Zoya ‘Layla’

Hi everyone, today I have a VERY beautiful polish to show you - it's one that I have had on my wishlist for a LONG time. I recently purchased a number of Zoya nail polishes - if you want to see my haul you can click HERE! Zoya 'Layla' - is a BRIGHT pink NEON … Continue reading Zoya ‘Layla’

Zoya ‘Kerry’

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing well! So far so good, I have kept my word in blogging everyday in the month of July so to celebrate I busted out a NEW polish which shall be a part of my upcoming Zoya Nail Polish Haul on my Youtube channel. It is seriously gorgeous and … Continue reading Zoya ‘Kerry’

Manicure Monday: Zoya Pippa & Milani ‘Silver’ Glitter

Hi everyone, so first off Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians out there!!! While I did want to do a traditional red & white manicure, I chose to go in a different direction this year. I am IN LOVE with this manicure and I HAD to share it with you guys!! As most … Continue reading Manicure Monday: Zoya Pippa & Milani ‘Silver’ Glitter

Essie Chinchilly & Zoya Maisie (Mattified)

Hey everyone, how's it going? Right now it's SUPER cold here in Ontario, Canada and when it's in the -20's only one shade of polish will do...grey! I have had this baby in my collection for quite some time now but sadly this is the first time wearing it! I have a couple of other … Continue reading Essie Chinchilly & Zoya Maisie (Mattified)