GRWM Peach, Gold & Orange SUMMER DAY TIME LOOK!

Can you believe this is my first Get Ready With Me video? It's been long over due!! You'll notice my style of makeup is different - I work in thin layers, enhancing natural features and the majority of my makeup looks are very wearable for the everyday woman. This is only the beginning of GRWM … Continue reading Chit Chat GRWM Peach, Gold & Orange SUMMER DAY TIME LOOK!

UPDATE: Where have I been??!

Hi everyone!! So needless to say I have been VERY absent from my blog - this is the longest I have ever gone without doing a blog post so before I started swatching makeup, nail polish and writing about my latest adventures I thought I would explain where I have been the last few months. … Continue reading UPDATE: Where have I been??!