MissJenFabulous aka The Nail Art Thief (Video Edition)

Hi everyone, yesterday I uploaded a video that I have wanted to post for a very long time! Many of you have already read my original text post on the same topic on my blog & I shall provide a link to it HERE if you haven`t read it & are interested in doing so. … Continue reading MissJenFabulous aka The Nail Art Thief (Video Edition)

Help Make a Christmas Miracurl

Hi everyone, I was recently contacted by NailpolishCanada.com to reach out to my viewers for a chance to win some prices on their site! This is a fantastic opportunity for 3 lucky winners to win to a FREE Miracurl =) ********************************************** It’s a Christmas Miracurl! - NailPolishCanada.com is giving away 3 Babyliss Miracurl’s ($600 value). Every … Continue reading Help Make a Christmas Miracurl

A-England ‘Tristam’

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well - today I have a pretty amazing nail polish to share with all of you. It's technically an Indie brand of polish (handmade) but I suspect this brand might become commercial soon, why? Simple, any major nail polish company would be a fool NOT to approach this seller … Continue reading A-England ‘Tristam’

Are you the Tortoise or the Hare ???…..

Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying the last month of summer! I am in denial of it but that's not what this blog post is about lol. A week ago I blogged about "When I was 17" and "Forgive the Wicked.." and you guys really seem to enjoy my personal blog entries even more … Continue reading Are you the Tortoise or the Hare ???…..